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metaViz: Visualizing Computationally Identified Metaphors in Political Blogs [PDF] from EPS Baumer, J Sinclair, D Hubin… – … and Engineering, 2009 …, 2009 – Abstract This paper presents metaViz, an online application that uses computational  metaphor identification to find conceptual metaphors in political blogs. The application  presents those metaphors to users in an interactive, visual fashion, with the goal of … Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 6 versions

User interface design for social web theme and opinion analysis R Iannella, A Finden… – Proceedings of the 22nd Conference of …, 2010 – … The metaViz system (Baumer et al, 2010) uses a novel combination of methods from the research area of computational linguistics. … The user interface from metaViz is shown on Figure 1 in which the analysis from specific blogs is shown for each noun. … Related articles

Domain specific vs Generic Network Visualization: an evaluation with metabolic networks [PDF] from R Bourqui, H Purchase, F Jourdan – 2011 – … relevant motif-search tasks using three layouts, two of which were produced using existing generic graph layout algorithms (Force Directed, Hierarchical), and one which was specifically designed to take existing metabolic representation conventions into account (MetaViz). … Related articles – All 5 versions

America is like Metamucil: fostering critical and creative thinking about metaphor in political blogs [PDF] from EPS Baumer, J Sinclair… – Proceedings of the 28th …, 2010 – … Much research has involved analyzing blogs, but less work has considered how such analytic techniques might be incorporated into tools for blog readers. A new tool, metaViz, analyzes political blogs for potential conceptual metaphors and presents them to blog readers. … Cited by 6 – Related articles – All 8 versions

[PDF] Tools for visual analysis of biological networks [PDF] from A Zoubarev – 2009 – … Page 4. 4 MetaViz (Bourqui 2007) enables drawing of a genome-scale metabolic network that takes into account some pathway drawing conventions used in biological community such as the notion of cascade and cycle. … Figure 4: Graph rendered by MetaViz (Bourqui 2007). … Related articles – View as HTML – All 7 versions

Metabolic network visualization eliminating node redundance and preserving metabolic pathways B Romain, C Ludovic, L Vincent… – BMC Systems …, 2007 – … analysis considerably more difficult. Results We propose a method, called MetaViz, which enables to draw a genome-scale metabolic network and that also takes into account its structuration into pathways. This method consists … Cached – All 2 versions

[HTML] Metabolic network visualization eliminating node redundance and preserving metabolic pathways [HTML] from R Bourqui, L Cottret, V Lacroix, D Auber… – BMC Systems …, 2007 – … Results. We propose a method, called MetaViz, which enables to draw a genome-scale metabolic network and that also takes into account its structuration into pathways. … thumbnail Figure 4. Whole metabolic network of E. coli drawn by MetaViz. … Cited by 21 – Related articles – Cached – All 25 versions

Metaviz: issues in software visualizing beyond 3D [PDF] from JQ Wang – 2003 – Software visualization can play a significant role in program comprehension. A large number  of visualization tools have been developed to support program comprehension.  Traditionally, these tools are 2D representations. In recent years, 3D software visualization … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Is this what you meant?: promoting listening on the web with reflect T Kriplean, M Toomim, J Morgan… – Proceedings of the 2012 …, 2012 – … In this sense, one of the most related systems is MetaViz [3]. MetaViz attempts to trigger critical thinking by using computational metaphor identification to expose the po- litical metaphors that participants are drawing upon in a blog. ConsiderIt [23] is also highly related. …

3D visualization techniques to support slicing-based program comprehension [PDF] from J Rilling… – Computers & Graphics, 2005 – Elsevier … Metaballs, a 3D modeling technique, has already found extensive use for representing complex organic shapes and structural relationships in biology and chemistry. We have developed a metaball software visualization system in Java3D, named MetaViz. … Cited by 14 – Related articles – All 6 versions

Pathway Preserving Representation of Metabolic Networks A Lambert, J Dubois… – Computer Graphics Forum, 2011 – Wiley Online Library … shared nodes are duplicated. To the best of our knowledge, only one tool exists, it is called MetaViz [BLC*07] and keeps unchanged the network topology while emphasizing its decomposition into pathways. This is achieved … Related articles – All 9 versions

Guiding the interactive exploration of metabolic pathway interconnections [PDF] from I Jusufi, C Klukas, A Kerren… – Information Visualization, 2011 – … MetaViz presented by Bourqui et al.11 follows a similar approach. It simulta- neously visualizes the global network topology as well as the metabolic pathways without multiplying network nodes. Pathways are drawn by using different graph drawing algorithms. … Cited by 2 – Related articles – All 3 versions

[PDF] Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction [PDF] from D Richardson… – 2009 – … 39pp. Conference Papers Published by LUCI 1. Baumer, E., Sinclair, J., Hubin, D., and Tomlinson, B. (2009). metaViz: Visualizing Computationally Identified Metaphors in Political Blogs. in The IEEE Symposium on Social Computing (SocialCom). (Vancouver, BC, Canada). … Related articles – View as HTML – All 2 versions

3-dimensional interactive image modeling system K Melero, DW Shibla… – US Patent 7,457,706, 2008 – Google Patents … Carroll et al. 702/5 OTHER PUBLICATIONS McCurley, Geospatial Mapping and Navigation of the Web, May 1-5, 2001, WWW 10* Jung, MetaViz: Visual Interaction with Geospatial Digital Libraries, Oct. 1999, International Computer … Related articles – All 4 versions

[PDF] Semi-automated Quick-view Generation of Spatio-temporal Data Collections for Enhanced Web Catalog Services [PDF] from B Chaos – 2008 – … Some of the systems that have been designed to improve organization and visualization of metadata are the GeoLens Catalog Server (Shklar et al., 1997), Digital Earth (DEI, 2001), MetaViz, InfoCrystal, VisDB and TileBars (Göbel and Jasnoch, 2001), the Visual Metadata … Related articles – View as HTML

Navigation and exploration of interconnected pathways [PDF] from M Streit, M Kalkusch, K Kashofer… – Computer Graphics …, 2008 – Wiley Online Library … Frequently pathways are immediately recognized by the user because of a particular layout, such as circularly arranged nodes. The MetaViz tool proposed by Bourqui et al. [Bou07] that creates a metabolic network using multiple pathways takes this fact into account. … Cited by 9 – Related articles – All 12 versions

[PDF] GeoLibrary: Metaphor-based Information and Navigation Space to Access GeoData Archives [PDF] from S Göbel – Proc. I-Know, 2003 – … With regard to search result presentation and analysis/comparison of result sets, other approaches are based on the idea to inte- grate 3D spatial metaphors (eg MetaViz [Jung 1999]) or library metaphors (eg lib- Viewer [Rauber and Bina 1999]) in order to provide familiar … Cited by 6 – Related articles – View as HTML – All 8 versions

Integration of proteomic and metabolomic profiling as well as metabolic modeling for the functional analysis of metabolic networks. P May, N Christian, O Ebenhöh… – Methods in molecular …, 2011 – Springer … PathwayTools Omics Viewer Cytoscape MapMan Vanted Pajek MetaViz … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

Information search: The challenge of integrating information visualization and semantic web R Albertoni, A Bertone… – Database and Expert …, 2005 – … how they combine the functionalities. The choice of the tools has been performed giving priority to those ones that can be freely downloaded. Only two tools raise an exception: Spectacle and Metaviz. The reason is that they … Cited by 8 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Graph methods for the investigation of metabolic networks in parasitology L COTTRET, F JOURDAN – Parasitology, 2010 – Cambridge Univ Press … Ludovic Cottret and Fabien Jourdan 6 Page 7. visualisation of a metabolic network. Indeed, Metaviz (Bourqui et al. 2007) and Cytoscape (Shannon et al. 2003) represent a SBML file as a bipartite graph and, beyond its visualisation, propose graph tools to analyse it. … Related articles – All 12 versions

Comparing semantic role labeling with typed dependency parsing in computational metaphor identification [PDF] from EPS Baumer, JP White… – … of the NAACL HLT 2010 Second …, 2010 – … Therefore, tools that employ CMI often present parallel source and target fragments side-by-side to make clear the selectional restric- tion violation, eg, metaViz, a system for present- ing computationally identified metaphors in politi- cal blogs (Baumer et al., 2010). … Related articles – All 9 versions

The Case for Metaphor in Political Reasoning and Cognition LD Bougher – Political Psychology, 2012 – Wiley Online Library … Sinclair, & Tomlinson, 2010). A web application called metaViz identified conceptual metaphors contained in political blogs and then visually displayed those metaphors to blog readers for comment. The researchers then analyzed … Related articles – All 2 versions

Research and applications on georeferenced multimedia: a survey YT Zheng, ZJ Zha… – Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2011 – Springer Page 1. Multimed Tools Appl (2011) 51:77-98 DOI 10.1007/s11042-010-0630-z Research and applications on georeferenced multimedia: a survey Yan-Tao Zheng·Zheng-Jun Zha·Tat-Seng Chua Published online: 5 November … Cited by 3 – Related articles – All 3 versions

Understanding and Supporting Directed Content Sharing on the Web [PDF] from R Miller, R Miller, D Karger, A Marcus, M Bernstein… – 2009 – Page 1. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Technical Report massachusetts institute of technology, cambridge, ma 02139 usa – MIT-CSAIL-TR-2009-048 October 7, 2009 Understanding and Supporting Directed … Related articles – All 4 versions

World explorer: visualizing aggregate data from unstructured text in geo-referenced collections [PDF] from S Ahern, M Naaman, R Nair… – … of the 7th ACM/IEEE-CS joint …, 2007 – Page 1. World Explorer: Visualizing Aggregate Data from Unstructured Text in Geo-Referenced Collections Shane Ahern, Mor Naaman, Rahul Nair, Jeannie Yang Yahoo! Research Berkeley Berkeley, CA, USA {sahern, mor, rnair, jeanniey} ABSTRACT … Cited by 138 – Related articles – All 14 versions

A Digital Library for Recovery, Research, and Learning From April 16, 2007, at Virginia Tech [PDF] from EA Fox, C Andrews, W Fan, J Jiao… – …, 2008 – Page 1. A Digital Library for Recovery, Research, and Learning From April 16, 2007, at Virginia Tech Edward A. Fox, Christopher Andrews, Weiguo Fan, Jian Jiao, Ananya Kassahun, Szu-Chia Lu, Yifei Ma, Chris North, Naren … Cited by 5 – Related articles – All 21 versions

Metadata for geographic information [PDF] from P Ahonen-Rainio – Journal of Map and Geography Libraries, 2006 – Taylor & Francis Page 1. Metadata for Geographic Information Paula Ahonen-Rainio ABSTRACT. Users of geographic data may not be able to afford to pur- chase and implement a dataset that does not finally meet their needs. Therefore, metadata … Cited by 1 – Related articles – All 2 versions

[TXT] Evaluating extensible 3D (X3D) graphics for use in software visualisation [TXT] from C Anslow – 2008 – … 2.2. SOFTWARE VISUALISATION 23 Various other systems and research groups have also looked at visualising object-oriented metrics in 3D including CrocCosmos [144, 145] (OpenGL and VRML), MetaViz [215, 216, 217] (Java3D), and Langelier et al. [137, 138] (Direct3D). … Cited by 4 – Related articles – Cached – Library Search

2D & 3D UML-based software visualization for object-oriented programs [PDF] from X Xian – 2003 – Page 1. 2D & 3D UML-Based Software Visualization for Object-Oriented Programs Xiaohua Xian A Thesis in The Department of Computer Science Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master … Related articles – Library Search

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