AFUN Interactive is a 3D graphics company that creates 3D content with real-time rendering technology.

CHAI Communication is a digital general advertising company based on AD-Tech.

Cutting Edge Co., Ltd. is a creative storytelling platform company.

Deep Brain provides AI Human service that empathizes and communicates with people based on conversational artificial intelligence technology. We provide technology-based services that create AI Humans, such as AI image synthesis, voice synthesis, and interactive chatbots capable of real-time consultation.

Dob Studio is a technology that anyone can buy online. Create a sidekick with a new face that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

dobStudio creates delicate and natural virtual humans for companies and brands with AI deep learning technology.

Life is shallow. We add depth. Discover the possibilities of DoubleMe's future-proof holoportation and volumetric capture solutions.

Comprehensive software company, company introduction, investment information, job information, AI (artificial intelligence), security, commerce, finance, chatbot, utility, etc.

With world-class technology, we are creating the best content in the fields of digital human, metaverse, AAA console games, and XR.

Using the latest in VR camera technology, developed through extensive in-house testing, FXGear provides content production clients with a one-stop solution.