Digital Human Modeling (DHM 2015), Part I

Digital Human Modeling: Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management: Human Modeling: 6th International Conference, DHM 2015 (Part I) .. by Vincent G. Duffy (Editor)

Contents – Part I

Modeling Human Skills and Expertise

Comparison Knitting Skills Between Experts and Non-experts by Measurement of the Arm Movement
Chottikampon, Kontawat (et al.)

Comparison of Braiding Skills Between Expert and Non-experts by Eye’s Movement Measurement
Chottikampon, Kontawat (et al.)

Effect of Skill Level Difference in the Polishing Process of the Maki-e Making Technique
Endo, Atsushi (et al.)

Study on Method of Observing Maki-e Crafts Work in Urushi Craftspeople
Endo, Atsushi (et al.)

Comparison of Description Skill on Characteristics of the Urushi Crafts Work Between Expert Craftspeople and Non-expert Craftspeople
Endo, Atsushi (et al.)

Analysis of Eye Movement of Caregiver Concerning on Transfer Operation
Goto, Akihiko (et al.)

Analysis of the Skills to Acupuncture
Ikai, Yoshio (et al.)

Differences in How Long an Ikebana Work Lasts Depending on the Skill Used in Cutting Floral Materials
Ikenobo, Yuki (et al.)

Study of Caregivers’ Skills for Monitoring Senior Residents
Ito, Mikako (et al.)

Research on the Performance of Three Tea Whisks of “The Way of Tea” with Different Experience
Kanazawa, Soutatsu (et al.)

Effects of Quantified Instructional Tool on Spray-up Fabrication Method
Kikuchi, Tetsuo (et al.)

An Investigation on Conversion from Tacit Knowledge to Explicit Knowledge in Hand Lay-Up Fabrication Method
Kikuchi, Tetsuo (et al.)

Process Analysis of Manufacturing of Sewing Scissors by All Forging Process and Understanding of Its Sharpness
Kitajima, Yasuko (et al.)

Expert vs. Elementary Skill Comparison and Process Analysis in VaRTM-Manufactured Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
Kuratani, Yasunari (et al.)

The Relationship Between Mechanical Properties and the Method Technique of GFRP Plate by Hand Lay-up Method: Effect of the Workers Experience
Migaki, Masakazu (et al.)

Researching Sounds Generated During the Second Lining Pounding Process
Oka, Yasuhiro (et al.)

EMG Activity Analysis of Expert Skills on Handheld Grinding Work for Metallographic Sample
Sugimoto, Takuya (et al.)

Difference in Polishing Process of FRP Between Expert and Non-expert
Sugimoto, Takuya (et al.)

An Investigation on Skillful Gel-Coat Techniques and its Application to Beginner’s Application
Suzuki, Erika (et al.)

Numerical Analysis on “Kana-Ami” Structure Between Expert and Non-expert
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

Motion Analysis of Interval Time During “Kana-ami” Making Process
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

Brain Activity Analysis on “Kana-Ami” Making Process
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

Modeling Human Work and Activities

Human Performance Modeling for Dynamic Human Reliability Analysis
Boring, Ronald Laurids (et al.)

Improvement of Needle Bar in Textile Machine by Hitting Process
Chottikampon, Kontawat (et al.)

Towards a Theory for Bio
Fass, Didier (et al.)

Colorimetry and Impression Evaluation of Insert Molded GFRP Plate with Black Silk Fabrics
Fujiwara, Kiyoshi (et al.)

Light Transmission Properties of Insert Molded GFRPs with Different Crape Structure of Silk Fabrics
Fujiwara, Kiyoshi (et al.)

Evaluation of Kimono Clothes in Kyo-Yuzen-Zome using Image
Furukawa, Takashi (et al.)

Effects of Spray Gun Handling of Automobile Repair on Carrier of Car Mechanic
Ikemoto, Shigeru (et al.)

Visual Evaluation of “The Way of Tea” Based on Questionnaire Survey Between Chinese and Japanese
Kanazawa, Soutatsu (et al.)

A Study of the Tacit Knowledge on the Design of Kimono Patterns from Japanese Painting
Kano, Masashi (et al.)

Comparison of KEMOMI Technique Between Master Craftsman and Unskilled Worker
Kawabata, Shinichiro (et al.)

Inside the User’s Mind – Perception of Risks and Benefits of Unknown Technologies, Exemplified by Geothermal Energy
Kluge, Johanna (et al.)

Factor of Feeling “Hannari” from Kimono Images
Komizo, Kumiko (et al.)

Human Machine Epistemology Survey
Nazin, Rémi (et al.)

A Study on Learning Effects of Marking with Highlighter Pen
Nishimura, Hiroki (et al.)

Process Analysis of
Senda, Seiji (et al.)

Exploring How People Collaborate with a Stranger:
Shoda, Haruka (et al.)

Process Analysis of Expert and Non-expert Engineers in Quartz Glass Joint Process
Suda, Masamichi (et al.)

Comparison of Eye Movement During the Polishing Process of Metallographic Sample Between Expert and Nonexpert
Sugimoto, Takuya (et al.)

Takami, Shigeyuki (et al.)

A Study on Characteristic of Calligraphy Characters Part 1 Analytical Method with Computer Technology
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

A Study on Characteristic of Calligraphy Characters Part 2 Case of One Character of Calligraphy Letter “Kanji” and “Hiragana”
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

A Study on Characteristic of Calligraphy Characters Part 3 Case of the Writing Paper with Calligraphy Letter Works
Wang, Zelong (et al.)

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