The Mathematics of Language

The Mathematics of Language: 12th Biennial Conference, MOL 12, Nara, Japan, September 6-8, 2011 .. MOL

Andreas Maletti:
Tree Transformations and Dependencies. 1-20

Pierre Bourreau, Sylvain Salvati:
A Datalog Recognizer for Almost Affine ?-CFGs. 21-38

Alexander Clark:
A Language Theoretic Approach to Syntactic Structure. 39-56

Timothy A. D. Fowler:
The Generative Power of Probabilistic and Weighted Context-Free Grammars. 57-71

Nina Gierasimczuk, Jakub Szymanik:
Invariance Properties of Quantifiers and Multiagent Information Exchange. 72-89

Tim Hunter:
Insertion Minimalist Grammars: Eliminating Redundancies between Merge and Move. 90-107

Per Anker Jensen, Carl Vikner:
On Type Coercion in Compositional and Lexical Semantics. 108-125

Gregory M. Kobele, Jens Michaelis:
Disentangling Notions of Specifier Impenetrability: Late Adjunction, Islands, and Expressive Power. 126-142

Qi Zhao, Zengchang Qin, Tao Wan:
What Is the Basic Semantic Unit of Chinese Language? A Computational Approach Based on Topic Models. 143-157

Matthew Skala, Gerald Penn:
Approximate Bit Vectors for Fast Unification. 158-173

Yoad Winter, Joost Zwarts:
Event Semantics and Abstract Categorial Grammar. 174-191

Christian Wurm:
Regular Growth Automata: Properties of a Class of Finitely Induced Infinite Machines. 192-208

Shunsuke Yatabe:
A Co-inductive Language and Truth Degrees. 209-226