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**Digital Theater: Exploring the Use and Impact of Digital Humans in Stage Performances **

Digital theater explores the use of digital humans, with one example being the “Digital Mei Lanfang” project. This project, initiated by the Central Academy of Drama and Beijing Institute of Technology, uses high-fidelity real-time digital human technology to recreate the late Peking Opera master, Mei Lanfang, as a “twin digital human” that replicates his appearance, voice, and performance. The project involves creating a 3D digital model of Mei Lanfang using sculpture, 3D scanning technology, and digital engraving technology. The data of his facial expressions and movements are captured through motion capture system and used to refine the model’s expressions and movements. The result is a digital replica of Mei Lanfang, offering modern audiences a chance to witness the performance of a renowned Peking Opera master. This project marks a significant stride in the development of digital theater and the use of digital humans in performances.