GIANTSTEP is a creative technology company that partners with brand, agency, and entertainment clients around the globe.

As a company at the AI frontier working on its core research, large-scale AI model and digital humans, Kakao Brain contributes to the tech community and explores new service areas to improve value and quality of life.


KakaoTalk is free of charge with internet connection, wherever you are in the world. Engage in lively chat with friends with KakaoTalk's 1:1 and group chats.

Kakao's entertainment business, Kakao Entertainment Corp.


AI virtual chatbot service that allow you to talk with a desired virtual characters.

KIST is a multi-disciplinary research institute located in Seoul, South Korea.

Korea Tourism Organization Official website provides various information on all things about Korea.


Create the original. Connect the world.

Advancing AI for a better Life.The potential of AI goes beyond everyday life. It can affect industry, move the economy, and even save the planet. LG AI Research will help you harness the power of AI.

LOTTE is Korea's largest food business group, providing the nation with almost any food product or service.