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[BOOK] Washing the brain: metaphor and hidden ideology [PDF] from A Goatly – 2007 – … List of figures Figure 1. Alternative classifications 23 Figure 2. The sub-themes of the metaphor theme activity is fighting 72 Figure 3. Sub-themes for the metaphor theme human is animal in Metalude 149 Figure 4. Ideological oppositions in the Truman doctrine speech 192 … Cited by 108 – Related articles – Library Search – All 3 versions

[BOOK] Metaphor: A practical introduction Z Kövecses, R Benczes… – 2009 – Page 2. Page 3. METAPHOR Page 4. This page intentionally left blank Page 5. METAPHOR A Practical Introduction Second Edition ZOLTÁN KÖVECSES Exercises written with Réka Benczes Zsuzsanna Bokor Szilvia Csábi Orsolya Lazányi Eszter Nucz 1 2010 Page 6. … Cited by 1020 – Related articles – Library Search – All 8 versions

Washing the Brain. Metaphor and Hidden Ideology (Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture 23). Andrew Goatly P Davidson – 2008 – Taylor & Francis … So although the metaphor society is body is so prevalent in Metalude, we are led to believe that it is not semantically identical to the Middle Ages conception, rather capitalist ideology has merged the two source domains. This … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Metaphor as Resource for the Conceptualisation and Expression of Emotion [PDF] from A Goatly – Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis, 2011 – Springer … 2.7 Sub-themes for the metaphor theme HUMAN IS ANIMAL in Metalude Table 2.1 Metaphor themes from Metalude incorporating evaluative lexis … Some metaphor themes in Metalude have evaluations in both their source and target, for example the negative ones in Table 2.2. … Related articles – All 13 versions

[CITATION] Introduction of metaphor corpus XJ Zhang… – Jisuanji Yingyong Yanjiu, 2008 – Sichuan Research Center of …

[CITATION] Washing the Brain. Metaphor and Hidden Ideology V Koller – Journal of Language and Politics, 2008 – John Benjamins Publishing … Related articles

Motion and conflicted self metaphors in Sylvia Plaths Smith Journal Z Demjen – Metaphor and the Social World, 2011 – … (2002-2005) do include examples of the mental disturbance is division/ incompleteness metaphor in the Metalude databank. … Metalude – Metaphor at Lingnan University [accessed: 30 July 2010]. … Related articles

Book Review: Washing the Brain-Metaphor and Hidden Ideology by Andrew Goatly, 2007. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins, pp. xvi+ 431. ISBN 978 90 272 … P Crisp – Language and Literature, 2008 – … He admits that he presents ‘little empirical psychological evidence, though perhaps more sociological evidence’ (p. 5). Essentially, what he does is take a number of the metaphor themes identified in Metalude, such as IMPORTANT IS BIG, POWER/CONTROL IS ABOVE, RACE … Related articles

Humans, animals, and metaphors [PDF] from A Goatly – Society and Animals, 2006 – … if not aggression, runs through many the- ories in Table 1. From our metaphor-theoretic perspective, we should note how frequently activity in general is metaphorically referred to by Sources of competition and aggression. In Metalude, DEVELOPMENT/SUCCESS IS … Cited by 5 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 6 versions

Book review: ANDREW GOATLY, Washing the Brain. Metaphor and Hidden Ideology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2007. xvii+ 431 pp A Musolff – Discourse Studies, 2008 – … Chapters 2-5 show that the conceptual metaphors contained in the idioms of English, as recorded in Goatly’s corpus ‘Metalude’1, provide ample evidence of a pre-occupation with power relationships (POWER IS ABOVE, IMPORTANT IS BIG/HIGH/CENTRAL, RACE IS COLOUR … Related articles

COGNITIVE METAPHOR AND THE LANGUAGE OF RACISM A GOATLY – … The paper uses data from Metalude, an online database of c. 9000 English metaphorical lexical items, grouped by conceptual metaphors (each labelled X IS Y). It argues that race is not a scientific concept but was created and is supported by “race is colour”. … Related articles – View as HTML – All 16 versions

Ideology and metaphor A Goatly – New Internationalist, 2006 – Cambridge Univ Press … I have modified these with additions (and links to Metalude, online) to produce Table 4. However, in some of the metaphor themes discussed here cultural and social influences are apparent. … Physiological phenomena Example Metaphor theme in ‘Metalude’ Page 9. … Cited by 4 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 3 versions

Building a Database of Related Concepts of Mandarin Metaphors Based on WordNet and SUMO [PDF] from SF Chung, CH Chen… – Semantic Computing, 2009. …, 2009 – … In addition to the Conceptual Metaphor Homepage, other work on metaphor database includes Metalude at the Lingnan University ( project01/web/home.html) and Fillmore’s [3] Framenet at University of Carlifornia, Berkeley (http://framenet.icsi. … Related articles – All 4 versions

Metaphor and ideology [PDF] from A Goatly – Ilha do Desterro A Journal of English Language, …, 2010 – … METAPHOR THEME IN APHOR THEME IN ‘METALUDE’ FEAR/UNPLEASANT EMOTION IS COLD ANGER IS HEAT LOVE/PASSION IS HEAT … 3.1. Competition and conflict Many important metaphor themes in Metalude associate activity in general with competition and conflict. … Cited by 4 – Related articles – All 5 versions

[PDF] Metaphors in Minangali and English: A comparative study [PDF] from MA Cederholm – Family matters – … A number of 146 English metaphors were chosen from Metalude, a metaphor homepage under the auspices of Dr. Andrew Goetly of Lignan University in Hongkong, from idiom collections in books and on the Internet, as well as from the Oxford English Dictionary Online. … Related articles – View as HTML

The Chinese Noun Metaphors Knowledge Base and its Use in the Recognition of Metaphors [PDF] from Z Wang, S Yu… – … Agent Technology (WI-IAT), 2010 IEEE/ …, 2010 – … inherited Master Metaphors List research, such as the Hamburg Metaphor Knowledge base (Eilts and Lönneker,2002), the interactive knowledge base of conventional, lexical metaphors (METALUDE) (Goatly,2002) and the applications-oriented metaphor knowledge base … Related articles – All 6 versions

[CITATION] Conceptual metaphor in media discourse about the European Constitution: An evaluation of the Hamburg Metaphor Database A Reining – URL: http://www. cs. bham. ac. uk/~ amw/ …, 2005 Cited by 3 – Related articles

Religious metaphor in the discourse of illusion: George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden1 A Bhatia – World Englishes, 2007 – Wiley Online Library … Religious metaphor in the discourse of illusion: George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden 1. ADITI BHATIA. Article first published online: 5 NOV 2007. … How to Cite. BHATIA, A. (2007), Religious metaphor in the discourse of illusion: George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden. … Cited by 9 – Related articles – BL Direct – All 2 versions

The Role of Metonymy and Metaphor in Grammaticalization: The Expression of Aspect M del Carmen Guarddon-Anelo – Australian Journal of Linguistics, 2011 – Taylor & Francis Search. Advanced Search Within current journal Entire site. Home > List of Issues > Table of Contents > The Role of Metonymy and Metaphor in Grammaticalization: The Expression of Aspect. … The Role of Metonymy and Metaphor in Grammaticalization: The Expression of Aspect. … Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Metaphors in natural language [PDF] from J Lahey – Page 1. Metaphors in natural language An application of Conceptual Metaphor Theory to a corpus of journalistic texts Jurgen Lahey … In deel 2 wordt beschreven hoe de Conceptual Metaphor Theory toegepast werd op vormen van metaforisch taalgebruik. … View as HTML

?????????????? ?? – 2006 – … language research29-31; 3.2 Metalude and lexicalized metaphor study31-33; 3.2.1 What is metalude?31; 3.2.2 What makes metalude distinctive?31-33; Chapter 4 Metaphor and lexical structure33-43; 4.1 Lexicalized metaphors … Related articles – Cached

[PDF] Metaphors of the EU constitutional debate-Ways of charting discourse coherence in a complex metaphor field [PDF] from M Kimmel – … international clout. The treaty’s rejection in the Netherlands and France in 2 Goatly uses his on-line database METALUDE to identify mutually supportive and antithetical relations between ideologically potent conceptual metaphors themes, as he calls them. … Related articles – View as HTML

?????? “????” ??? ?? – 2007 – … ???,???Andrew Goatly????????–Metalude???,????????????” ????”????????????????????Metalude????????????????, ??????????? … 1.2.1 The views of metaphor15-19; 1.2.2 The views of … Related articles – Cached

???????????? ???… – ???????, 2008 – ???????????,??Master Metaphor List?Sense-frame?MetaBank?Metalude?Hamburg Metaphor Database?ATT-Meta????????????????,????????????? ????????????????????????????????? … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 4 versions

[CITATION] Michael Morris (2007). An Introduction to the Philosophy of Language. Cam-bridge Introductions to Philosophy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, … B Russell, S Kripke, H Putnam… Related articles

[HTML] News & Event [HTML] from MAK Halliday – … appreciation/judgment. It discusses the ways in which the speaker¡¦s database of conventional English metaphors (Metalude) may be mined to reveal the extent of metaphor¡¦s expressive/appraising usage. It explores four questions. (1 … Related articles – Cached

?? WordNet ??????????? ??? – 2008 – … ?????????????????????????,???????????????, ?????Goatly??????????Metalude??????????????????? ????????????,?????????? … Chapter Two An Overview of Metaphor13-24; … Related articles – Cached

[HTML] Metaphors in natural language: An application of Conceptual Metaphor Theory to a corpus of journalistic texts [HTML] from J Lahey – … American Psychologist, 52(1), 45-56. Goatley, A., et al. (2005). Metalude. Hong Kong: Lingnan University. Retrieved from Gong, S.-P. (2003). A Corpus-Based Study on Mapping Principles of Metaphors in Politics. … Related articles – Cached – All 4 versions

???????????? ?? – 2007 – … this dissertation14-15; 1.2.2 Metalude and the study of body metaphors15-16; 1.3 Aims and purposes of this dissertation16-17; Chapter Two Embodied Hypothesis: an Embodiment Theory17-23; 2.1 Lakoff’s embodied hypothesis … Related articles – Cached

Konceptualna sinonimija i znacenje V Sušac, V Bakija – Aktualna istraživanja u primijenjenoj lingvistici, 2011 – … Keywords: metafora, sinonimija, diversifikacija ( metaphor, synonymy, diversification ). … konceptualne sinonimije’ može se provjeriti samo sustavnom analizom jezicnog korpusa pa ce u svrhu takvog istraživanja poslužiti interaktivna internetska baza podataka Metalude A. Goatlyja … Cached

[PDF] NeW TeXTBooK [PDF] from G Radden… – Citeseer … The contributions collected in the volume focus on two types of cognitive principles guiding meaning construction: meaning construction by means of metonymy and metaphor, and meaning construction by means of mental spaces and conceptual blending. … View as HTML

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