This is KDDI's official corporate website. Introducing KDDI's corporate information, brands, businesses for individuals, businesses for corporations, sustainability, investor information, employment information, etc.

This is the official website of the virtual talent Kizuna AI, which works toward the goal of "I want to connect with everyone in the world."


XR distribution at scale

This is the official website of VTuber / virtual river group "Nijisanji" operated by ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd.

NTT Communications official site. Corporate information, employment information, services for individuals, services for corporations, individual businesses, and service information for small and medium-sized enterprises are posted.

NTT Research's PHI Lab (Physics and Informatics) is exploring new fields of science in order to develop new computers for unsolvable combinatorial problems.

1-10 is a creative company that realizes the near future with "new space = XR" and "new existence = AI".

Create your own realistic 3D avatar (real avatar) that can be used in Aoyama 3D Scan Studio. Sale and provision of full-body 3D scanner and shooting system kit. Create a photorealistic 3D model by instantly shooting the whole body 360 degrees and processing 3D images. Optional rigging and VRM files can be used with VRChat and Cluster.

With the mission of "AI characters for all people and organizations," we are conducting research, development, and provision of AI characters.

Toei Zukun Research Institute is a research organization of Toei Co., Ltd. Focusing on cutting-edge video technologies such as digital humans and digital sets, we will introduce new technologies into the industry while actually creating video works.