Automated Journalism: News Bots


News bots (news robots) are automated programs that are designed to collect, analyze, and report on news and other information from various sources. These programs, also known as news crawlers or news scrapers, are used by news organizations, businesses, and individuals to stay informed about current events and trends.

There are a few different ways that news bots can work:

  1. Web scraping: News bots can use web scraping techniques to collect information from websites and other online sources. They can parse through HTML and other data formats to extract relevant information and store it in a structured format.
  2. Natural language processing (NLP): Some news bots use NLP techniques to analyze and understand the meaning of news articles and other text-based sources. This allows them to identify key themes, extract quotes, and perform other tasks that would be time-consuming for humans to do manually.
  3. Machine learning: Some news bots use machine learning algorithms to analyze news articles and other sources, and to classify them based on topics or other criteria. This can help users to quickly find articles that are relevant to their interests.

Overall, news bots are useful tools for collecting and organizing information from a variety of sources, and can be used to help people stay informed about current events and trends.

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[Apr 2019]