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Aleksa BračiÄ? is a seasoned Concept Designer and Character Artist who has held roles at **3Lateral** Studio since October 2015. He has previously worked as a 3D Modeler at Frontmen Studio and pursued freelance opportunities as a 3D Artist. At 3Lateral, Aleksa, in collaboration with Art Director Alexsandar Popov, has been extensively involved in presentations and courses guiding users through the MetaHuman Creator interface. In this course, both Alexsandar and Aleksa comprehensively navigate the MetaHuman Creator interface, teaching users how to leverage the tool’s presets to craft unique and believable digital humans, ensuring they steer clear of the uncanny valley. Aleksa’s contributions have notably impacted the domain of visual effects, including projects like “Blood & Truth” in 2019.

=> https://www.artstation.com/learning/courses/XEJ/making-realistic-digital-humans-with-metahuman-creator/