The company is mainly engaged in: 1. Installation and maintenance of home appliances and smart homes; 2. Housekeeping, nanny, confinement and cleaning services; 3. Internet-based elderly care and home-based elderly care; 4. Hospital nursing; 5. Nanny delivery platform. After years of development, e-home fast service has formed C-end and B-end .

FACEGOOD officially open source Audio2Face technology to help developers create AI digital human FACEGOOD was invited to join NVIDIA's Startup Acceleration Program Deepen the integration of industry and education, Deep Vocational College and Quantum Power FACEGOOD signed a strategic agreement for integration of industry and education.

All Virtual Cloud Publishing Radio and Television Internet Advertising Marketing Film and Television Animation AR

GLA Art Group was established in 2017, focusing on digital art empowerment, building digital domain, digital assets and metaverse for brands. The four major IP works "Magnificent, Still in the Realm", "The Whiteness of Fushan", "GOYA Immediately Beyond the Utopia", "ye", respectively landed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing and other domestic leading commercial complexes, auction houses and fashion trends Assembly point. From the cultural travel space to the private five-sense experience in the car, GLA uses multiple fusions of art and technology to create a multi-dimensional hybrid field narrative based on time and space, identity, and senses.

With imagination and graphic image technology, it integrates reality and virtual world. Create a new digital metaverse with infinite boundaries.

Gyro Technology, a blockchain media platform focusing on blockchain industry news, events, and value project reports, is committed to becoming the best blockchain public opinion position. It owns high-quality columns such as gyro rating, character interview, news flash, value100, and gyro. Understand the blockchain, let some people reach the future first!

Founded in 2012, Miluoxing Group is a technology service company with streaming media live broadcast interactive technology as its core.

Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices.

Beijing Huiye Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting virtual humans into a new era of interactivity and personalization, building the infrastructure of the virtual world - virtual life AI-driven technology, and enriching human experience.

Hunan Mango Fantasy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Radio and Television, is the number one strategic layout of Mango in the field of VR, AR, MR and other extended reality.