100 Best IKinema LiveAction Videos


IKinema LiveAction is a motion capture software that is used to capture and analyze human movement. It is often used in the film and video game industries to create realistic and accurate character animations, as well as in scientific research and other fields where human movement analysis is important.

IKinema LiveAction uses motion capture sensors to track the movements of a person or object in real-time, and translates this data into a digital form that can be used to animate a virtual character or object. It can be used to capture a wide range of movements, including facial expressions, body movements, and hand gestures.

IKinema LiveAction is particularly useful for creating realistic and accurate character animations, as it allows users to capture the subtle nuances of human movement in a way that is difficult to achieve with traditional animation techniques. It is also useful for analyzing and comparing different types of movement, such as comparing the movement patterns of athletes or assessing the effectiveness of different rehabilitation exercises.



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