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**Almost Human’s Innovative AI Avatars Denise 2.0 and William: A New Era of User Interaction**

“Almost Human” is launching Deniise 2.0 and Williiam, which are sophisticated AI avatar applications intended for desktop use, with mobile versions forthcoming. These AI avatars interact naturally with users, serving as companions, educators, authors, and emotional support coaches. They also assist users with daily tasks and the operation of their computer or mobile device.

The avatars are customizable through the Avatar Editor and other advanced tools such as DAZ Characters, Reallusion Character Creator Avatars, and AI Image apps like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Leonardo, and DALLE. Deniise employs Neural Text to Speech technology and supports over 125 languages in its responses.

While not all features will be accessible upon launch, this experimental software is intended for continuous growth and development. Users are encouraged to contribute to its progression. The key features include natural language conversation, non-biased and non-toxic content, real-time speech recognition in 80 languages, and text to speech in 125 languages.

Deniise 2.0, an evolution from the previous versions, can operate alongside Denise Legacy. It utilizes a custom-trained Large Language Model (LLM), open-source LLMs, and the ability to boost AI performance using OpenAIâ??s GPT3, GPT4, and ChatGPT4 AI models.

Almost Human, the creator, envisions continuous advancement in the technology, including enhanced real-time lip-syncing, ultra-realistic Avatars, and future plans for a robust AI software called Deniise 2.0+.