Digital Human Modeling (DHM 2015), Part II

Digital Human Modeling: Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management: Ergonomics and Health: 6th International Conference, DHM 2015 (Part II) .. by Vincent G. Duffy (Editor)

Contents – Part II

Anthropometry and Ergonomics

Estimation of Arbitrary Human Models from Anthropometric Dimensions
Endo, Yui (et al.)

Optimisation of Product’s Hand-Handle Interface Material Parameters for Improved Ergonomics
Harih, Gregor (et al.)

An Approach for Intuitive Visualization of Ergonomic Issues
Heft, Walentin (et al.)

Correlation Analysis on the Main and Basic Body Dimension for Chinese Adults
Hu, Hui-min (et al.)

The Experimental Research of the Thumb’s Comfortable Control Area
Hu, Hui-min (et al.)

Study on the Body Shape of Middle-Aged and Old Women for Garment Design
Hu, Xiaoping (et al.)

Estimating Ergonomic Comfort During the Process of Mechanism Design by Interaction with a Haptic Feedback-System
Kölling, Thomas (et al.)

The Role of Virtual Ergonomic Simulation to Develop Innovative Human Centered Products
Regazzoni, Daniele (et al.)

Anthropometric Casualty Estimation Methodologies
Rice, Daniel (et al.)

Experimental Study on Grip Ergonomics of Manual Handling
Yang, Ai-ping (et al.)

Moment Analysis of Virtual Human Joint Based on JACK
Zhou, Qianxiang (et al.)

Motion Modeling and Tracking

Parameter Estimation from Motion Tracking Data
Antonya, Csaba (et al.)

Body Tracking as a Generative Tool for Experience Design
Bordegoni, Monica (et al.)

Modeling and Simulating Lifting Task of Below-Knee Amputees
Fu, Yan (et al.)

Real-Time Static Gesture Recognition for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Using the Leap Motion
Gieser, Shawn N. (et al.)

Experience Factors Influence on Motion Technique of “The Way of Tea” by Motion Analysis
Kanazawa, Soutatsu (et al.)

Study of Caregiver’s Waist Movement Comparison Between Expert and Non-expert During Transfer Care
Liao, Mengyuan (et al.)

Effect of Care Gesture on Transfer Care Behavior in Elderly Nursing Home in Japan
Liao, Mengyuan (et al.)

Balancing Power Consumption and Data Analysis Accuracy Through Adjusting Sampling Rates: Seeking for the Optimal Configuration of Inertial Sensors for Power Wheelchair Users
Liu, Tao (et al.)

MoCap-Based Adaptive Human-Like Walking Simulation in Laser-Scanned Large-Scale as-Built Environments
Maruyama, Tsubasa (et al.)

Electromyography Measurement of Workers at the Second Lining Pounding Process for Hanging Scrolls
Oka, Yasuhiro (et al.)

EMG Activity of Arms Muscles and Body Movement During Chucking in Lathebetween Expert and Non-expert
Sirisuwan, Porakoch (et al.)

Process Analysis of the Hand Lay-Up Method Using CFRP Prepreg Sheets
Uchida, Toshikazu (et al.)

Human Modeling in Transport and Aviation

Hybrid BFO-PSO and Kernel FCM for the Recognition of Pilot Performance Influenced by Simulator Movement Using Diffusion Maps
Bo, Jia (et al.)

A Bi-level Optimization Approach to Get an Optimal Combination of Cost Functions for Pilot’s Arm Movement: The Case of Helicopter’s Flying Aid Functions with Haptic Feedback
Cheffi, Sami (et al.)

Development of a 3D Finite Element Model of the Chinese 50th Male for the Analysis of Automotive Impact
Hu, Hui-min (et al.)

Biomechanical Analysis of Human Thorax and Abdomen During Automotive Impact
Hu, Hui-min (et al.)

Toward a Model for Effective Human-Automation Interaction: The Mediated Agency
Goff, Kevin (et al.)

Semantically Integrated Human Factors Engineering
Mamessier, Sebastien (et al.)

Single-Variable Scenario Analysis of Vehicle-Pedestrian Potential Crash Based on Video Analysis Results of Large-Scale Naturalistic Driving Data
Tian, Renran (et al.)

Driving-Behavior Monitoring Using an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
Zheng, Calvin (et al.)

Human Modeling in Medicine and Surgery

A Mobile Application for the Stereoacuity Test
Bonfanti, Silvia (et al.)

Automatic Identification of Below-Knee Residuum Anatomical Zones
Colombo, Giorgio (et al.)

Visual Comparison of 3D Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms Based on Statistical Shape Models
Geurts, Alexander (et al.)

Analyzing Requirements Using Environment Modelling
Méry, Dominique (et al.)

Modeling of a Virtual Open Platform for Human Cranium Simulation
Perestrelo, Pedro (et al.)

Influence of Proficiency on Eye Movement of the Surgeon for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Shiomi, Hisanori (et al.)

Formalizing the Cardiac Pacemaker Resynchronization Therapy
Singh, Neeraj Kumar (et al.)

Stepwise Formal Modelling and Reasoning of Insulin Infusion Pump Requirements
Singh, Neeraj Kumar (et al.)

Quality in Healthcare

Later Life: Living Alone, Social Connectedness and ICT
Culén, Alma L.

Effective Design of Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in a Group Home for the Elderly with Dementia
Doi, Teruko (et al.)

A Collaborative Change Experiment: Diagnostic Evaluation of Telecare for Elderly Home Dwellers
Joshi, Suhas Govind (et al.)

A Mobile Visual Diary for Personal Pain Management
Grønli, Tor-Morten (et al.)

Usefulness of Ikebana a Nursing Care Environment
Ikenobo, Yuki (et al.)

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