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It would take 5.83 IBM Watson‘s to match the MIPS (million instructions per second) of a human brain. Hrafn Thorisson’s Brain in interactive 3D is one example of a 3D web-applet made from visualizing magnetic resonance images. BrainML is a system that provides a standard xml metaformat for exchanging neuroscience data.


  • act-r, like other influential cognitive architectures (including soar, clarion, and epic), has a computational implementation as an interpreter of a special coding language, and in this case written in lisp.
  • brainmaps is an nih-funded interactive zoomable high-resolution digital brain atlas and virtual microscope that is based on more than 20 million megapixels (60 terabytes) of scanned images.
  • brainvoyager qx contains needed for the advanced analysis and visualization of structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging (mri) data.
  • cogent is a graphical environment for cognitive modelling (see also: webcogent).
  • corticaldb is trying to build the new generation of applications based on the latest developments in neuroscience and artificial intelligence.
  • fmri data center (fmridc) is a free database of fmri data used in peer reviewed studies.
  • freesurfer is a set of automated tools for reconstruction of the brain’s cortical surface from structural mri data, and overlay of functional mri data.
  • genesis (general neural simulation system) is a simulation environment for constructing realistic models of neurobiological systems.
  • ikaros is an open infrastructure for cognitive modelling, including system-level models of the brain.
  • nest simulator is neural simulation technology for simulating biologically realistic neuronal networks.
  • neurobehavioral systems produces a stimulus delivery and experimental control program for neuroscience, called “presentation”.
  • neuroconstruct is software for developing biologically realistic 3d neural networks.
  • neurodatabase data server hosts a public neurophysiology database.
  • neuroml is an xml model description language for defining and exchanging models based on the biophysical and anatomical properties of neurons.
  • neuron is a simulation environment for modeling individual neurons and networks of neurons.
  • psychopy is an open source software package, written in python, for generating experiments for neuroscience and experimental psychology.
  • pynn (pronounced ‘pine’ ) is a simulator-independent language for building neuronal network models.
  • snnap (simulator for neural networks and action potentials) is a tool for rapid development and simulation of realistic models of single neurons and neural networks.
  • topographica is a software package for computational modeling of neural maps, funded by the nimh human brain project.



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Why build a virtual brain? Large-scale neural simulations as jump start for cognitive computing
M Colombo – … of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence. Volume 29, 2017 – Issue 2 … Abstract. Despite the impressive amount of financial resources recently invested in carrying out large-scale brain simulations, it is controversial what the pay-offs are of pursuing this project …

Theoretical and Practical Advancements for Fuzzy System Integration
DF Li – 2017 –
… com or visit: http://www. igi-global. com/publish/. • Algorithmic Learning• Artificial Intelligence• Cyborgs• Automated Reasoning• Brain Simulation • Computer Vision • Adaptive and Complex Systems • Natural language processing • Synthetic Emotions The Advances in …

Who will win practical artificial intelligence? AI engineerings in China
HY Wu, F Wang, C Pan – arXiv preprint arXiv:1702.02461, 2017 –
… For the processing of natural language, state- run research institutes cooperate with the Sina Weibo and Tencent Wechat, which are the … Ten years of artificial intelligence: the wind starts at the end of lily pads … 6. CASIA Brain Simulation System: (2015) …

Brain Vs Computer: The Challenge of the Century
JP Fillard – 2017 – World Scientific
… ebook). USD28.00; Buy Now. Add book to favorites. Related Publications. Google Scholar. Search for other articles By keyword: Human Intelligence; Brain; Neurosciences; Brain Emulation; Consciousness; Neurons; Artificial Intelligence; …

Global brain initiatives
RM Richardson – Neurosurgery, 2017 –
… A Brain Simulation Platform focuses on data-driven modeling and brain simulations on all scales, a Neurorobotics Platform concentrates on … underlying cognition interact with two wings: a diagnosis and treatment wing, and a brain-inspired artificial intelligence technology wing …

Neuromorphic robot dream
A Tchitchigin, M Talanov, L Safina, M Mazzara – BioNanoScience, 2017 – Springer
… 3.1 Direct Translation. Considering the initial training of the “sleeping brain” simulation (nurturing period so to say), we propose to decouple from a particular control system … The emotion machine: commonsense thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human mind …

Human Brain inspired Artificial Intelligence & Developmental Robotics: A Review
S Kumar, P Sha – Sukkur IBA Journal of Computing and …, 2017 –
… In this paper we will discuss about the developments is the field of artificial intelligence focusing learning algorithms inspired from the field of Biology, particularly large scale brain simulations, and developmental Psychology …

A Novel Computer Simulation of the Brain Using the Buddhist Abhidhamma
E Lou – 2017 –
… processes. The HBP, Europe’s brain project, focuses on brain simulation via massive computing power. The main … method to studying the brain. In the context of artificial intelligence, there seems to be two main ways to mimic the human brain …

Technology Foresight Research on China’s Medical and Population Health Engineering Science and Technology to 2035
S Dianjun, S Changhao… – Strategic Study of Chinese …, 2017 –
… China. 3.2 Key technology in artificial intelligence and brain simulation (cross-discipline) The purpose … Artificial intelligence and brain simulation will become important symbols of technological advances in the future. To this end …

Is the Computer a Good Model for the Brain?
AD Zubovych – ??????? ???????? ?????? ?? ????????? ?????, 2017 –
… with the right processing power and programming, a computer could learn to interpret natural language and respond … It marked a leap in the field of artificial intelligence … that hasn’t stopped computer scientists and neurologists from trying to build an electronic brain simulation …

Animals’ Race Against the Machines
R Michalczak – Legal Personhood: Animals, Artificial Intelligence and …, 2017 – Springer
… 6.2.2 Silicon 1 Ethics. The group of views linked with the ethics of artificial intelligence also argues to expand the scope of ethical and legal subjectivity … The press was informed that, during this whole-brain simulation, two seconds of brain activity were achieved …

Throwing shapes
A Ananthaswamy – New Scientist, 2017 – Elsevier
… They found directed cliques with up to eight all-to-all connected neurons, forming 7D cliques – a number Hess thinks will increase as the Blue Brain simulation grows in size … “It’s a great result,” he says. There are implications for artificial intelligence, too …

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Humanities, and the Automation of Labour
J Smithies – The Digital Humanities and the Digital Modern, 2017 – Springer
… Should a brain simulation at that level of complexity be turned off when it is no longer needed … This wider perspective, taking in artificial intelligence, automation, and even the human brain projects, provides a sufficient context for a critique of technology in the arts and humanities …

OFN-Based Brain Function Modeling
P Prokopowicz, D Miko?ajewski – Theory and Applications of Ordered …, 2017 – Springer
… Reflecting physiological brain procedures normally performed by fuzzy-like neural networks, such as natural language processing, but one should … in object recognition and linguistic property modeling [29], there is only poor evidence concerning their use in brain simulations …

Stroke detection based on an improved artificial fish swarm algorithm
JB Li, MD Zhu, YZ Wu, S Ye – Antennas and Propagation & …, 2017 –
… Page 2. Fig. 1. Brain simulation diagram with a blood clot … [6] M. Neshat, G. Sepidnam, M. Sargolzaei, and AN Toosi, “Artificial fish swarm algorithm: a survey of the state-of-the-art, hybridization, combinatorial and indicative applications,” Artificial Intelligence Review, Vol. 42 …

Mesoscopic Brainformatics
D Yao – International Conference on Brain Informatics, 2017 – Springer
… the wave of artificial intelligence, the brain information mechanism is the thinking spring of the artificial intelligence technology, Brainformatics will play an important role in such an age. The European Human Brain Project (HBP) initiated in 2013 took the brain simulation as the …

ML Systems Workshop@ NIPS 2017
A Lakshmiratan, S Bird, S Sen, C Ré… – Schedule …, 2017 –
… A new area is emerging at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning … as diverse as learning on graphs to models in natural language processing … novel computational approaches and algorithms for brain data interpretations, brain simulation platforms, optimization …

Behaviorism Revisited: Linking Perception and Action Through Symbolic Models of Cognition.
PE Bonzon – DKB/KIK@ KI, 2017 –
… Keywords: brain simulation, virtual machine, neural dynamics, cognitive process, analogical reasoning, meta-cognition … models of cognitive processes (see eg, Anderson et al 2004 [4]) were symbolic information processors originating from the research in Artificial Intelligence …

Handbook of Research on Applied Cybernetics and Systems Science
S Saha, A Mandal, A Narasimhamurthy, S Sangam – 2017 –
… Coverage • Cognitive Informatics • Natural language processing • Algorithmic Learning • Computational Logic • Intelligent control • Neural Networks • Evolutionary Computing • Computer Vision • Artificial Intelligence • Brain Simulation IGI Global is currently accepting …

Connecting the Brain to Itself through an Emulation
MD Serruya – Frontiers in neuroscience, 2017 –
… In this manner, closed-loop brain-computer interface pilot clinical trials can advance strong artificial intelligence development and forge new therapies to restore independence in children and adults with neurological conditions. Introduction …

Deep Learning for Continuous Control
MA Knaller – 2017 –
… by the recent break throughs in Deep Learning[7], which revolutionized Computer Vision (CV)[8, 9], Natural Language Processing (NLP)[10 … of the Neuro Robotics Platform architecture providing a range of interfaces for robotics (green) and brain simulation (orange), connected …

Imitating the brain with neurocomputer a “new” way towards artificial general intelligence
TJ Huang – International Journal of Automation and Computing, 2017 – Springer
… Till now, the artificial intelligence sys- tems could only realize specific functions or given functions, and cannot adapt to complex environments or … and life science, and integrate single molecule detection and entire brain struc- ture analysis to realize the whole brain simulation …

Psychoanalytic Defense Mechanisms in Cognitive Multi-agent Systems
F Gelbard – 2017 –
… The project is a platform for the following research fields: neuroinformatics, brain simulation, high-performance analytics and computing, medical informatics … the work at hand and will be discussed in Chapter 2. The projects want to improve artificial intelligence by incorporating …

The difficult legacy of Turing’s wager
A Thwaites, A Soltan, E Wieser… – Journal of computational …, 2017 – Springer
… Novel equations may come from the emerging fields of artificial intelligence and deep-learning, but the task here is onerous: three of the most requested search terms in the Kymata Atlas (a database … A world survey of artificial brain projects, Part I: Large-scale brain simulations …

Neuro-Computational Conditions to Simulate Human Consciousness: A Neuroscientific Perspective
U Leon-Dominguez, J Leon-Carrion – EC Psychology and Psychiatry, 2017 –
… Consciousness Introduction For centuries, consciousness has been considered part of the soul and exclusive to humans. The notion of the existence of conscious- ness, or of artificial intelligence, was first debated by Descartes. In …

Partners of humans: a realistic assessment of the role of robots in the foreseeable future
I Aleksander – Journal of Information Technology, 2017 – Springer
… Nils Nilsson (2005) advocated that the true road to human-level artificial intelligence is to … 2. Brain simulation: rather than formalising neural structure, this attempts to mimic the neural … beyond the purely reactive by having mechanisms that create natural language expressions for …

Godseed: Benevolent Or Malevolent?
BOR MALEVOLENT – Philosophy of Mind: Contemporary …, 2017 –
… I would certainly not allow my brain simulation to be equipped with a killswitch as Bostrom demands … 3.1. Meta-Rules for God-level Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Here are some possible meta-rules for trans-sapient AI agents …

Infrastructural intelligence: Contemporary entanglements between neuroscience and AI
J Bruder – Progress in brain research, 2017 – Elsevier
… Abstract. In this chapter, I reflect on contemporary entanglements between artificial intelligence and the neurosciences by tracing the development of Google’s recent DeepMind algorithms back to their roots in neuroscientific studies of episodic memory and imagination …

From connectome to cognition: the search for mechanism in human functional brain networks
RD Mill, T Ito, MW Cole – NeuroImage, 2017 – Elsevier
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Detecting Qualia in Natural and Artificial Agents
RV Yampolskiy – arXiv preprint arXiv:1712.04020, 2017 –
… With better understanding of brain architecture and progress in artificial intelligence and cognitive science many easy sub-problems of consciousness have been successfully addressed [3] and multiple neural correlates of … [5], What is it like to be a brain simulation? [10], etc …

Ubiquitous Machine Learning and Its Applications
P Kumar, A Tiwari – 2017 –
… COVERAGE • Cyborgs• Computer Vision• Adaptive and Complex Systems• Brain Simulation IGI Global is … fora volume in this series, please contact our Acquisition • Artificial Intelligence Editors at … Neural Networks • Artificial Life • Natural language processing • Computational …

Handbook of Research on Modeling, Analysis, and Application of Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
S Dash, BK Tripathy – 2017 –
… With this new era of simulated and artificial intelligence, much research is needed in order to continue to … Emotions • Robotics • Artificial life • Fuzzy systems • Evolutionary computing • Computational intelligence • Computational Logic • Brain Simulation • Machine Learning …

Co-training an Improved Recurrent Neural Network with Probability Statistic Models for Named Entity Recognition
Y Sun, L Li, Z Xie, Q Xie, X Li, G Xu – International Conference on …, 2017 – Springer
… Conferences on Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), etc. [1]. Also, in industry, google brain and baidu brain are very hot now and have been used in many specific applications. For example, in college entrance examination robot plan, a kind of brain-simulation program, NER …

The Necessity of Formation of Health Information Technology: Goals and Strategies for the Future of the Healthcare with the Approach of Maturity Assessment and …
H Moinzad, MJ Tarokh, MT Taghavifard – International Journal of Body …, 2017 –
… and cost of care services, access to definitive and unambiguous tests, computerized patient records and use of artificial intelligence to monitor and … 6 Telemedicine Remote virtual presence Full brain simulation 2048 … 10 Telemedicine Mhealth Natural language processing 2028 …

Towards neuro-inspired symbolic models of cognition: linking neural dynamics to behaviors through asynchronous communications
P Bonzon – Cognitive neurodynamics, 2017 – Springer
… virtual code implications are reminiscent of daemons that run as computer background processes and are triggered by foreground application software; daemons were in common use in the early days of the Artificial Intelligence paradigm, when Neuroscience didn’t yet provide …

Visually grounded interaction and language
F Strub, H de Vries, A Das, S Kottur… – Schedule …, 2017 –
… Recent concurrent works in machine learning have focused on bridging visual and natural language understanding through visually-grounded language learning tasks, eg through natural images (Visual Question Answering, Visual Dialog), or through interactions with virtual …

Archives, libraries and museums in a global information environment
?? ?????? – ????????????. ?????. ??????, 2017 –
… 2. Development of the abilities of the body and consciousness (production of artificial limbs, cyberbodies, artificial sensory organs, improved intelligence, and exocortex on the basis of artificial intelligence). 3. Invigoration of …

The research of underwater target recognition method based on deep learning
Y Chen, X Xu – Signal Processing, Communications and …, 2017 –
… The deep learning algorithms have been applied to the researches of image recognition, behavioral action recognition, speech signal processing, human brain simulation and so on [13-15], and in these studies the deep learning methods have showed a strong data processing …

Dynamical system with plastic self-organized velocity field as an alternative conceptual model of a cognitive system
NB Janson, CJ Marsden – Scientific reports, 2017 –
… Despite impressive achievements both in artificial intelligence and in biological neuroscience, the question about the way cognitive functions arise from the brain … to raise concerns, because it has been unclear what level of detail should be used for the brain simulation and what …

Cognitive function synthesis: preliminary results
GAJ Pounder, RLA Ellis, G Fernandez-Lopez – Kybernetes, 2017 –
… follows. Section 2 provides an overview of the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI). Section … 7. 2. Artificial intelligence 2.1 Early artificial intelligence Early efforts in AI gave rise to symbolic/deliberative architectures. Functional …

Singularitarianism and schizophrenia
V Galanos – AI & SOCIETY, 2017 – Springer
… Artificial intelligence (AI) and the possible emergence of artificial agents (AAs) challenge … steers the debate toward the possibility of total human brain simulation, hence bringing … as artificial vision, perception and analysis of the environment, natural language processing, human …

A historical survey of algorithms and hardware architectures for neural-inspired and neuromorphic computing applications
CD James, JB Aimone, NE Miner, CM Vineyard… – Biologically inspired …, 2017 – Elsevier
Biological neural networks continue to inspire new developments in algorithms and microelectronic hardware to solve challenging data processing and classificati.

Histories of the Brain: Toward a Critical Interaction of the Humanities and Neurosciences
M Della Rocca – The Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain, 2017 – Elsevier
… History of the Human Sciences, 23 (1) (2010), pp. 11–26. Bates, 2015; DW Bates; Automaticity, plasticity, and the deviant origins of artificial intelligence … A world survey of artificial brain projects, part I: Large-scale brain simulations. Neurocomputing, 74 (1–3) (2010), pp. 3–29 …

Generating Executable Models of the Drosophila Central Complex
LE Givon, AA Lazar, CH Yeh – Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience, 2017 –
… A model of CX was included in a more comprehensive insect brain simulation described in Arena et al … (vi) The Natural Language Interface (NLP) Module provides a user-friendly way to construct sophisticated queries against NeuroArch in plain English that obviate the need for …

Parallel computing for brain simulation
LA Pastur-Romay, AB Porto-Pazos… – Current topics in …, 2017 –
… From these works, basically two scientific disciplines emerge: the connectionism branch of Artificial Intelligence, which is aimed at developing algorithms based on neural networks to process the information, and Computational … Parallel Computing for Brain Simulation …

The business consequences of a digitally transformed economy
M Kowalkiewicz, N Safrudin, B Schulze – Shaping the Digital Enterprise, 2017 – Springer
… Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the concept and capabilities that strive to mimic human intelligence through experience and … unlabeled data, and also ubiquitous, smart software: computing power, storage, algorithms, machine learning, natural language, accessibility, and …

Head-transplanting and “mind-uploading”: philosophical implications and potential social consequences of two Medico-Scientific Utopias
R Benedikter, K Siepmann, A Reymann – Review of Contemporary …, 2017 –
… the past few years at Singularity University in Silicon Valley which wants to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI … simulation of their behavior turns understanding the brain into a tractable problem, providing a new tool to study the complex interactions …

A Leaky Integrate-And-Fire Neuron With Adjustable Refractory Period And Spike Frequency Adaptation
JN Healy – 2017 –
… applications include rapid pattern recognition, low-fidelity real-time processing of sensory input, and artificial intelligence applications. While the potential benefits to be … insight into how brains work and could provide breakthroughs in artificial intelligence applications …

Great than the sum: integrated information in large brain networks
D Toker, FT Sommer – arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.02967, 2017 –
… The possibility of measuring integrated information has generated interest in a diversity of fields, including artificial intelligence (1–4), complex systems … information in a real animal, greatly exceeded the amount of integrated informa- tion produced in our brain simulation models …

Value systems for developmental cognitive robotics: a survey
K Merrick – Cognitive Systems Research, 2017 – Elsevier
… embodied machines. Related disciplines naturally include artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience, cognitive science, developmental psychology, sociology, evolutionary biology and linguistics (Asada et al., 2009). The …

CB-MLC2A—A command and control architecture for unmanned combat SoS
H Hua, L Zhi-Fei, W Wei-Ping, Z Yi-Fan… – … (ISSE), 2017 IEEE …, 2017 –
… the situation with the previous experience, extracts an action plan from the matching pattern, and evaluates it through the brain simulation … control system in the article “learning control system and intelligent control system: the intersection of artificial intelligence and automatic …

CBR based reactive behavior learning for the memory-prediction framework
I Herrero-Reder, C Urdiales, JM Peula, F Sandoval – Neurocomputing, 2017 – Elsevier
… in human beings. This feature makes this theory attractive as a starting point for the design of robotic intelligent behavior. The M-PF has already been implemented in some Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. Most of them are …

Computational foundations of natural intelligence
M Van Gerven – Frontiers in computational neuroscience, 2017 –
… behavior. The ambition to understand natural intelligence as encountered in biological organisms can be contrasted with the motivation to build intelligent machines, which is the subject matter of artificial intelligence (AI). Wouldn …

Prediction of Malaria using Artificial Neural Network
R Parveen, AH Jalbani, M Shaikh… – INTERNATIONAL …, 2017 –
… This diagnosis is carried out using neural networks by which cognitive task and brain simulation … Implementation of artificial intelligence methods on example of cardiovascular diseases risk stratification.In Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits & Systems (MIXDES),Proceedings of …

S Chmiela, JM Hernández-Lobato… – Schedule …, 2017 –
… to areas of machine learning as diverse as learning on graphs to models in natural language processing … analysis, neural circuits analysis, behavior modeling, novel computational approaches and algorithms for brain data interpretations, brain simulation platforms, optimization …

Schedule Highlights
P Sturm – Machine Learning, 2017 –
… 2017: Analyzing brain data from nano to macroscale Dyer, Kiar, Gray Roncal, , Koerding, Vogelstein Cognitively Informed Artificial Intelligence: Insights From … contributions to areas of machine learning as diverse as learning on graphs to models in natural language processing …

A Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and Policy
S Baum – 2017 –
… One instance of high-level government interest in AGI is in the European Commission’s large- scale support of the Human Brain Project, in hopes that a computer brain simulation could revive the European economy (Theil 2015). 3. Research Questions …

Unsupervised Feature Selection for Phoneme Sound Classification using Genetic Algorithm
MM Faraji, SB Shouraki, E Iranmehr –
… Distance measures for speech recognition, psychological and instrumental,” in Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, CH Chen … Her research interests include Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Machine Learning Algorithms, Brain Simulation, Soft Computing, FPGA, GPU …

Androids, Cyborgs, and Robots in Contemporary Culture and Society
SJ Thompson – 2017 –
… com or • Brain Simulation visit: http://www. igi-global. com/publish/. • Artificial Intelligence • Cognitive Informatics • Automated Reasoning • Natural language processing The Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics (ACIR) Book Series (ISSN 2327-0411) is …

Toward a rational and mechanistic account of mental effort
A Shenhav, S Musslick, F Lieder, W Kool… – Annual review of …, 2017 –

Handbook of Research on Machine Learning Innovations and Trends
AE Hassanien, T Gaber – 2017 –
… With this new era of simulated and artificial intelligence, much research is needed in order to continue to advance the field and also to evaluate the ethical … Coverage • Synthetic Emotions • Robotics • Natural language processing • Brain Simulation • Fuzzy Systems …

Development of computational models for emotional diary text analysis to support maternal care
L Lahti, H Tenhunen, S Heinonen… – arXiv preprint arXiv …, 2017 –
… Analyzing the use of natural language to carry out social actions enables discovering a natural repeatable organization of structures and rules … can inherently fire without any external stimuli (Swanson, 2012) and it has been suggested that these brain’s simulations can function …

Technology Foresight on China’s Engineering Science and Technology to 2035
W Kunsheng, Z Xiaoji, G Xu – Strategic Study of Chinese …, 2017 –
… 1 Advanced computing technology 2 Integrated information network of sky, space, land, and sea, and new type of communication technology 3 Key technologies of artificial intelligence and brain simulation 4 Intelligent CNC machining unit/system 5 Man-machine interactive …

Mind Computation
S Zhongzhi – 2017 –
… author advocates actively, is an interdisciplinary subject covering brain science, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, etc … Chapter 7 deals with the processing of psychological language and natural language, and the language cognition … 404 Brain Simulation System Spaun …

Modulation of Response Patterns by Loading-Rate-Dependent Interface Polarization and Doping
F Zeng, Y Hu, C Chang – The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017 – ACS Publications
… We found that the patterns of the pulse responses depended significantly on the loading rate. We believe that our system would be useful in computing and responding to complicated external stimulations with high resolution in the field of artificial intelligence and organs …

Cognition and the Built Environment
O Möystad – 2017 –
… In his recent book on artificial intelligence, George Zarkadakis outlines this narrative as the first of six models or metaphors man has created in order to understand his own brain.4 During the Antique, one did not distinguish between thinking and living, and the brain was …

A role for introspection in AI research
S Freed – 2017 –
… believe” on such a grand scale. I have found no AI concepts based these insights by Papert. Note also that (Winograd, 1991) argues that “[t]he techniques of artificial intelligence are to the mind what bureaucracy is to human social interaction”. Perhaps it is time to …

A review of detection and tracking of object from image and video sequences
M Tiwari, R Singhai – Int. J. Comput. Intell. Res., 2017 –
Page 1. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research ISSN 0973-1873 Volume 13, Number 5 (2017), pp. 745-765 © Research India Publications A Review of Detection and Tracking of Object from Image and Video Sequences …

Membrane Computing for Distributed Control of Robotic Swarms: Emerging Research and Opportunities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
AG Florea, C Buiu – 2017 –
… With this new era of simulated and artificial intelligence, much research is needed in order to continue to … Coverage • Automated Reasoning • Heuristics • Agent technologies • Brain Simulation • Computational Logic • Pattern Recognition • Intelligent control IGI Global is currently …

A Cognitive Approach to Mobile Robot Environment Mapping and Path Planning
P Zeno – 2017 –

How We Can be Justified in Creating a System of Control for Superintelligence
JH Kleeman – 2017 –
… 20 Bostrom and Yudkowsky, “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.” 21 Yudkowsky, “Coherent Extrapolated Volition.” Page 22 … harder. Bostrom recognized this when he avoided the issue altogether when discussing systems of control when human brain simulations were involved …

An end-to-end learning solution for assessing the quality of Wikipedia articles
QV Dang, CL Ignat – Proceedings of the 13th International Symposium …, 2017 –
… ACM Classification Keywords H.5. Group and Organization Interfaces: Collaborative com- puting, Web-based interaction; I.7.5 Document and Text Pro- cessing: Document Analysis; I.2.6 Artificial Intelligence: Con- nectionism and neural nets …

Applied Machine Learning for Healthcare
B Rogers, P Natarajan – … Big Data and Machine Learning for …, 2017 –
… 8 “One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence, Appendix I, A Short History of AI … Sequence-based neural networks that play a key role in natural language processing, machine translation … “Deep Learning: Machine Learning via Large-scale Brain Simulations.” Invited Talk …

Closing the loop between neural network simulators and the OpenAI Gym
J Jordan, P Weidel, A Morrison – arXiv preprint arXiv:1709.05650, 2017 –
… researchers have access to simulators for all scales of neural systems from molecular simulations [21] over complex neuron [22, 23] and network models [24–26] to whole brain simulations using neural … In Twenty-Fourth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence …

Effects of the Neuro-Turn: The Neural Network as a Paradigm for Human Self-Understanding
Y Förster – The Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain, 2017 – Elsevier
… This process is driven by neuroscience in cooperation with computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) … Projects like the Human Brain Project, a scientific project of the European Union, work on neuromorphic computing, brain simulation, and neurorobotics …

Concept Parsing Algorithms (CPA) for Textual Analysis and Discovery: Emerging Research and Opportunities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
U Shafrir, M Etkind – 2017 –
… With this new era of simulated and artificial intelligence, much research is needed in order … Heuristics • Fuzzy Systems • Brain Simulation • Cognitive Informatics … Representation.of.Meaning. in.Different.Semiotic.Systems…..1 Chapter 2 Natural.Language.and.Sub …

Brain, Art, Salvation. On the Traditional Character of the Neuro-Hype
G Grübler – The Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain, 2017 – Elsevier
… And the artificial intelligence researcher Rodney Brooks (2008, p. 71) says: “I am a machine … European Union already has this project, it is called Human Brain Project (https://www. and it spends about one billion Euros for the brain simulation, what would …

Herramientas modernas en redes neuronales La librería tensorflow de google
A Mejías Gil – 2017 –
… A new machine learning technique is deeply transforming the field of artificial intelligence and opening new possibilities which were … recognition, rec- ommendation systems, machine translation (and real-time video translation1), fraud detection and natural language processing …

Building a picture of the brain
GM Edelmart – The brain, 2017 –
Page 1. Gerald M. Edelmart Building a Picture of the Brain T HE BRAIN IS AMONG the most complicated material objects in the known universe. Even before the advent of modern neuroscience, it was a commonplace that the …

26th annual computational neuroscience meeting (CNS* 2017): Part 3
AJH Newton, AH Seidenstein… – BMC …, 2017 –

Using Stochastic Spiking Neural Networks on SpiNNaker to Solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems
GA Fonseca Guerra, SB Furber – Frontiers in neuroscience, 2017 –
… They aim to overcome the limitations offered by conventional computational architectures especially (but not only) with regard to brain simulations (Mead, 1990; Furber S., 2016; Furber SB, 2016). Similarly to the prototype chip of incommensurable oscillators of Mostafa et al …

Situatedness and Embodiment of Computational Systems
M Mi?kowski – Entropy, 2017 –
In this paper, the role of the environment and physical embodiment of computational systems for explanatory purposes will be analyzed. In particular, the focus will be on cognitive computational systems, understood in terms of mechanisms that manipulate semantic information …

Deep Learning: Practical Neural Networks with Java
Y Sugomori, B Kaluza, FM Soares, AMF Souza – 2017 –
… Page 19. Page 20. Deep Learning Overview Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a word that you might start to see more often these days. AI has become a hot topic not only in academic society, but also in the field of business. Large …

The Future Automation Of The Brain: A Nineteenth-Century Polemic On The Perfection Of Consciousness 
ANC POLEMIC – Philosophy of Mind: Contemporary …, 2017 –

Identifying and Exploiting Trustable Users with Robust Features in Online Rating Systems.
HK Oh, SW Kim – KSII Transactions on Internet & Information …, 2017 –
Page 1. KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS VOL. 11, NO. 4, Apr. 2017 2171 Copyright ?2017 KSII Identifying and Exploiting Trustable Users with Robust Features in Online Rating Systems …

Systems & Control for the future of humanity, research agenda: Current and future roles, impact and grand challenges
F Lamnabhi-Lagarrigue, A Annaswamy, S Engell… – Annual Reviews in …, 2017 – Elsevier
… Substantially increase research in control at higher levels of decision making, moving toward enterprise-scale systems. This includes work in dynamic resource allocation in the presence of uncertainty, learning and adaptation, and artificial intelligence for dynamic systems. • …

Model-driven analysis of eyeblink classical conditioning reveals the underlying structure of cerebellar plasticity and neuronal activity
A Antonietti, C Casellato, E D’Angelo… – IEEE transactions on …, 2017 –
Page 1. 2748 IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS, VOL. 28, NO. 11, NOVEMBER 2017 Model-Driven Analysis of Eyeblink Classical Conditioning Reveals the Underlying Structure of Cerebellar Plasticity and Neuronal Activity …

Prospective thinking; scenario planning meets neuroscience
P McKiernan – Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2017 – Elsevier
… The easier the scenario was to build, the higher the probability given to its’ happening (the simulation heuristic). 14 Later, Ingvar (1979, 1985) continued to make the past-future links by examining ‘Memories of the Future’ though brain simulations …

Software for brain network simulations: a comparative study
RA Tikidji-Hamburyan, V Narayana… – Frontiers in …, 2017 –
Numerical simulations of brain networks are a critical part of our efforts in understanding brain functions under pathological and normal conditions. For several decades, the community has developed many software packages and simulators to accelerate research in Computational …

Targeted delivery of nerve growth factor via encapsulated cell biodelivery in Alzheimer disease: A technology platform for restorative neurosurgery
S Kapp, K Gillespie-Lynch, LE Sherman… – AJOB …, 2017 – Taylor & Francis
… 2015). The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into both formal and informal elderly and dementia care has great potential for improving the life of patients and alleviating the burden on caregivers and the health care services (Pollack 2005; Bharucha et al. 2009) …

A scalable algorithm for simulating the structural plasticity of the brain
S Rinke, M Butz-Ostendorf, MA Hermanns… – Journal of Parallel and …, 2017 – Elsevier
… However, with current experimental techniques even the creation of an exact static connectivity map, which is required for various brain simulations, is very difficult … 2. Related work. Today’s largest brain simulations contain about 10 9 neurons …

Reinforcement Learning and Spiking Neurons
P Amalia –
Page 1. Reinforcement Learning and Spiking Neurons Papanikolaou Amalia T H E U NIVER S I T Y O F E DI NBU R G H Master of Science Artificial Intelligence School of Informatics University of Edinburgh 2009 Page 2. Abstract …

Francisco Jesús Martínez Murcia
JRP de Inestrosa, JMG Sáez – 2017 –
… This allowed us to improve the performance of automatic systems for detecting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Finally, we developed a brain simulation technique that can be used to validate new functional datasets as well as for educational purposes. vii Page 8. Page 9 …

Unthought: The power of the cognitive nonconscious
NK Hayles – 2017 –
Page 1. Unthought T HEPOWER OF THE COGNITIVE IN ON CON SCIOUS N. Katherine Hayles Page 2. Unthought Page 3. Page 4. Unthought The Power of The CogniTive nonConsCious N. Katherine Hayles The universiTy of ChiCago Press ChiCago and London Page 5 …

Technologies Emergentes de Memoire Resistive pour les Systemes et Applications Neu-romorphiques
… Figure 1.3: (a)Number of synapses Vs number of processing cores required for cat scale brain simulations using IBM Blue Gene supercomputer, (b) Growth of Top 500 supercom- puters … learning, machine-vision, robotics, optimization, prediction, natural language process …

Agency Assessment of Ethical, Legal, and Societal Implications of Neuroscience and Technology Research and Its Relationship to the Presidential BRAIN Initiative
S Zafar – 2017 –
… (1) Neuroinformatics (2) Brain simulation (3) High-performance computing … Researchers were to focus on cutting edge ICT platform for brain research, brain inspired computing, artificial intelligence, neuro-robotics, etc. It was not just a project aimed at modeling the brain …

Digital Design For Neuromorphic Bio-Inspired Vision Processing
A Yousefzadeh – 2017 –
… Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an exciting technology that flourished in this century. One of the goals for this technology is to give learning ability to computers. Cur … This board is used to build a million core massively parallel computer for human brain simulation [12] …

Neuroplasticity, neural reuse, and the language module
J Zerilli – 2017 –
Page 1. NEUROPLASTICITY, NEURAL REUSE, AND THE LANGUAGE MODULE JOHN ZERILLI A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the Australian National University August, 2017 © Copyright by John Zerilli 2017 All rights reserved Page 2. 2 …

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