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“twitter-bot” [100x Apr 2015]

  • yasulab/SimpleTwitterBot .. Gather tweets including ‘search_term’ on Twitter, and re-tweet it. This bot runs on Google App Engine. The following twitter account shows a sample bot run on Google App Engine.
  • nhuber/TwitterBot .. A simple Twitter bot that searches for tweets related to “Christmas gift ideas,” favorites them, follows the user who tweeted it, and sends them a friendly tweet with Amazon links of popular gift ideas
  • hughsk/TwitterBot .. A quick and easy module to post automatic tweets on your profile using NodeJS
  • muffinista/chatterbot .. A straightforward ruby-based Twitter Bot Framework, using OAuth to authenticate.
  • cjohansen/twibot .. Simple framework for creating Twitter bots, inspired by Sinatra
  • quile/twitter-bot .. Tiny little helper that facilitates writing standalone twitter bots in clojure.
  • Narno/phptwitterbot .. A simple Twitter Bot written in PHP5, allowing to search and retweet things.
  • phosphore/twitter-bot .. A skeleton to create a bot that replies when you mention it, easily customizable!
  • KalenWessel/TwitterBot .. A python application which searches for user specified hashtags. When a match is found, the application will try to follow the user of the tweet.
  • mirakui/retrobot .. Retrobot is a twitter-bot engine which is working as mirakui_retro.
  • TotalFreedom/TwitterBot .. TwitterBot for TotalFreedom; handles twitter superadmin verification and notifies the owner when the server is offline.
  • ldnpydojo/Twitter-Bot .. A random twitter bot that probably writes replies themed by one of the other task suggestions tonight
  • jramcast/twitter-bot .. A twitter bot. Tweets based on rss feeds about certain topics. Retweets and follows users. Runs forever
  • samirketema/Twitter-Bot .. Twitter bot that searches for top 100 misspelled words and automatically corrects it in a sassy fashion.
  • KartikKannapur/Twitter-Bot .. Twitter bots are computer programs that watch each public tweet on Twitter. When a bot finds a tweet with those keywords, it either sends a pre-written response or it follows your Twitter account.
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