Digital Human Modeling (DHM 2017), Part I

Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management: Health and Safety: 8th International Conference, DHM 2017 (Part I) .. by Vincent G. Duffy (Editor)

Contents – Part I

Anthropometry, Ergonomics, Design and Comfort

Developing a Rapid Assessment Method to Estimate Berg Balance Scale Score of Elderly People … 3
Chih-Sheng Chang and Wei-Lun Chen

A Research on Effect of Pillow Height on Pressure and Comfort of Human Body’s Prone Position … 11
Huimin Hu, Sun Liao, Chaoyi Zhao, Zhiyang Gui, and Fan Yang

Research on Pressure Comfort of Sofa Based on Body Pressure Distribution and Subjective Experience … 26
Huimin Hu, Yanlong Yao, Ling Luo, Linghua Ran, Chaoyi Zhao, Xin Zhang, and Rui Wang

Anthropometric Measurement of the Head of Chinese Children … 39
Linghua Ran, Xin Zhang, and Taijie Liu

Review on 3D Scanners for Head and Face Modeling … 47
Parth B. Shah and Yan Luximon

Comparison of Rarefication Techniques for Foot Simulation Using Subject Specific Three-Dimensional Anthropometry Data … 57
Liuxing Tsao, Liang Ma, and Tao Li

Construction of Deformable Trunk Atlas of Chinese Human Based on Multiple PET/CT Images: Preliminary Results … 69
Hongkai Wang, Xiaobang Sun, Li Huo, Xin Tang, and Changjian Liu

Introduction of the Anthropometry in the Early Design of a Nuclear Main Control Room … 78
Shengyuan Yan and Jean Luc Habiyaremye

Human Body and Motion Modelling

Muscle Fatigue Analysis Using OpenSim … 95
Jing Chang, Damien Chablat, Fouad Bennis, and Liang Ma

Motion Analysis of the Tea Whisk Concerning the Way of Tea … 107
Akihiko Goto, Soutatsu Kanazawa, Tomoko Ota, Yuka Takai, and Hiroyuki Hamada

Visibility Analysis on Swing Motion of the Golf Player Based on Kinect … 115
Zhelin Li, Songbin Ye, Lijun Jiang, Yaqi Wang, Deli Zhu, and Xiaotong Fu

Analysis and Modeling of Fatigue During Weight-Bearing Walking … 127
Zhongqi Liu, Ruiming Zhang, and Qianxiang Zhou

The Motion Analysis of Transferring from Bed to Wheelchair Conducted in the Nursing Field with Focusing on the Body Pressure Distribution.. 141
Hiromi Nakagawa, Kazuyuki Mori, Koshiro Takahashi, Kazuaki Yamashiro, Yoichiro Ogura, and Akihiko Goto

Patella Shape Extraction from 3D Point Cloud Data for Personalized Knee Brace … 160
Hyungan Oh and Jinwook Kim

Evaluation of Japanese Bowing of Non-experts by Experts … 169
Tomoya Takeda, Kazuaki Yamashiro, Xiaodan Lu, Shodai Kawakatsu, and Tomoko Ota

Appropriateness and Impression Evaluation of Japanese Seated Bow … 179
Tomoya Takeda, Noriyuki Kida, and Tadayuki Hara

A Study of Bed-Leaving Prediction by Using a Pressure-Sensitive Sensor … 188
Kengo Wada, Aya Mineharu, Noriaki Kuwahara, and Kazunari Morimoto

Classification of Artery and Vein in Retinal Fundus Images Based on the Context-Dependent Features … 198
Yang Yan, Dunwei Wen, M. Ali Akber Dewan, and Wen-Bo Huang

A Universal 3D Gait Planning Based on Comprehensive Motion Constraints … 214
Qiang Yi, Renran Tian, and Ken Chen

Development of an Enhanced Musculoskeletal Model for Simulating Lumbar Spine Loading During Manual Lifting Tasks … 229
Xin Yue Zhu, Hyun Kyung Kim, and Yanxin Zhang

Smart Human-Centered Service System Design

Usability Evaluation Plan for Online Annotation and Student Clustering System – A Tunisian University Case … 241
Miao-Han Chang, Rita Kuo, Fathi Essalmi, Maiga Chang, Vive Kumar, and Hsu-Yang Kung

Research on Multi Human-Computer Interface Design of Household Electrical Appliances … 255
Jiali Dong, Rui Li, Zhangyu Ji, and Canqun He

Research on Image Design of Historical and Cultural Blocks from the Perspective of User Experience … 271
Rong Han, Yang Hu, and Rui Li

Comparative Analysis of Wheelchair Transfer Movements Between Nurse and Care Worker … 281
Yasuko Kitajima, Yuka Takai, Kazuaki Yamashiro, Yoichiro Ogura, and Akihiko Goto

Capacity Allocation in a Service System: Parametric and Data-Driven Approaches … 295
Liping Liang, Guanlian Xiao, and Hengqing Ye

User Groups and Different Levels of Control in Recommender Systems … 308
Christine Mendez, Vlatko Lukarov, Christoph Greven, AndréCalero Valdez, Felix Dietze, Ulrik Schroeder, and Martina Ziefle

A Study on the Odor in “Omotenashi”, Japanese Hospitality … 324
Harumi Nakagawa and Noriaki Kuwahara

Delivering Personalized Information to Individuals in Super Smart Society.. 336
Kentaro Noda, Yoshihiro Wada, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura, and Kiyoshi Yasuda

Study of the Effects of Japanese Tea Ceremony Will Give the Peace of Mind of Guests.. 348
Tomoko Ota, Tomoya Takeda, Xiaodan Lu, Noriyuki Kida, Tadayuki Hara, and Akihiko Goto

An Overview of Open Source Software Systems for Smart Development of Virtual Environments … 358
Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi, and Andrea Vitali

Bowing Style in Japanese Famous TV Program … 369
Asuka Takenaka, Xiaodan Lu, Yasuyo Takenaka, Yuki Miyamoto, and Tomoko Ota

Combinatorial Auction Based Mechanism Design for Course Offering Determination … 376
Anton Vassiliev, Fuhua Lin, and M. Ali Akber Dewan

Design and Evaluation of a Human-Like Puppet as an Input Device for Ergonomic Simulation … 393
David Wiegmann, Holger Brüggemann, and Andreas Rausch

Object-Oriented User Interface Customization: Reduce Complexity and Improve Usability and Adaptation … 404
Le Zhang, Qing-Xing Qu, Wen-Yu Chao, and Vincent G. Duffy

Human-Robot Interaction

A Study of Utilizing Communication Robots for Teaching Preschoolers a Good Manner … 421
Hiroyoshi Fukuta, Noriaki Kuwahara, and Kazunari Morimoto

Quantification of Elegant Motions for Receptionist Android Robot … 435
Makoto Ikawa, Etsuko Ueda, Akishige Yuguchi, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Ming Ding, Jun Takamatsu, and Tsukasa Ogasawara

Design of a Robotic Workmate.. 447
Sarah Luisa Müller, Stefan Schröder, Sabina Jeschke, and Anja Richert

The Effects of the Robot Patient’s Patient-Likeness on Nursing Students … 457
Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Yasuko Kitajima, Jun Ota, Taiki Ogata, Zhifeng Huang, Chingszu Lin, Noriaki Kuwahara, Jukai Maeda, and Masako Kanai-Pak

A Tactile Expression Mechanism Using Pneumatic Actuator Array for Notification from Wearable Robots … 466
Hirotake Yamazoe and Tomoko Yonezawa

Haptic Interaction Design for Physical Contact Between a Wearable Robot and the User … 476
Tomoko Yonezawa and Hirotake Yamazoe

Author Index … 491