Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics

Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics (2011) .. 6th International Conference, LACL 2011

Maxime Amblard:
Encoding Phases Using Commutativity and Non-commutativity in a Logical Framework. 1-16

Carlos Areces, Santiago Figueira, Daniel Gorín:
Using Logic in the Generation of Referring Expressions. 17-32

Arno Bastenhof:
Polarized Classical Non-associative Lambek Calculus and Formal Semantics. 33-48

Jeroen Bransen:
The Product-Free Lambek-Grishin Calculus Is NP-Complete. 49-63

Robin Cooper:
Copredication, Quantification and Frames. 64-79

Denis Béchet, Alexander Ja. Dikovsky, Annie Foret:
On Dispersed and Choice Iteration in Incrementally Learnable Dependency Types. 80-95

Thomas Graf:
Closure Properties of Minimalist Derivation Tree Languages. 96-111

Makoto Kanazawa, Jens Michaelis, Sylvain Salvati, Ryo Yoshinaka:
Well-Nestedness Properly Subsumes Strict Derivational Minimalism. 112-128

Gregory M. Kobele:
Minimalist Tree Languages Are Closed Under Intersection with Recognizable Tree Languages. 129-144

Staffan Larsson:
Do Dialogues Have Content? 145-158

Zhaohui Luo:
Contextual Analysis of Word Meanings in Type-Theoretical Semantics. 159-174

Glyn Morrill:
Logic Programming of the Displacement Calculus. 175-189

Yuri Ozaki, Daisuke Bekki:
Conditional Logic Cb and Its Tableau System. 190-204

Carl Pollard:
Are (Linguists’) Propositions (Topos) Propositions? 205-218

Sai Qian, Maxime Amblard:
Event in Compositional Dynamic Semantics. 219-234

Noémie-Fleur Sandillon-Rezer, Richard Moot:
Using Tree Transducers for Grammatical Inference. 235-250

Ryo Yoshinaka, Makoto Kanazawa:
Distributional Learning of Abstract Categorial Grammars. 251-266

Richard Zuber:
Some Generalised Comparative Determiners. 267-281