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**Channel A Partners with Treasure Labs and PULSE9 for Web 3.0-Based Virtual Human Initiative **

On the 22nd, Channel A announced a collaborative project on “Virtual Humans (Virtual Influencers)” with Treasure Labs (a company specializing in NFTs and metaverse) and PULSE9 (an AI graphics specialist company).

The project, jointly executed by the three companies, is planned to be based on the Web 3.0 market – a decentralized web environment where users can own and manage their personal information and data through technologies like blockchain without being dependent on a platform. This is expected to differentiate from the Virtual Humans active in the Web 2.0 environment, offering a unique story.

Through the agreement for this Virtual Human project, the three companies intend to expand their respective fields of content and aim to launch the Virtual Human as early as the second half of this year. Channel A will take on content planning and marketing for the virtual human to broaden its fandom, Treasure Labs will manage influencer planning and marketing, and PULSE9 will participate in creating the virtual human based on their AI technology expertise.

Moreover, Treasure Labs, one of the collaborators, has previous cooperation experiences in the Web 3.0 market with companies like Channel A, Kakao Entertainment, and LG Household & Health Care. PULSE9, on the other hand, is noted for its partnerships with technically advanced global companies such as NVIDIA, Microsoft, and L’Oréal, using virtual human and generative AI technologies. Given the reputation of these companies, their collaboration is attracting significant interest in the market.

Regarding the project, Kim Sang-ha, the head of Channel A’s X-Space Team, said, “Channel A plans to continually challenge the limits in the digital realm and will approach viewers in novel ways by introducing new technology-based IPs.”