100 Best UnrealEngine Speech Recognition Videos


Speech recognition is a technology that allows computers to interpret and understand spoken language. In the context of Unreal Engine, a game engine developed by Epic Games, speech recognition can be used to enable users to control and interact with the game using their voice.

Unreal Engine includes a built-in speech recognition system that can be used by developers to create voice-controlled games and other interactive experiences. This system is based on the open-source CMU Sphinx speech recognition engine, which is a popular tool for building speech-enabled applications.

To use speech recognition in Unreal Engine, developers first need to create a speech recognition profile for their game or application. This profile defines the set of words and phrases that the system should recognize, as well as the actions that should be performed when these words and phrases are spoken.

Once the speech recognition profile has been created, developers can integrate it into their game or application by using the Unreal Engine API. This allows them to control the game or application using voice commands, and to respond to user input in real time.

Overall, speech recognition is a powerful technology that can be used in Unreal Engine to enable users to control and interact with games and other interactive experiences using their voice. By using the built-in speech recognition system and the Unreal Engine API, developers can create engaging, immersive experiences that respond to user input in real time.


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