Marcus L Endicott: Best Quora Answers 2016

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2016-12-19 What programming languages, tools, platforms can help me build an offline chatbot?

2016-12-03 How do new speech recognition companies operate with so many patents in this space?

2016-12-03 Where can I get training data related to a domain specific conversation?

2016-12-03 What questions do users ask chatbots in the healthcare industry?

2016-12-03 What are good topics for a PhD in computational linguistics?

2016-12-03 What is the algorithm behind Luka’s personalized conversation feature?

2016-12-01 Who are the natural language processing researchers in Australia (academia or industry)?

2016-11-30 How do I make a natural language processing library from scratch?

2016-11-26 Is there a bot that helps formulate plots for whodunnit mysteries?

2016-11-23 Would you use a personal reading assistant?

2016-11-18 What is the best way to produce a text document out of an OWL ontology?

2016-11-16 What is suitable data for training a medical chatbot?

2016-11-16 Are chat robots a gimmick or an emerging innovation?

2016-11-15 Where can I find a group chat corpus?

2016-11-09 What role have social media bots played in the 2016 U.S. presidential election?

2016-11-08 How are robots an impact on the work environment?

2016-11-08 Where can I buy a Twitter bot?

2016-11-06 What are the unknown facts about Siri?

2016-10-30 How do I use intents and entities in Microsoft LUIS to build a chatbot?

2016-10-23 How do I build an AI that learns from the Internet?

2016-10-22 What will happen to websites when personal AI assistants become pervasive?

2016-10-22 Is the chatbot PARRY hosted anywhere?

2016-10-22 How do I create a slack bot to do REST operations on a normal website?

2016-10-19 Is there a good open source chatbot that can carry on a decent conversation?

2016-10-14 Can you recommend any API or white label solution to integrate a chatbot within Android apps?

2016-10-14 How could machine learning improve the electronic nose?

2016-10-14 What are important and useful papers to read on dialogue systems?

2016-10-09 What kind of industries or businesses can benefit the most from AIML-based chatbots?

2016-10-07 What are smart objectives for making desktop virtual personal assistants like Cortana?

2016-10-07 Is there any natural language processing bot available for summarizing narrative?

2016-10-04 How would I go about building a neural network that can generate messages like me?

2016-10-04 What is the best platform which is secure, scalable, and embeddable for building chat bots?

2016-09-27 Why does Cleverbot always change the subject?

2016-09-26 Who are thought leaders in the chatbot space?

2016-09-26 What are the major AI technologies?

2016-09-24 Are recurrent neural networks suitable for making an automated question answering system, if so how?

2016-09-23 What’s the cheapest solution for building an IVR solution in Switzerland?

2016-09-21 How is natural language processing applied in the social sciences?

2016-09-21 Are there any open source alternatives to Wordsmith or Quill for natural language generation?

2016-09-21 What do I need to make virtual assistant applications, like Magic and GoButler?

2016-09-16 What chatbot interface does use?

2016-09-15 What sources should I follow to stay updated with the latest trends in natural language processing?

2016-09-15 Where should I get started with cognitive computing having a master in cognitive psychology?

2016-09-15 Who are the leaders in emotion recognition artificial intelligence?

2016-09-13 What are some alternatives to and

2016-09-11 What are some free apps similar to SimSimi?

2016-09-10 How hard would it be to use automatic summarization to summarize one’s tweets?

2016-09-09 How can I develop a bot recognizing meaning of text I input?

2016-09-06 Is there any work on the syntactic or semantic parsing of children’s books?

2016-08-30 What specific functionality would you want a slack bot to perform?

2016-08-21 Where can I find virtual representative chatbot software that asks questions?

2016-08-21 Is it possible to model human thought in a format that makes it accessible for a computer?

2016-08-20 What conferences include sessions on training and implementing a conversational agent, aka chatbot?

2016-08-20 Which has a more theoretical research programs, MIRI or OpenAI?

2016-08-16 Which language is best for developing question answering systems?

2016-08-16 What are the five most heavily funded chatbots out there at the moment?

2016-08-12 What are the most important publications in Natural Language Processing for 2015?

2016-08-11 How do I create a robot journalism software?

2016-08-08 How do I create my own JARVIS, like I want 5kg of rice from the nearest Big Bazaar?

2016-08-03 Is there an API for connecting to multiple cloud API’s?

2016-08-03 What are the different types of Natural Language Processing?

2016-08-02 What technological components are used to develop a digital personal assistant?

2016-08-02 What is ELIZA?

2016-08-02 Are there chat systems providing a human-like conversational experience?

2016-08-01 Are there any automatic open source question answering engines systems?

2016-08-01 What is the market size for AI virtual agents?

2016-08-01 Would it be possible that a computer program can author a novel, with a balanced plot?

2016-07-29 What does Semantic Web actually mean to Internet of Things?

2016-07-28 Who are some competitors to Narrative Science?

2016-07-28 What are the differences between a question answering system and a chatbot?

2016-07-24 Who is the best software IP attorney for chatbots in the United States?

2016-07-22 What’s the best way to start training my AIML chatbot?

2016-07-19 When did the chatbots craze start?

2016-07-04 Is there any study to summarize multiple answers for a question on Quora using NLP?

2016-06-26 What are good academic resources to start with on Natural Language Understanding NLU?

2016-06-26 Can we integrate Siri and virtual assistants with Quora?

2016-06-26 What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence Markup Language and

2016-06-26 Do companies need natural language database search?

2016-06-16 What is the best way to make a chatbot answer a pre filled list of questions?

2016-06-08 How can I find a good VR content team?

2016-05-04 What database is best to support chatbots?

2016-03-19 How can I create a bot that buys stuff automatically online?

2016-01-01 If extreme work is put into development of a chatbot, will it have a proper answer to most questions?