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2014-12-28 How do I make my own desktop talk and respond similar to Jarvis in the Iron Man movies?

2014-12-21 Do you recommend a Home Automation Operating System or Dashboard?

2014-12-15 What is an effective way to teach undergraduate artificial intelligence to students with a limited math background?

2014-12-15 What are good text-parsing APIs?

2014-12-15 How can we use data mining in machine learning?

2014-12-15 What is the best natural language question answering system?

2014-12-13 Is strong AI impossible?

2014-12-12 What are the best blogs talking about natural language processing?

2014-12-10 How can we relate psychology and robotics?

2014-12-07 How do I create something like Siri or JARVIS?

2014-12-06 How are artificial intelligence and neuroscience related to each other?

2014-12-06 The brain appears to be a prediction engine. How do we translate the principle of prediction into a practical learning program?

2014-12-06 The brain uses spikes. Do spikes play a fundamental role in AI and learning or are they just made necessary by biological hardware?

2014-12-06 What conversational technology powers today’s AI assistants, such as Siri and Cortana?

2014-12-05 What are some of the best plagiarism detection software available?

2014-12-05 If we have a sentence or paragraph, how can we generate all possible questions so that the answer and questions are available in the text?

2014-12-04 If an AI is achieved by whatever means, would it be subjected to having psychological issues like ours?

2014-12-04 When are we going to get thinking robots?

2014-12-04 Can one build a super chatbot by running IBM Watson on all of Quora’s questions and answers?

2014-12-03 Which materials (tutorials/videos) would you recommend to study artificial intelligence (beginner level)?

2014-11-30 Who are the most influential people in artificial intelligence? Why?

2014-11-30 Is a voice-recognition and 3-D graphics computer like JARVIS (shown in the Iron Man movies) possible to build in the real world?

2014-11-27 What is state of the art in the field of natural language processing?

2014-11-27 I am working on a voice to text conversion system in MATLAB. How do I proceed?

2014-11-24 What are the possible applications of Magic Leap’s augmented reality technology that adds CGI 3D objects into the real world?

2014-11-24 What should be the go-to-market strategy for Watson and similar products?

2014-11-22 What are the other voice-based (artificial intelligence) apps like Google Now, Siri, Cortana?

2014-11-22 Can Quora be used as an input training database to an Artificial Intelligence software to make the software more intelligent and make it think and learn better?

2014-11-22 What are the best sentiment analysis tools?

2014-11-21 What are the best institutes in Bangalore where I can learn data analytics along with R and Hadoop?

2014-11-21 How do I build Jarvis (at least a prototype)?

2014-11-21 Is it possible to create or buy a device that can operate any computer/television/set-top box/browser/OS through voice commands and weak AI without operating online (like Siri, Cortana, etc.), and preferably using open-sourse software/hardware?

2014-11-19 What are some voice-guided robotics platforms available on the market today?

2014-11-18 How do I create a voice assistant app for Android (something like Google Now, Siri and Cortana)?

2014-11-18 Why do people or AI play stupid?

2014-11-16 Can artificial intelligence generate tacit knowledge?

2014-11-14 Can we build a dream visualising machine using signal processing?

2014-11-13 What is the key motivation behind IBM Bluemix and how does it stack up against other similar PaaS offerings?

2014-11-05 What are skip-gram models?

2014-11-05 What do I need to know to be a natural language processing engineer for IBW Watson?

2014-11-03 What is meant by “copy all the papers make them into a corpus” in data-science terminology?

2014-11-03 Why is AI so hard? Why haven’t we still built an AI machine yet? What will it take to build an AI machine?

2014-11-03 What university faculty in India work in the field of Question Answering or Ontology Learning?

2014-11-02 What is the future of virtual assistants on smartphones?

2014-10-30 How do we create artificial intelligence which dreams?

2014-10-30 What is the best way to learn about creating artificial intelligence on the internet?

2014-10-29 Which are the tools or software that can converts symbolically representing speech into text or written script?

2014-10-29 Where do I need to start for making project on article summarize tool (natural language processing) in not more than 40 days?

2014-10-29 What is the difference between,, and AskZiggy?

2014-10-29 Which firms/institutes in India have a strong research department for language technology and statistical NLP?

2014-10-26 What are the qualifications of an evangelist for a natural language processing technology startup?

2014-10-24 What are the prerequisites for developing an artificially intelligent app?

2014-10-24 Why is Google Voice’s speech-to-text engine so lousy?

2014-10-08 What are some voice control apps on Android?

2014-10-08 How many people currently work on IBM watson?

2014-10-07 What companies are doing cool work in natural language processing?

2014-10-06 What is good Linux software for voice assistance?

2014-10-06 Any suggestions for working with a RaspberryPi Linux board on natural language processing?

2014-10-06 Who makes the best home automation DIY kit?

2014-10-06 What is the cutting edge of research in combining semantic and social networks with powerful visualization tools?

2014-10-05 What is Cloudpipes and how do I get an invite?

2014-10-05 HOW can a system detect questions on Quora and auto-answer them?

2014-10-04 Who are the best people/blogs to follow on Twitter for neural networks, deep learning and machine learning?

2014-09-30 Why do Twitter bots exist?

2014-09-29 Why hasn’t IBMs Watson been hooked up to Quora to answer a few questions?

2014-09-27 Is IBM’s Watson being taught to teach?

2014-09-27 How are online instant messaging services like Facebook Chat programmed?

2014-09-26 How do servers and interfaces handle web notifications instantly?

2014-09-26 Where do I start if I am interested in learning machine learning in order to make a project on recommender systems?

2014-09-26 What is best way to startup a professional augmented reality? What are the best tools?

2014-09-23 How does trip adviser (hotel or rental booking site) work?

2014-09-23: Is there an API that returns Siri like responses in text when questions are asked in text?

2014-09-22 What language is Siri written in?

2014-09-19 Would all the data from Quora be helpful for making an A.I. like Watson be more humanlike in its conversation? If so, how? If not, why?

2014-09-17 What are good alternatives to NLTK?

2014-09-17 How do I go about developing my own chatbot?

2014-09-17 What are the different layers of cloud computing?

2014-09-17 Is there any artificial intelligence software or OS? Or is any company working on that project?

2014-09-16 Gnip vs Data Sift – which is better in pricing?

2014-09-16 Is it possible to integrate all customer service numbers into Google speech recognition, so we can directly ask questions?

2014-09-15 How can governments help the transition as more and more jobs are automated or replaced by robots?

2014-09-15 Is there a free alternative to cleverbot/cleverscript?

2014-09-14 How do I make a natural language processing a question answering system? What software or toolkits can be used?

2014-09-11 To make a project like Siri or Cortana using artificial intelligence, what links, materials, or blogs would be helpful?

2014-09-11 What are the basics for artificial intelligence?

2014-09-11 Should Artificial Intelligence be modelled to be kind like humans?

2014-09-11 Is it possible to do programming in Cloud like we edit documents in Google Docs?

2014-09-11 How is Prolog being used with deep learning in question answering systems?

2014-09-09 Is it worth writing your own summarization algorithm or are there any APIs which are good enough?

2014-09-09 Should I learn Bayesian networks before deep belief networks?

2014-09-09 What is the best program with the best AI available to interact with?

2014-09-07 What are the best resources for getting started with partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDP)?

2014-09-07 How do I make a robot which starts by hearing the command “on” and stops with “off”?

2014-09-05 Is there any comprehensive book which starts with basics of artificial neural networks and machine learning and covers deep learning as well?

2014-09-04 Is there an iOS app that can read out loud to me?

2014-09-04 Who are the top players in the Indian market in the field of home automation?

2014-09-04 What are some examples of ontology in computer science?

2014-09-04 What is the best tool for reposting multiple rss feeds to multiple Twitter accounts?

2014-09-04 What are the best web parser APIs?

2014-09-04 What is the alternative to machine learning?

2014-09-04 What is the best text to speech software?

2014-09-04 How does the brain create abstractions?

2014-09-03 What is the difference between crawling, parsing and scraping?

2014-09-02 What tools/framework can I use in order for my system to extract information from an input text and store the extracted information on a database and be retrieved for later processing?

2014-09-01 What is the next big thing in recommendation systems?

2014-09-01 Why can’t IBM Watson rewrite and improve it’s own code?

2014-09-01 What is different about the Salesforce which makes it the biggest player in SaaS?

2014-09-01 What are some good research publications on (or resources to learn about) abstraction based document summarization?

2014-08-30 Can you recommend an automation module (PaaS/SaaS/IaaS)?

2014-08-29 How do I make my own JARVIS?

2014-08-28 What is the best natural language processing API / library / service today?

2014-08-28 What is WEKA? How do I get started with it?

2014-08-28 What are some neurobiological models that are useful for NLP applications?

2014-08-28 What research is there on artificial intelligence and humor?

2014-08-27 What is the current relationship between prosody in linguistics, speech recognition, and affective computing?

2014-08-27 Could Google translate be made to sing?

2014-08-27 Where can I get into an internship program in NLP in India?

2014-08-26 What are some resources on the link between AI and strategic decision making?

2014-08-26 What technical events are there related to humanoid robotics?

2014-08-25 What are some good resources for learning about support vector machines (SVM)?

2014-08-25 What are the best online free articles to learn AI, data mining and other advanced topics?

2014-08-23 Which NLP Library is most suitable for use and further development for a text mining startup?

2014-08-22 What is the approximate cost of creating virtual intelligence?

2014-08-22 What are the big topics in NLP?

2014-08-19 I plan to make a Question Answering System for my college using NLP. What could be a good approach towards building this system? Also, how could I structure my database for the same?

2014-08-19 Will robots take over Quora?

2014-08-18 Are there any startups in India based on instrumentation control and robotics?

2014-08-18 How do I make a simple robotic servant?

2014-08-17 Are there any software tools or APIs that will allow you to create a 3D talking head that will generate correct lip movements when given a text stream?

2014-08-17 Are there any apps like Siri for Android?

2014-08-14 What is the best tool to summarize a text document?

2014-08-14 How do I make a speech recognition system which executes my voice commands? Which language should I use for this?

2014-08-14 What steps are being taken toward developing artificial emotion in machines, computers, and robots?

2014-08-14 How can I get high school students interested in natural language processing?

2014-08-10 What is relation in between sentiment analysis, natural language processing and machine learning?

2014-08-10 Who is the world top artificial intelligence system designer? Or how many AI system designer are in the world?

2014-08-10 What could you do with Oculus Rift’s and Google Glass’s love child?

2014-08-10 What is the difference between middleware and framework?

2014-08-09 What is a robo-advisor?

2014-08-09 How do I determine if two phrases are equal in meaning in natural language processing, like are “gravitational law” and “law of gravity” semantically equivalent?

2014-08-06 What does “in the wild” imply in machine learning?

2014-08-06 What are some examples of generalizable question-answering methods for specialized domains?

2014-08-06 What are some project topic ideas for artificial intelligence?

2014-08-06 How do I create an NLP framework/library (like nltk) from scratch?

2014-08-06 How do I create a specific neural network structure using MATLAB’s neural network toolbox?

2014-08-06 What is the difference between an agent-based system and an artificial intelligence?

2014-08-03 How close have we reached to make a machine imagine?

2014-08-03 What are some good research topics in natural language processing (NLP)?

2014-07-28 I am interested in knowing the differences between novel types of personalized recommendations, like making use of Semantic Web, neural networks, recommendation engines etc. What are the differences?

2014-07-28 What things I need to know to build a IBM Watson like Deep QA system in small scale?

2014-07-26 What is at the heart of a robot?

2014-07-23 If all sentences like “how to describe” are extracted from Internet and their answers are embedded with corresponding video frames/text, isn’t this enough to develop “auto-generating text” from video?

2014-07-22 I need the API of airlines for my website. How can I get it?

2014-07-20 How are chatbots like Cleverbot programmed?

2014-07-16 Are there any alternatives to IRC which provide the same features but are more user-friendly?

2014-07-16 What are the patterns of different questions?

2014-07-14: Will Information Science hold me back? I would still have a chance to do my masters on AI or anything without a “Computer Science” UG degree right?

2014-07-13 Are there any collaborative web scraping and indexing projects?

2014-07-12 How do I generate Questions from corpus or Comprehensions using NLP concepts?

2014-07-12 What are the top hotel APIs/XMLs?

2014-07-12 What is the best text to speech open source script for development?

2014-07-12 What are different NLP tools available to an application developer?

2014-07-10 Are there any apps like Siri?

2014-07-06 How can one start to develop a system which can learn the subject by itself through large amounts of data from the Internet and create automatic short animated videos to explain things to humans?

2014-07-06 I want large number of tweets collected from TWITTER, can any one help?

2014-07-03 What is your definition of an AI?

2014-06-27 Can we make a robot programmer instead of software engineers to code?

2014-06-27 Is it possible to create software that can create new software by text or speech description?

2014-06-26 How do I make a data-driven question answering system from scratch?

2014-06-19 How do I build my own Watson?

2014-06-19 What ever happened with the digital “personal representatives” that were under development a couple of years back?

2014-06-14 What are some good virtual assistant bots?

2014-06-10 What are frames in English linguistics?

2014-06-04 What is the state of the art of ontology of questions?

2014-05-23 What are the best resources for learning about natural language generation?

2014-05-23 I need a killer text summarization API that will be able to summarize an article to a headline sized piece of text?

2014-05-21 Who are some of the most promising groups pursuing brain emulation (government-backed projects, companies, schools, researchers, individuals, etc.)?

2014-05-18 If an artificial intelligence could take in a well-written screenplay and turn that into a simulated movie, would that be an effective test of human-level AI and natural language processing (NLP)?

2014-05-12 What kind of publications are helpful in developing auto generating romance software?

2014-05-06 What are some cool tutorials/books for learning about augmented reality?

2014-04-29 Will people ever interact with artificial intelligence programs as they would with other people? If so, how will this affect society?

2014-04-28 Is there any website about auto generating video from roman based text?

2014-04-12 Where can I find Google Now?

2014-04-11 How does one create interactive artificial intelligence within an app with great design?

2014-04-09 What are the best open source resources for automatic document summarization?

2014-04-04 Why hasn’t augmented reality caught on?

2014-04-04 Is there an open source personal assistant for the web, like Speak to It Chrome extension that can be customized?

2014-04-03 What are the advantages of having virtual assistants over personal assistants in a business?

2014-04-02 What is the status and direction of research in artificial brain implants for enhancement of human intelligence?

2014-03-31 What are the best Q&A websites for natural language processing?

2014-03-29 What is “parse selection” in NLP?

2014-02-27 Are there any email addresses which are hooked up to a Turing Test via a chat client?

2014-02-07 What are the most promising companies currently working on software solutions to the Strong AI question?

2014-02-04 Is there any NLP library/tool/API for cleansing noisy text (e.g. SMS, Twitter) in English to its correct text?