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2012-11-23 What are some really interesting web crawling projects?

2012-11-21 Place for Artificial Intelligence Researchers to Gather / Collaborate / Pool Data Online?

2012-11-10 How would you use a MindMapping tool like xmind/Mindjet Mindmanager to look at your data?

2012-10-30 What are the possible features that can be extracted from text?

2012-10-30 Will If This Then That (ifttt) add Quora as a channel?

2012-10-30 What are the best resources (authors/websites) for mapping system flows?

2012-10-26 Question and answer based search engine using DBpedia?

2012-10-22 What are the topics I need to know to make an AI chat program?

2012-10-20 What is the best Twitterfeed alternative?

2012-10-18 When will robots/androids be available for educational/training purposes?

2012-10-17 What are some good bots or chatbots online that reasonably approximate human conversation, or do the best job of doing so?

2012-10-17 How would you build a robot to answer questions on Quora?

2012-10-17 Is there a way to automatically email each new entry of a RSS feed to your email address?

2012-10-17 What would be a good way to organize the field of machine learning into sub-fields, for a new research candidate to gain a good overview of the domain. Basically what are the different streams of research active currently?

2012-10-16 What are some good ideas for features Quora can add for making the spending of Quora credits more fun?

2012-10-16 What are some creative ideas for Quora’s (future) API?

2012-10-14 What are some of the leading companies developing smart home technologies?

2012-10-13 What are the most notable examples of expert systems that were used in space?

2012-10-12 Who is creating AI task oriented online Agents for consumers?

2012-10-12 What features of Google Reader are most useful?

2012-10-10 Which are the sources of siri?

2012-10-07 Is there an app similar to the Siri app for the iPhone 4?

2012-10-07 What’s the most hilarious thing Siri has said?

2012-10-06 Which is the best siri like app for android?

2012-09-25 What are some different philosophies with respect to how much time to spend on Quora’s home page, as opposed to browsing, searching, and using other techniques to find content on the site?

2012-09-25 What is a good way to strip a text of language-independent punctuation, like !, ?, and emoticons before trying for language detection?

2012-09-24 Can computers make questions?

2012-09-24 Are robots, automation, AI, and Computers going to make us all unemployed?

2012-09-23 What software stack does Siri use?

2012-09-18 Did IBM publish papers describing the algorithms used in IBM Watson?

2012-09-14 Would you pay—real money, not credits—for a good answer?

2012-09-12 What are the benefits of social bots indexing social chatter?

2012-09-07 How do I create RSS feed out of images?

2012-09-04 What are the key challenges in designing/developing an effective question answering system?

2012-08-20 How would one establish a home automation business in Venezuela?

2012-08-18 I’d like to build a talking animatronic Beethoven bust for my music room, and don’t even know where to begin, how to get started?

2012-08-17 Where do you see robotics in 5, 10 and 20 years?

2012-08-16 How much web traffic does Linkedin send your site?

2012-08-15 Communicating with the new Social Customer, how should the ultimate Enterprise software look like?

2012-08-15 Where can you visualize ideas as physical arrangements of neural networks?

2012-08-13 Will avatars be a part of the future of customer service?

2012-08-10 Are there other companies offering or working on services like ifttt (ifthisthenthat)?

2012-08-09 What are the differences between cloud service providers? What must a cloud provider do to differentiate himself?

2012-08-08 What is the best resource to teach Yahoo Pipes to a novice that is not published by Yahoo or is a video?

2012-07-30 Can you filter out retweets on a Twitter feed?

2012-07-29 How could a text summarization application be endowed with “personalities”?

2012-07-29 How can Wolfram Alpha be improved?

2012-07-29 What’s the name of the startup founded by Stanford grads that scrapes blogs and news sites for their article content?

2012-07-29 Which topics on Quora are related to the technology behind Apple Siri?

2012-07-23 Are there any online Bayesian SaaS text classifiers apart from

2012-07-15 What are the most popular mobile app development applications, and what are their strengths/weaknesses?

2012-07-15 What’s the best image-focused RSS reader app for iOS?

2012-07-13 What is the best way to do simple Language Processing?

2012-07-01 What are the state-of-the-art real world NLP applications on social media data?

2012-06-26 What tools can take a natural language query and convert it into a set of filters?

2012-06-14 Is there a natural language processor in existence that can actually extract semantic content  from real human conversation?

2012-06-01 Who am I? Am I my brain?

2012-05-31 What open-sourced and accurate speech-to-text engines and APIs currently exist?

2012-05-27 Is there a cloud framework?

2012-05-26 Do you know about good alternative to Yahoo Pipes?

2012-05-23 What are the best characteristics of a middleware platform?

2012-05-23 Is there a viable replacement for Feedburner for bulk feed management?

2012-05-14 What are the current sub problems that I could address in summarization, or what would you like a summarizer to do for you?

2012-05-14 Are there any RSS feed autodiscovery tools that output feed URL when given a site URL?

2012-05-14 What is the current status of systems which can answer questions framed from a given text article?

2012-05-12 Can a computer that is designed to fake self-awareness be as good as a computer that is truly self-aware?

2012-05-12 I want to create a custom chat bot for use with smart home software, but not from scratch. What’s the best method to do this?

2012-05-04 What are some of the best chatterbots?

2012-04-15 How would a society benefit from an AI that passes the Turing test?

2012-04-13 What types of applications would you like to see for the Google AR Glasses?

2012-03-27 Is it possible to explain metaphors using discourse analysis frameworks, or only with cognitive linguistic frameworks?

2012-03-26 What are the most popular frameworks used for creating natural language user interfaces?

2012-03-18 Is IBM’s Watson an Expert System?

2012-03-08 What are the repercussions of Twitter selling our tweets?

2012-03-03 How does the chatbot jabberwacky work?

2012-02-08 What are the most beautiful word cloud designs?

2012-01-15 Is anyone working on an open source version of Siri?