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Natural Language Parsing

[100x Nov 2017]

  • google/sling sling – a natural language frame semantics parser
  • proycon/pynlpl pynlpl, pronounced as ‘pineapple’, is a python library for natural language processing. it contains various modules u…
  • iancanderson/ingreedy natural language parsing of recipe ingredients, making sense of amounts, units, and ingredients
  • biplab-iitb/practnlptools practical natural language processing tools for humans. dependency parsing, syntactic constituent parsing, semantic r…
  • salesforce/wikisql a large annotated semantic parsing corpus for developing natural language interfaces.
  • ploeh/numsense a .net library for parsing natural-language numerals (“forty-two”) to integers, and converting the other way as well
  • kvh/recurrent natural language parsing of dates and recurring events
  • olebedev/when a natural language date/time parser with pluggable rules
  • dlwh/puck puck is a lightning-fast parser for natural languages using gpus
  • fekr/postagga a library to parse natural language in pure clojure and clojurescript
  • sivareddyg/graph-parser graphparser is a semantic parser which can convert natural language sentences to logical forms and graphs.
  • neulab/nl2code a syntactic neural model for parsing natural language to executable code
  • takenet/textc-csharp textc is a natural language processing library that allows developers build text command based applications with exte…
  • mynlp/ccg2lambda provide semantic parsing solutions and natural language inferences for multiple languages following the idea of the s…
  • jduff/numerizer parse numbers in natural language from strings (ex forty two).
  • zy4kamu/coda samsung natural language processing pipeline (basically for russian language): morphology, dependency parser and much…
  • bnosac/udpipe r package for tokenization, parts of speech tagging, lemmatization and dependency parsing based on the udpipe natural l…
  • cngldlab/lorg-release lorg is an accurate natural language parser developed in the nclt at dublin city university with support from enterpr…
  • andychase/reparse regular expression based parsers for extracting data from natural languages
  • grsmv/day gem for date recognition and parsing in natural language phrases.
  • avikdelta/parse_seq2seq a tensorflow implementation of neural sequence-to-sequence parser for converting natural language queries to logical …
  • othmanela/newssearchengine search engine that indexed news web pages after extracting useful data. the system can be queried using natural language
  • nikgarg/trbmparsing a temporal restricted boltzmann machines based model for dependency parsing of natural language sentences.
  • momentlib/core natural language date parser written in lex yacc and c
  • cnu/chronos a natural language date and time parser in python
  • turian/parser-model a neural network with a sparse input, for predicting decisions of a natural language syntax parser.
  • kunze/kunze-nlp natural language library for tagger, parser and question generation for portuguese (pt-br)
  • jmartelletti/munchie munchie is a natural language food/diet log entry parser written in ruby, inspired by the chronic date/time parser.
  • jawahar273/practnlptools-lite practical natural language processing tools for humans is build on the top of senna natural language processing (nlp)…
  • mohit-raj/o2 o2 – semantic search leveraging natural language based parsing of documents. o2 leverages google’s search capabilitie…
  • praveenjindal62/nlptosql this is the java based project which use antlr api in order to parser input query by user in natural language and cre…
  • davidmace/universaltranslator application allows two users speaking different languages to have a back-and-forth conversation with text and speech…
  • jhaynie/dateparser a lightweight javascript date library for parsing and formatting natural language relative dates
  • ninjin/allen a syntacto-semantic natural language parser written in julia
  • bry4n/minute flexible natural language date/time parsing for ruby (1.9.x)
  • farski/periodic natural language parser and output formating for durations in ruby
  • bpiel/wutchamean a fuzzy parser for short natural-language queries with a narrow vocabulary
  • maca/eventual reconocimiento de fechas y periodos en lenguaje natural. natural language date and period parsing, currently only in …
  • wanasit/penny a natural language currency parser in javascript. (a modified version of chrono)
  • elnaaz/parsing natural language parsing algorithms – top down and bottom up
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