100 Best Stelarc Head Videos


The Articulated Head is an interactive robot-art installation created by performance artist Stelarc. It is a robotic system that is designed to model the behavior of an “active listener” during interaction with other humans.

The Partial Head project is a work of performance art by Stelarc that involves the creation of a partial facial structure using living cells. The artist’s face is scanned and facial parts are grown in a bioreactor or incubator. The resulting structure is intended to be a partially living, but not fully human, portrait of the artist.

The Prosthetic Head is a virtual, computer-generated representation of the artist’s head that can engage in conversation with exhibition visitors. It is described as being able to display real-time lip synching, speech synthesis, and facial expressions, and it is projected in a darkened gallery space as a large, three-dimensional animation.

The Thinking Head involves the use of virtual reality technology and embodied conversational agents to create a computerized head or avatar that is able to engage in conversation and display real-time facial expressions and lip synching. The Thinking Head is intended to be a new generation of virtual reality technology and that it is intended to facilitate non-verbal human-machine interaction.

The Walking Head is a robot created by the performance artist Stelarc. It is described as being a 2 meter diameter, 6-legged, autonomous walking machine with a scanning ultra-sound sensor that can detect the presence of a person. It is said to have a repertoire of individual behaviors and to exhibit interactive flocking, predator, and prey behavior.

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