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Notes: Bot is of course short for robot, and just like the shortened form bots tend to be simpler than robots.  Often bots are so-called softbots, or software robots, and robots are actually associated more often with “hardbots” or physical robots.  There is a widely held school of thought in robotics that a robot without […]

Meta Guide Bot Matrix

Notes: Generally speaking, most of these bots are feed based.  However, occasionally when no feed exists then one is created using conventional scraping and mash-up tools.  Most of the bots below are either forum, news or search bots.  Forum bots may be web forums or “mailing lists”.  Search bots represent topic based search feeds.  Search bots may use […]

100 Best Twitter Bot Videos

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100 Best Java Tutorial Videos

Java (programming language) See also: JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) | Java AI & NLP Resources | JESS (Java Expert System Shell) 2011 | JIAC (Java Intelligent Agent Componentware) | JINNI (Java INference Engine and Networked Interactor) | JIRS (Java Information Retrieval System) | JRDF (Java Resource Description Framework) allintitle: java (bot OR bots OR […]

Mindmap Bots (Mindmap Conversion)

XML => xsl => OPML => xsl => MM => xsl => XTM => xsl => AIML Notes: [Update: 15-05-03] Graphs include recursion, or loops, whereas Tree structures do not (which makes trees faster than graphs). I have successfully converted from Sitemap to Mindmap, via Bookmarks. Both Freeplane and Freemind allow for the importing of nested Internet Explorer (IE) […]

100 Best Multi Bot Scenario Videos

Are you American? Cleverer … Cleverest … Cleverbot AI … Clever them! Clever them! Siri & Rosette Take A Few Questions Siri VS Furby (Official) Siri meets Siri Ultra Hal AI Chatbot Talks with another Ultra Hal AI Bot Resources: See also: 100 Best Versus Cleverbot Videos | 100 Best Versus Siri Videos allintitle: “(two OR […]

Meta Guide Bots By Subject

Notes: “Protected” is Twitter-speak for private. See also: 100 Best Earthquake Twitter Bots | 100 Best Twitter Bots | Feed Bots: Meta Guide | Meta Guide Other Bots | Meta Guide Private Bots | Meta Guide Public Bots | Meta Guide Bots By Countries | Meta Guide Bots By Followers | Twitter Chatbots Masterlist Open Chatbot Standards @socialbotix Meta Guide System Architecture @artintelbot Meta Guide Data Sources @greentravel1 @greentravel2 @infotectravel1 @infotectravel2 […]