WorldViz Vizard & Virtual Humans 2010 (5x)

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An approach to the design of socially acceptable robots for children with autism spectrum disorders
KC Welch, U Lahiri, Z Warren, N Sarkar – International journal of social …, 2010 – Springer
… The virtual social robots have a fixed male or female body, but Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, director of the Virtual Human In- teraction Lab at Stanford University, provided a set of dis- tinct … Using 3DMeNow software, the photos were formed into 3D heads that can be used in Vizard …

Character Animation Technologies for the Common Driver Trainer (CDT)
D Carter – 2010 –
… 7 Page 14. Figure 5. Vcom3D’s Virtual Human Library Integrated with Various Platjorms[7] c. Rocketbox Studios … Figure 6. Rocketbox Studios Sample Models The Rocketbox Studio models have been successfully integrated into the WorldViz Vizard™ 3D software toolkit[91 …

Effects of facial similarity on user responses to embodied agents
HCV Vugt, JN Bailenson, JF Hoorn… – ACM Transactions on …, 2010 –
… The system latency or delay between a participant’s head movement and the resulting concomitant update in the HMD’s visual display was 45ms maximum. Vizard 2.53 software was used to assimilate the render- ing and tracking … Here, you will have the help of a virtual human …

Generating and detecting deceptive language in virtual agents
M Dras, D Richards, M Taylor, M Gardiner – International Workshop on …, 2010 –
… 3. EXPERIMENTAL ENVIRONMENT We developed a prototype system, known as BOrder Secu- rity System (BOSS) in which the user views a scenario in an immersive 3D virtual environment populated with avatars using Vizard …

The use of virtual self models to promote self-efficacy and physical activity performance
JA Fox – 2010 –
… honing my qualitative research skills. I would like to thank my adviser, Dr. Bailenson, for giving me the opportunity to conduct research at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab, one … CHAPTER FIVE: VIRTUAL HUMANS AND VIRTUAL SELVES…..24 …

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