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Chatbot Technology with Synthetic Voices in the Acquisition of an Endangered Language: Motivation, Development and Evaluation of a Platform for Irish.
NN Chiaráin, AN Chasaide – LREC, 2016 –
Abstract This paper describes the development and evaluation of a chatbot platform designed for the teaching/learning of Irish. The chatbot uses synthetic voices developed for the dialects of Irish. Speech-enabled chatbot technology offers a potentially powerful tool for

Chatbot evaluation and database expansion via crowdsourcing
Z Yu, Z Xu, AW Black… – Proceedings of the RE …, 2016 –
Abstract Chatbots use a database of responses often culled from a corpus of text generated for a different purpose, for example film scripts or interviews. One consequence of this approach is a mismatch between the data and the inputs generated by participants. We

Building a Chatbot with Serverless Computing
M Yan, P Castro, P Cheng, V Ishakian – … on Mashups of Things and APIs, 2016 –
Abstract Chatbots are emerging as the newest platform used by millions of consumers worldwide due in part to the commoditization of natural language services, which provide provide developers with many building blocks to create chatbots inexpensively. However, it

The return of the chatbots
R Dale – Natural Language Engineering, 2016 –
Abstract By all accounts, 2016 is the year of the chatbot. Some commentators take the view that chatbot technology will be so disruptive that it will eliminate the need for websites and apps. But chatbots have a long history. So what’s new, and what’s different this time? And is

DocChat: An Information Retrieval Approach for Chatbot Engines Using Unstructured Documents.
Z Yan, N Duan, JW Bao, P Chen, M Zhou, Z Li, J Zhou – ACL (1), 2016 –
Abstract Most current chatbot engines are designed to reply to user utterances based on existing utterance-response (or QR) 1 pairs. In this paper, we present DocChat, a novel information retrieval approach for chatbot engines that can leverage unstructured

MOOCBuddy: a chatbot for personalized learning with MOOCs
A Iftene, J Vanderdonckt – RoCHI–International Conference on …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT With the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providers, like Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, UniCampus. ro, NOVAMOOC. uvt. ro or MOOC. ro, it’sa real challenge to find the best learning resource. MOOCBuddy–a MOOC recommender system

A model of a social chatbot
A Augello, M Gentile, L Weideveld… – … Multimedia Systems and …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Traditional chatbots lack the capability to correctly manage conversations according to the social context. However a dialogue is a joint activity that must consider both individual and social processes. In this work we propose a model of a social chatbot able to choose the

Creating a Conversational Interface Using Chatbot Technology
M McTear, Z Callejas, D Griol – The Conversational Interface, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Conversational interfaces can be built using a variety of technologies. This chapter shows how to create a conversational interface using chatbot technology in which pattern matching is used to interpret the user’s input and templates are used to provide the system’s

Curious cat conversational crowd based and context aware knowledge acquisition chat bot
L Bradeško, J Starc, D Mladenic… – … Systems (IS), 2016 …, 2016 –
Abstract: Acquisition of high quality structured knowledge that is immediately useful for reasoning algorithms has been a longstanding goal of the Artificial Intelligence research community. With the recent advances in crowdsourcing, the sheer number of internet users

Regular Expression Based Agents for Online Collection of Human-Chatbot Interactions
L Lue, LF D’Haro – 2016 –
Abstract. This paper describes various conversational agents based on regular expressions implemented in Python, providing samples of conversations with said agents; these agents are also released as examples on how to quickly implement agents that can connect with

AI amusements: the tragic tale of Tay the chatbot
E Davis – AI Matters, 2016 –
In Cambridge-town, as all should know, Full five-and-sixty years ago, There lived a sage, of fame enduring, The great Professor Alan Turing. Few scholars knew as much as he Of logic, math, philosophy, And he had laid a sound foundation For analyzing computation. In World

Challenges facing the development of the Arabic chatbot
ES AlHagbani, MB Khan – First …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT The future information systems are expected to be more intelligent and will take human queries in natural language as input and answer them promptly. To develop a chatbot or a computer program that can chat with humans in realistic manner to extent that

Sanative Chatbot For Health Seekers
VM Kumar, A Keerthana, M Madhumitha, S Valliammai… – 2016 –
Abstract: Now a day people tend to seek knowledge or information from internet that concern with health through online healthcare services. The basic aim of this system is to bridge the vocabulary gap between the health providers by proving instant replies to the questions

Joker chatterbot re-wochat 2016-shared task chatbot description report
D Duplessis, V Letard, AL Ligozat… – … Resources for Chatbots … –
JOKER CHATTERBOT RE-WOCHAT 2016-SHARED TASK CHATBOT DESCRIPTION REPORT Guillaume Dubuisson Duplessis Vincent Letard Anne-Laure Ligozat Sophie Rosset LIMSI, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, F-91405 Orsay LIMSI, CNRS, Univ. Paris-Sud, Université

PriBots: Conversational Privacy with Chatbots.
H Harkous, K Fawaz, KG Shin, K Aberer – WSF@ SOUPS, 2016 –
ABSTRACT Traditional mechanisms for delivering notice and enabling choice have so far failed to protect users’ privacy. Users are continuously frustrated by complex privacy policies, unreachable privacy settings, and a multitude of emerging standards. The miniaturization

Android based Chat-Bot
S Sayed, R Jain, B Lokhandwala… – International …, 2016 –
ABSTRACT Today the users face a lot of problem regarding booking of the hotels in any android application because in most of the cases the user gets result more than what he expected or he gets results which are not according to his convenience. This paper focuses

From books to bots: Using medical literature to create a chat bot
M Fischer, M Lam – Proceedings of the First Workshop on IoT-enabled …, 2016 –
Abstract The American Medical Association Family Medical Guide is a comprehensive medical reference book for non-medical professionals. The book uses a series of flow charts to help users diagnose their symptoms by answering yes and no questions. The idea

S Abbasi – 2016 –
Creating a learning environment in which students learn more effectively remains great challenge from decades; different approaches are proposed for example, Intelligent Tutoring System, Question Answering System and chatbot. All these approaches used natural

Deductive Reasoning and Constraint Checking in Chatbots
P Pianpak – 2016 –
This thesis presents the problem in current chatbots and our approach to overcome parts of it. The problem is lack of reasoning. We investigated the method popularly used in current chatbot development and pointed out the problem therein. We proved our statement by

Programming Tools for Messenger-Based Chatbot System Organization: Implication for Outpatient and Translational Medicines
A Abashev, R Grigoryev, K Grigorian, V Boyko – BioNanoScience, 2016 – Springer
Abstract The implementation of translational medicine is associated with considerable costs of equipment, staff competence, and doctor-patient (DP) and clinic-patient (CP) communication. The application of DP and CP systems evolved from e-mail letters to

A Survey On Chatbot Conversational Systems
A Shaikh, G Phalke, P Patil, S Bhosale… – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract: A chatbot is a humanlike conversational character. It is a computer program which conducts a conversation through auditory or textual methods. It often acts as a virtual assistant and it can have its own virtualization. Its conversational skills and other humanlike

Android based educational Chatbot for visually impaired people
MN Kumar, PCL Chandar, AV Prasad… – … (ICCIC), 2016 IEEE …, 2016 –
Abstract: The purpose of this android application is to provide educational based Chatbot for visually impaired people. It will give an answer to the educational based queries asked by the visually impaired people. They can easily launch the application with the help of google

MOOCBuddy: a Chatbot for personalized learning with MOOCs.
C Holotescu – RoCHI, 2016 –
ABSTRACT With the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providers, like Coursera, edX, FutureLearn, UniCampus. ro, NOVAMOOC. uvt. ro or MOOC. ro, it’sa real challenge to find the best learning resource. MOOCBuddy–a MOOC recommender system

AluxBot-A Chatbot that Encourages the Care for the Environment
J Peniche-Avilés, C Miranda-Palma… – International …, 2016 –
Abstract This work presents an improved version of the software AluxBot, which is a chatbot developed in Visual Basic and that integrates the speech recognition of the OS Windows. AluxBot is focused on promoting the care for the environment and sustainable development

ZGH Memon – 2016 –
The use of natural language processing has great significance in the design of interactive software systems. The applications of natural language software systems sweep from entertainment to education. The human like abilities of these systems in interacting with the

Chappie-A Semi-automatic Intelligent Chatbot
B Behera –
Abstract The personal assistant, a human is inefficient and takes a long time to process a single request such as booking tickets, ordering food, getting beauty-services etc. This reduces the throughput and business performance drastically. Obviously there is an

A Subjective Evaluation of Chatbot Engines
AC Curry, V Rieser –
Abstract. We participated in two roles in this shared task: Data generator and data annotator. As data generators we were interacting with a number of different chatbots. We find that data-driven systems can produce inappropriate and out-of-character responses, especially when

Transforming Chatbot Responses to Mimic Domain-specific Linguistic Styles
S Banerjee, P Biyani, K Tsioutsiouliklis –
Abstract. Chatbots and conversational agents have become very popular in recent years and there is a huge research effort to automate conversations in several applications. Even if a bot provides accurate answers, users generally have a better experience if the chatbots

Toward Lexical Acquisition during Dialogues through Implicit Confirmation for Closed-Domain Chatbots
K Ono, R Takeda, E Nichols, M Nakano… – Proc. of …, 2016 –
Abstract. This paper proposes a lexical acquisition framework for a closeddomain chatbot. It learns the ontological categories of unknown terms in dialogues through implicit confirmation instead of using explicit questions which are too abrupt. Analysis of human

An Online Platform for crowd-Sourcing Data from Interactions with Chatbots
LF D’Haro, L Lin – Proceedings of WOCHAT, IVA, 2016 –
Abstract. Chatbots are increasingly gaining interest given their potential to provide quick answers and entertainment to final users on different channels (web-site, social networks, or messaging apps). Unfortunately, creating datadriven systems is not easy as they require

Input And Output Method Of Personalized Answers With Chatbot
Z Bailiang, G Zhang – 2016 –
Abstract A system and method for enabling a user to search for personal information through information systems such as search boxes or chatbots are disclosed. The system allows the user to store identified personal information, and retrieve this information at any time and

Sequential Match Network: A New Architecture for Multi-turn Response Selection in Retrieval-based Chatbots
Y Wu, W Wu, M Zhou, Z Li – arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.01627, 2016 –
Abstract: We study response selection for multi-turn conversation in retrieval based chatbots. Existing works either ignores relationships among utterances, or misses important information in context when matching a response with a highly abstract context vector finally.

RE-WOCHAT: Workshop on Collecting and Generating Resources for Chatbots and Conversational Agents-Development and Evaluation Workshop …
DM Tweeting –
RE-WOCHAT: Workshop on Collecting and Generating Resources for Chatbots and Conversational Agents- Development and Evaluation Workshop Programme (May 28 th, 2016) 13: 50–14: 00–Welcome Message by the Organizing Team 14: 00–15: 00–Short Paper Session I Data Collection

Chatbot Using a Knowledge in Database: Human-to-Machine Conversation Modeling
B Setiaji, FW Wibowo – Intelligent Systems, Modelling and …, 2016 –
Abstract: A chatterbot or chatbot aims to make a conversation between both human and machine. The machine has been embedded knowledge to identify the sentences and making a decision itself as response to answer a question. The response principle is

Success and failure in improvement of knowledge delivery to customers using chatbot—result of a case study in a Polish SME
B Filipczyk, J Go?uchowski… – … and Failures of …, 2016 –
Proponents of new information and communication technology are convinced that chatbots (also known as conversational systems, virtual assistants, virtual agents, dialog systems, chatterbots, artificial conversation entities), which use knowledge recorded formally in a

Video ChatBot: Triggering Live Social Interactions by Automatic Video Commenting
Y Li, T Yao, R Hu, T Mei, Y Rui – Proceedings of the 2016 ACM on …, 2016 –
Abstract We demonstrate a video chatbot, which can generate human-level emotional comments referring to the videos shared by users and trigger a conversation with users. Our video chatbot performs a large-scale similar video search to find visually similar videos wrt a

A Web-based Platform for Collection of Human-Chatbot Interactions
L Lin, LF D’Haro, R Banchs – … of the Fourth International Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract Over recent years, the world has seen multiple uses for conversational agents. Chatbots has been implemented into ecommerce systems, such as Amazon Echo’s Alexa [1]. Businesses and organizations like Facebook are also implementing bots into their

An Introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework: Create Facebook and Skype Chatbots using Microsoft Visual Studio and C
M Washington – 2016 –
Abstract This book covers the Microsoft Bot Framework Preview Edition The Microsoft Bot Framework allows you to easily create bots. This book covers using Visual Studio 2015 to create Chatbots using the Microsoft Bot Framework. The purpose of this book is to

N Hatwar, A Patil, D Gondane –
Abstract:-Chatbots are software agents that interact with the user in a conversation. The main goal of their creation was to resemble a human being in the way they perform said interaction, trying to make the user think he/she is writing to another human being. This has

Smart answering Chatbot based on OCR and Overgenerating Transformations and Ranking
L Pichponreay, JH Kim, CH Choi… – … and Future Networks …, 2016 –
Abstract: With rapid development of information and communication technology, people are very diverse in education, learning style, and knowledge improvement methods. This paper presents an approach of converting documents into knowledge of Chatbot system that

The Role of Chatbots in Teaching and Learning
DA Kane – E-Learning and the Academic Library: Essays on …, 2016 –
A chatbot is a computer program meant to mimic human conversation and personality, and it can be used to have a simple conversation with a human participant. Some chatbots are built to try to fool people into believing that the program is in fact human. The history of

From Dialogue Corpora to Dialogue Systems: Generating a Chatbot with Teenager Personality for Preventing Cyber-Pedophilia
Á Callejas-Rodríguez, E Villatoro-Tello, I Meza… – … Conference on Text …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract A conversational agent, also known as chatbot, is a machine conversational system which interacts with human users via natural language. Traditionally, chatbot technology is built under certain set of “manually” elaborated conversational rules. However, given the

Botta: An Arabic Dialect Chatbot.
DA Ali, N Habash – COLING (Demos), 2016 –
Abstract This paper presents BOTTA, the first Arabic dialect chatbot. We explore the challenges of creating a conversational agent that aims to simulate friendly conversations using the Egyptian Arabic dialect. We present a number of solutions and describe the

Applying Chatbots to the Internet of Things: Opportunities and Architectural Elements
R Kar, R Haldar – arXiv preprint arXiv:1611.03799, 2016 –
Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as a significant technology in shaping the future by connecting physical devices or things with internet. It also presents various opportunities for intersection of other technological trends which can allow it to become even more

Implementation of an inquisitive chatbot for database supported knowledge bases
S Reshmi, K Balakrishnan – S?dhan?, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Chatbot is a piece of software that responds to natural language input and attempts to hold a conversation in a way that imitates a real person. Some chatbots are used for entertainment purposes, while others for business and commercial purposes. Chatbots are

Response Selection with Topic Clues for Retrieval-based Chatbots
Y Wu, W Wu, Z Li, M Zhou – arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.00090, 2016 –
Abstract: We consider incorporating topic information into message-response matching to boost responses with rich content in retrieval-based chatbots. To this end, we propose a topic-aware convolutional neural tensor network (TACNTN). In TACNTN, matching between

RE Banchs, H Li – … Collecting and Generating Resources for Chatbots … –
Abstract This report describes IRIS (Informal Response Interactive System), a chat-oriented dialogue system based on the vector space model framework. IRIS was one of the systems made available as part of the REWOCHAT Shared Task platform for collecting human-

Meet Percy: CS 221 Teaching Assistant Chatbot
S Chopra, R Gianforte, J Sholar –
Our chatbot is able to differentiate” Policy” questions with low precision and high recall,” Assignment” questions with high precision and high recall, and” Conceptual” questions with low precision and moderate recall. We asked approximately 20 fellow students in CS 221 to

Chinese sentence based lexical similarity measure for artificial intelligence chatbot
W Zhang, H Wang, K Ren… – Electronics, Computers and …, 2016 –
Abstract: Artificial intelligence chatbots are computer programs that make interactions via auditory or textual information between human and machine using natural language processing techniques, most of which work on the basis of pattern matching. Typically, a

VTS-Bot: using ChatBots in SMCP-based maritime communication
N Takagi, P John, A Noble… – Japan Institute of …, 2016 –
The paper focuses on the maritime project entitled” VTS-Bot” which aims to exploit the innovative use of computer dialogue systems (aka ChatBots) to assist future Officers of the Watch (OOW) in acquiring maritime communication skills based on the IMO (International

An e-business chatbot using AIML and LSA
NT Thomas – Advances in Computing, Communications and …, 2016 –
Abstract: The e-business has completely changed the way of selling products. E-commerce is one of the e-business models which mostly do business over the internet. The major drawback of this field is quality of customer service they provide. In every e-business model,

Automatic Extraction of Chatbot Training Data from Natural Dialogue Corpora
B AbuShawar, E Atwell – … and Generating Resources for Chatbots and … –
Abstract A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with the users turn by turn using natural language. Different chatbots or humancomputer dialogue systems have been developed using spoken or text communication and have been applied in different domains

C Atay, D Ireland, J Liddle, J Wiles… – … & Dementia: The …, 2016 –
Background Regular involvement in conversations is important for people with dementia to maintain confidence in communication abilities in the face of declining cognitive abilities. Our research team developed an Android smartphone application called Harlie (Human and

A Neural Conversational Model for Chatbots
S Agrawal, MM Haidri – IJRCCT, 2016 –
Abstract One of the fundamental objectives of Computer Science is to reduce the menial, repetitive and mundane tasks. It might be arithmetic calculations or maintaining huge amount of data. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are a

Chatbots’ Greetings to Human-Computer Communication
MJ Pereira, L Coheur, P Fialho, R Ribeiro – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2016 –
Abstract: Both dialogue systems and chatbots aim at putting into action communication between humans and computers. However, instead of focusing on sophisticated techniques to perform natural language understanding, as the former usually do, chatbots seek to mimic

Leveraging chatbots to improve self-guided learning through conversational quizzes
J Pereira – Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on …, 2016 –
Abstract Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed. In 2015, messaging apps have surpassed social networks. In this context, chat-bots or bots, are a new kind of applications that leverage these messaging ecosystem advantages. They need

Donna Interactive Chat-bot acting as a Personal Assistant
N Mhatre, K Motani, M Shah… – International Journal of …, 2016 –
Abstract Chat-bots are computer programs coded to have a textual or verbal conversation which is logical or intelligent. Chat-bots are designed to make humans believe that they are talking to a human; but instead they are in fact talking to a machine. Taking advantage of this

Robots to the Rescue: A Review of Studies on Differential Medical Diagnosis Employing Ontology-Based Chat Bot Technology
BI Edwards, IO Muniru, AD Cheok – 2016 –
Abstract: Access to medical care is a global issue. Technology-aided approaches have been applied in addressing this. Interventions have however not focused on medical diagnosis as a fully automated procedure and available applications employ mainly text-based inputs

Through Chat-Bot Conversations
H Harlie – Digital Health Innovation for Consumers, Clinicians …, 2016 –
Abstract. People with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia are known to have difficulties in language and communication. This paper presents initial testing of an artificial conversational agent, called Harlie. Harlie runs on a smartphone and is able

Hello Harlie: Enabling Speech Monitoring Through Chat-Bot Conversations.
D Ireland, C Atay, J Liddle, D Bradford… – Studies in health …, 2016 –
Abstract People with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia are known to have difficulties in language and communication. This paper presents initial testing of an artificial conversational agent, called Harlie. Harlie runs on a smartphone and is able

Ranking Responses Oriented to Conversational Relevance in Chat-bots.
B Wu, B Wang, H Xue – COLING, 2016 –
Abstract For automatic chatting systems, it is indeed a great challenge to reply the given query considering the conversation history, rather than based on the query only. This paper proposes a deep neural network to address the context-aware response ranking problem by

A Multimodal Chat-Bot Based Information Technology System
A Augello, A Santangelo, A Gentile, S Gaglio, G Pilato –
ABSTRACT The proposed system integrates chat-bot and speech recognition technologies in order to build a versatile, userfriendly, virtual assistant guide with information retrieval capabilities. The system is adaptable to the user needs of mobility being also usable on

Defending Against Internet Chat Bots to Protect Data from Advanced Persistent Threat
JV Chandra, N Challa, D InformationTechnology… –
Conversational Entity threats that are used to collect sensitive and confidential data by attackers. Chat bots are Advanced Intelligence based automated programs that interact with humans. Chat bot targets Internet users and spreads the viruses’, spams and malwares.

Symptom-Diagnosis-Care: A Framework for a Collaborative Medical Chat Bot
M Fischer – … Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and …, 2016 – Springer
Abstract Medical chat bots could have the ability to deliver fast, high-quality information directly to people all over the world. A step preventing this from becoming a reality is training medical chat bots with reliable medical data. Medical books though, such as The American

From Bot to Bot: Using a Chat Bot to Synthesize Robot Motion
M Fischer, S Menon, O Khatib – 2016 AAAI Fall Symposium Series, 2016 –
Abstract We present Bot to Bot, a system for developers to write voice controlled applications in a high-level language while retaining portability over a variety of different robot hardware platforms. In this paper we describe how Bot to Bot leverages advances in natural language

The GOODBOT Project: A Chatbot as a Moral Machine
O Bendel – Telepolis, 2016 –
The GOODBOT project was realized in 2013/14 in the context of machine ethics. First the tutoring person (the author of this contribution) laid out some general considerations. Then a student practice project was tendered within the school. Three future business informatics

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