Based in Los Angeles in the United States and Tokyo in Japan, 1SEC develops and produces software for AI / XR business and NFT blockchain content such as Japan's first virtual sneakers, and provides system service Peeps for entertech. .. Japan's first digital fashion label 1Block was also founded.


Activ8 Corporate site

AVATARIUM is a platform that allows you to easily create original 3D avatars. 3D avatars can be freely arranged by making up and changing clothes! You can create your own character, customize it, and use it as an avatar in the Metaverse or VR / AR content.

Avatar expands people's potential and reveals diverse personalities. Realize the virtual real world where you can act freely by yourself, and realize a new world that frees people from restrictions. AVITA Co., Ltd. established by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a world authority on robotics

Aww Inc.’s Official Website. Aww Inc. is Japan’s 1st Virtual Human Company & Creative Studios that produces the most popular Virtual Influencer/Virtual Model in Asia named “imma”

This is the official website of Bandai Namco Entertainment. We provide a wide variety of entertainment, including game apps for smartphones, home video games, live performances, and events.

Through its various research and promotional activities CESA works actively to further promote the computer entertainment industry (centering on the home use of personal computer games and related services) with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of Japanese industry as well as to the further enrichment of people's lifestyles.


We are developing and providing virtual human agents that are humanoid AI.

Crypton Future Media, Inc. is a Japanese media company based in Sapporo, Japan. It develops, imports, and sells products for music, such as sound generator software, sampling CDs and DVDs, and sound effect and background music libraries.