Kakao's entertainment business, Kakao Entertainment Corp.


AI virtual chatbot service that allow you to talk with a desired virtual characters.


Create the original. Connect the world.

Advancing AI for a better Life.The potential of AI goes beyond everyday life. It can affect industry, move the economy, and even save the planet. LG AI Research will help you harness the power of AI.


AI as a Service platform

MINDsLab provides AI platform and various AI engines based on deep machine learning.

Perception Neuron is the world’s most versatile and affordable motion capture system. Our full-body wireless mocap solutions feature finger tracking and can be used anywhere.

NEOENTDX spreads the message of freedom to the world through virtual influencers. Our vision is to break free from the stereotypes created by humans at the forefront of the metaverse era.

We entertain the world with fun games! Netmarble leads the world with fierce passion, endless challenges, and endless change and innovation!

OnMind's core technology, '3D Digital Human', is drawing attention. On Mind, a subsidiary of Neptune, a Kakao affiliate, is a digital human development company.