Digital Human Modeling (DHM 2017), Part II

Digital Human Modeling. Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics, and Risk Management: Health and Safety: 8th International Conference, DHM 2017 (Part II) .. by Vincent G. Duffy (Editor)

Contents – Part II

Clinical and Health Information Systems

Mobile-Application Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Identifying and Managing Depression and Anxiety … 3
Siva Abhishek Addepally and Saptarshi Purkayastha

The Structure of Clinical Judgment Making Based on Nurse’s Visual Observation … 13
Shizuko Hayashi

Towards a Clinical Support System for the Early Diagnosis of Sepsis … 23
Tove Helldin, Anna-Karin Pernestig, and Diana Tilevik

APSEN: Pre-screening Tool for Sleep Apnea in a Home Environment.. 36
Varun Kanal, Maher Abujelala, Srujana Gattupalli, Vassilis Athitsos, and Fillia Makedon

Tacit Process for Obtaining Nursing Skills: Focusing on Nurse’s Sense of Patients Close to Death … 52
Jukai Maeda, Yasuko Kitajima, Masako Yamashita, and Yuki Tsuji

Conversion of JPG Image into DICOM Image Format with One Click Tagging … 61
Olakunle Oladiran, Judy Gichoya, and Saptarshi Purkayastha

Eye Movement Differences Between Novices and Expert Surgeons in Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator … 71
Hisanori Shiomi, Kazuaki Yamashiro, Kouichirou Murakami, Hiroyuki Ohta, Tomoko Ota, Yuki Miyamoto, Yuka Takai, Akihiko Goto, Hiroyuki Hamada, and Masaji Tani

Evaluation Methods to Support Health Information Systems Development: A Framework Supported in Literature and Practical Experience … 79
Leonor Teixeira, Beatriz Sousa Santos, Vasco Saavedra, and Carlos Ferreira

Software Requirements Engineering in Digital Healthcare: A Case Study of the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children in the UK’s National Health Service.. 91
Catherine Tryfona, Tom Crick, Ana Calderon, and Simon Thorne

Compare the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) for Acromegaly Detection by Three-Dimensional Facial Measurements … 99
Ming-Hsu Wang, Bi-Hui Chen, and Wen-Ko Chiou

Evaluation of Functionality and Usability on Diabetes Mobile Applications: A Systematic Literature Review … 108
Qing Ye, Suzanne A. Boren, Uzma Khan, and Min Soon Kim

Health and Aging

Abductive Cognitive Support for (Semantic) Dementia Persons … 119
Akinori Abe

Age and Computer Skill Level Difference in Aging-Centered Design: A Case Study of a Social Type Website.. 132
Wen-Yu Chao, Qing-Xing Qu, Le Zhang, and Vincent G. Duffy

Application and Effect of Media Therapy to the Recreational Activities at Group Homes Reduction of Spiritual Pain of Elderly People with Dementia … 142
Teruko Doi and Noriaki Kuwahara

Investigation of Quantification of the Suitable Photos for Conversation Assistance for Elderly and Youth … 150
Miyuki Iwamoto, Noriaki Kuwahara, and Kazunari Morimoto

Generating Personalized Dialogue Towards Daily Counseling System for Home Dementia Care … 161
Seiji Sakakibara, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura, and Kiyoshi Yasuda

Color Affects the Usability of Smart Phone Icon for the Elderly … 173
Chunfa Sha, Rui Li, and Kai Chang

Capturing Activities of Daily Living for Elderly at Home Based on Environment Change and Speech Dialog … 183
Kazunari Tamamizu, Seiji Sakakibara, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura, and Kiyoshi Yasuda

F0 Feature Analysis of Communication Between Elderly Individuals for Health Assessment … 195
Yumi Wakita and Shunpei Matsumoto

A Study of Photographs as Communication Content for Intergenerational Conversation Support System … 206
Xiaochun Zhou, Miyuki Iwamoto, Noriaki Kuwahara, and Kazunari Morimoto

Health Data Analytics and Visualization

Measuring Insight into Multi-dimensional Data from a Combination of a Scatterplot Matrix and a HyperSlice Visualization … 225
André Calero Valdez, Sascha Gebhardt, Torsten W. Kuhlen, and Martina Ziefle

Effective Visualization of Long Term Health Data to Support Behavior Change … 237
Corinna A. Christmann, Gregor Zolynski, Alexandra Hoffmann, and Gabriele Bleser

That’s so Meta! Usability of a Hypergraph-Based Discussion Model … 248
Felix Dietze, André Calero Valdez, Johannes Karoff, Christoph Greven, Ulrik Schroeder, and Martina Ziefle

FlowChart Tool for Decision Making in Interdisciplinary Research Cooperation … 259
Ulrich Jansen and Wolfgang Schulz

Using EEG Data Analytics to Measure Meditation … 270
Hong Lin and Yuezhe Li

Enhance the Use of Medical Wearables Through Meaningful Data Analytics … 281
Kurt Reifferscheid and Xiaokun Zhang

User-Driven Semantic Classification for the Analysis of Abstract Health and Visualization Tasks … 297
Sabine Theis, Peter Rasche, Christina Bröhl, Matthias Wille, and Alexander Mertens

EEG Features Extraction and Classification of Rifle Shooters in the Aiming Period … 306
Liwei Zhang, Qianxiang Zhou, Zhongqi Liu, and Yu Wang

Design for Safety

Safety Does Not Happen by Accident, Can Gaming Help Improve Occupational Health and Safety in Organizations? … 321
Cameron Chodan, Pejman Mirza-Babaei, and Karthik Sankaranarayanan

Autonomous Robotic System for Pipeline Integrity Inspection … 333
John Costa, Gavin DeAngelis, Daniel Lane, Chris Snyder, Abdelmagid Hammuda, Khalifa Al-Khalifa, Elsayed Elsayed, and Kang Li

Interactive Design of Digital Car Dashboard Interfaces … 343
Rui Li, Qing-Xing Qu, and Zhangping Lu

Emergency Usability Lab – Concept to Evaluate the Usability of Healthcare Systems in Emergencies … 354
Peter Rasche, Alexander Mertens, and Christopher M. Schlick

Watch Out! User-Centered Feedback Design for a V2X-Smartphone App … 365
Teresa Schmidt, Ralf Philipsen, Dzenan Dzafic, and Martina Ziefle

Safety Performance Evaluation Model for Airline Flying Fleets … 384
Yijie Sun, Min Luo, Yanqiu Chen, and Changhua Sun

Deciphering Workers’ Safety Attitudes by Sensing Gait Patterns … 397
Cenfei Sun, Changbum R. Ahn, Kanghyeok Yang, Terry Stentz, and Hyunsoo Kim

Driving Process’ Analysis and HUD Design Based on Conditional Autonomous Traffic Safety.. 406
Jian-min Wang, Lu-lu Qian, and Yu-jia Wang

ECG Identification Based on PCA-RPROP … 419
Jinrun Yu, Yujuan Si, Xin Liu, Dunwei Wen, Tengfei Luo, and Liuqi Lang

Author Index … 433