A creative studio that plans and develops new real experience entertainment such as digital attractions that utilize xR (AR/MR) and new technologies under the theme of "Immersive Entertainment".

With the vision of "creating a company that represents the 21st century," CyberAgent operates a new future TV "ABEMA" and develops an Internet advertising business that boasts the top share in Japan.

We will build a system that can consistently handle the production and effect analysis of video advertisements using 3DCG, understand and analyze algorithms for each media that are important in the creative of Internet advertisements, and high-quality 3DCG video advertisements required by brand companies. We produce a large amount of products, and speedily perform everything from knowledge collection to verification.

Datagrid Inc. uses AI technology to generate all kinds of synthetic data and creates new AI businesses with customers in a wide variety of industries and fields.

DELTA-V Co., Ltd. will provide real-time management in a wide range of entertainment fields such as virtual characters and games.

With the Digital Human Platform, you can design and launch AI chatbots that reproduce the best human interactions. Get the next generation of workforce that will revolutionize your customer experience today.


Gatebox Co., Ltd. is a venture company working to realize a world where you can live with characters with the vision of "Living with Characters". In addition to Gatebox mass production model and character type AI partner "Azuma Hikari", we are developing various character interface businesses.


The social game platform "GREE" is full of popular games! If you want to enjoy free social games from your smartphone, GREE.


Gugenka is an XR (VR / AR / MR) digital product market "XMarket" that offers "HoloModels", the world's largest number of official anime characters, and "MakeAvatar", which allows you to easily create avatars with your smartphone. "Metaverse Hyper Content Studio with Digital Value" "Specialists" aiming for "the same goal" will gather and aim to achieve the goal through "teamwork".

Since its founding in 1960, Horipro has focused on the management business with its strengths in discovering and cultivating talent under the corporate philosophy of "a human industry that promotes culture."