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2015-12-30 What is the most advanced conversational AI I can speak to right now?

2015-12-24 Is there any syntactic analyzer for English?

2015-12-23 Where are some good research papers to learn about evaluating semantic similarity?

2015-12-23 Can Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Now or Cortana intelligently communicate with each other?

2015-12-23 How does work?

2015-12-23 Is there a tagged touristic destination dataset (similar to

2015-12-20 What is the best open-source, natural language processor for doing concept searches?

2015-12-19 Why is it not a good idea to generate paragraphs from a Twitter stream about a selected topic?

2015-12-19 What will be the application of a bot in todays world which creates memes/jokes?

2015-12-09 How far away are we from truly intelligent agents on our devices?

2015-12-09 How do I generate sentences from an image?

2015-12-09 How can I make a robot that replies in realtime?

2015-12-09 What are some of the most common natural language processing tools used by large retail corporations?

2015-12-05 Can machines or robots have instincts?

2015-12-04 What are the algorithms and technologies behind Microsoft’s LUIS in Project Oxford?

2015-12-03 Who is working on social media data analytics, visualization, and research?

2015-12-03 How do I build a special purpose question answering system?

2015-12-03 Is there a non-WordPress RSS script that takes items from a feed and creates individual posts for each one?

2015-12-03 What apps (software) do I need to make my own app cheap?

2015-12-03 What are some good topics for a Master’s thesis in an area of robotics and machine learning?

2015-12-03 How do I start with multi-robot systems?

2015-12-02 What are the best resources for implementing contextual analysis in NLP?

2015-11-28 What are the major arguments for the limits of the possibility of AI consciousness?

2015-11-28 What are real world applications of Intelligent Databases?

2015-11-26 How many assistant robot names are there?

2015-11-26 What are the possibilities for augmented reality?

2015-11-26 Which is the more powerful AI, Apple Siri or IPsoft Amelia?

2015-11-23 How do I evaluate the answers for a problem, like helpful, nonsense, no use etc.?

2015-11-22 What is the purpose of Paul Allen’s company Vulcan Inc.?

2015-11-22 Are chatbots and parrots similar in a way that they can’t understand what they’re saying?

2015-11-22 How do I create a sharable RSS feed?

2015-11-22 Is there any open source automated essay scoring?

2015-11-20 How can I learn to build a speech recognition app?

2015-11-20 How can I integrate IBM Watson Experience Manager with IBM Bluemix services?

2015-11-19 How soon can we program computers to understand pragmatics behind natural language?

2015-11-19 What are good speech recognition solutions for commercial use?

2015-11-17 Is there any technique which can be used to automatically analyze people’s language and motion in video?

2015-11-16 How can I find a list of publicly traded companies creating artificial intelligence capabilities?

2015-11-16 What is the state of the art research in knowledge representation and artificial reasoning?

2015-11-15 What is the difference between link parsing, dependency parsing and constituency parsing?

2015-11-11 How can I build lexical chains of a text using Wordnet?

2015-11-11 In my chatbot, how can I use A.L.I.C.E. to perform actions based on what the user is using?

2015-11-11 What is the intersection of natural language processing and sound or music interpretation methods?

2015-11-11 What technologies are required for building a human powered Slackbot like HireLarge?

2015-11-10 What are the best resources for preparing a report on artificial intelligence?

2015-11-10 How are writers at various big newspapers or journals using analytics to their benefit?

2015-11-09 How long until AI becomes advanced enough to understand stories?

2015-11-08 Could text to video software automatically generate video from a novel, only if trained on a large number novels?

2015-11-08 How can I develop a book that will listen to someone’s problem, and provide the solution?

2015-11-08 What are the free information extraction software packages?

2015-11-08 How would you write artificial intelligence software that could write an original and funny joke?

2015-11-08 What’s the difference between a knowledge based system and an expert system?

2015-11-07 What are good ideas for a Master’s thesis in computational linguistics?

2015-11-07 In recommender systems, what are the mechanisms that result in recommendations?

2015-11-01 Are there publications about auto-generating video from plain text, and vice versa?

2015-10-27 What’s good and bad about chatbots?

2015-10-25 Is there anything close to a robotics software marketplace?

2015-10-25 What is ‘semantic orientation’ in sentiment analysis and NLP?

2015-10-25 Is there any implementation (a stable/or not release) in Java for Dynamic Topic Modeling?

2015-10-23 Where can I get free AIML files for my chatbot?

2015-10-22 Does software exist that can scrape text and generate an interactive mind-map?

2015-10-22 How do I create an Internet bot?

2015-10-22 What is the difference between goal-based agents and utility-based agents?

2015-10-22 What are some jobs that people have created for robot AIs?

2015-10-22 How do I extract data from news stories?

2015-10-20 How do I make an app that generates answers from an uploaded text file automatically?

2015-10-19 Is there any library available to auto generate articles using natural language generation?

2015-10-19 How do I create my own digital assistant like Siri, Google Now, or Cortana?

2015-10-19 Are there any online Spanish chat AI’s (similar to things like Cleverbot)?

2015-10-19 Is there a tool that can scrape for specific keywords and automatically publish the articles it finds?

2015-10-16 Can collection of content and data be curated (altered in an comprehendable way) automatically by programming?

2015-10-16 What are some open source programs for creating an Intelligent Virtual Agent?

2015-10-16 How useful is it to make a chatbot for an academic course?

2015-10-16 In NLP, how is relation extraction applied to Question Answering Systems?

2015-10-15 What are possible commercial applications with visual/image question answering?

2015-10-15 How does one go about developing a personal assistant, like Magic or GoButler, via text messaging?

2015-10-15 Where can I get a training set for an NLP project moderating sexual harassment comments?

2015-10-14 Are there some free abstractive summarization tools available?

2015-10-13 How can I get outsourcing projects involving NLP or machine learning?

2015-10-11 How could everyday devices be empowered with the possibility of asking questions like on Quora?

2015-10-10 What are major Machine Learning companies in Bangalore, or Chennai?

2015-10-09 What are the most interesting research papers on Text Classification?

2015-10-08 Is there any commercial implementation of Intelligent Agents?

2015-10-08 If statistical machine learning is so powerful, why can’t we predict suicidal cases in India – primarily in farmers?

2015-10-06 Is there an open source dialog management platform that is well documented and can be integrated with other components?

2015-10-05 Is human brain itself a virtual reality box that models the world outside?

2015-10-05 How can expert systems be used with big data?

2015-10-05 How can I create a chatbot like Mitsuku or Alice?

2015-10-01 Does creating and training AI systems require more human effort than it used to? Is there a trend?

2015-10-01 What is the difference between semantic textual similarity and paraphrase identification? Are they the same?

2015-09-30 What is the closest we’ve gotten to simulating a human in a computer?

2015-09-29 What code to type when creating an AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Android Studio?

2015-09-27 Does Siri have the same technology in different languages?

2015-09-27 How do I build a Cortana or Siri on my own?

2015-09-27 What rule engine frameworks work well with JSON data?

2015-09-27 What is the difference between how IPSoft Amelia and IBM Watson work?

2015-09-26 Are there any pathological problems for which deep belief networks fail catastrophically?

2015-09-24 What are the leading Medical AI and Expert Systems projects currently underway, apart from IBM’s Watson?

2015-09-23 How can I create my own chatbot from scratch?

2015-09-22 What are the best Neural Network techniques for computational linguistics applications?

2015-09-20 How do I get involved with Affective Computing?

2015-09-20 How do I make a chatbot in Android?

2015-09-20 What are some good resources if I want to learn to make a chat bot?

2015-09-20 Who is working with virtual reality, augmented reality, Google Glass, or Oculus Rift in Bangalore?

2015-09-18 How do I build a tool for generating paraphrases of a given sentence with deep learning?

2015-09-16 Is there a AI software/tool which could take negative and positive text as input and generate a moderate text from these two texts?

2015-09-16 How are Psychology and Machine Learning related to each other?

2015-09-15 Anyone here know the best institute for learning AI in Bangalore, India?

2015-09-13 What engines and tools will you recommend to build a prototype of knowledge-based question answering system?

2015-09-13 Are there any tools used to discover Context Semantics in natural language processing?

2015-09-11 Can a machine dream?

2015-09-11 How can I meet people with skills in Virtual Reality hardware online?

2015-09-11 Is anyone is working on developing AI systems that model psychopathology or learned maladaptive behaviors?

2015-09-11 How do I make a chatbot in Linux using AIML?

2015-09-09 How do I start learning artificial Intelligence?

2015-09-09 What is an open source alternative to

2015-09-09 What sort of AI companies will be acquired by large machine learning “brains” like Watson?

2015-09-08 What kind of algorithm or code allows AI like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri to respond to human questions?

2015-09-07 What is the relation between Internet of Things based smart home, and web-based home automation?

2015-09-07 Can I use IBM Watson API to obtain answers to questions from a knowledge base of research papers and books that I provide?

2015-09-06 What are some dialog act recognition systems, free for download and experimentation?

2015-09-05 Could NLP be used to determine whether or not a medication might work for a patient based on their forum posts?

2015-09-05 What are some papers that have used NLP on a corpus of voice recorder conversations?

2015-09-05 What is the difference between HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps?

2015-09-05 I want to learn more about artificial intelligence in Python. What videos, books, articles and tutorials should I reference?

2015-09-05 Which RSS sources on AI and machine learning do you read?

2015-09-05 Are there any startups working on a self-driving car technology for the Indian roads?

2015-09-05 Have NLP/sentiment analysis ever been used on therapist notes?

2015-09-04 Which books/resources do you suggest about chatterbots?

2015-09-04 What is the description of a job developing artificial intelligence like Cortana?

2015-09-04 What is the best chatbot in 2015?

2015-09-04 What are some research papers that have used NLP on forum posts?

2015-09-04 How can I use natural language processing methods to analyze some relationships in a novel?

2015-09-03 What are some papers that have used NLP on someone’s corpus of IM/chat conversations?

2015-09-02 Who should I follow on GitHub if I have an interest in artificial intelligence?

2015-09-01 Can AI today differentiate between ideas and information and generate new ideas?

2015-08-31 How do people make computer voices like Siri or Google Now?

2015-08-30 What are the APIs for artificial intelligence?

2015-08-29 What are some of the potential business models for private enterprises working on artificial general intelligence?

2015-08-29 How do I make a database for a question answering system?

2015-08-29 How does Facebook M differ from Siri and Google Now?

2015-08-28 How can I build an intelligent chat bot?

2015-08-27 What are some non-STEM related jobs in artificial intelligence?

2015-08-27 Is it possible to extract text from Google Scholar results?

2015-08-27 What is the best article rewriting library preferably in Python?

2015-08-27 How do robojournalists find the most relevant examples for their journalism articles?

2015-08-27 Are there any natural language processing or even text processing applications in space research?

2015-08-26 What are some topics on IoT-based projects?

2015-08-26 What are the best colleges for a master’s in artificial intelligence in India?

2015-08-24 Can you train a content corpus in Bluemix?

2015-08-24 Could Quora be used to build a semantic AI?

2015-08-23 Is NLP Relation Extraction a hard topic?

2015-08-23 What is meant by gold and silver standard in corpus annotation?

2015-08-23 What is the word recognition algorithm in AI?

2015-08-23 Where can we learn machine learning in Bangalore offline?

2015-08-22 What are the publicly traded companies that study and develop artificial intelligence, and how profitable will these be in 1-2 years?

2015-08-22 How do venture capitalists segment the artificial intelligence vendor landscape?

2015-08-22 What’s a useful way to classify the uses of artificial intelligence technologies?

2015-08-19 Which companies are key players in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector, in terms of investment?

2015-08-19 Are there any offline dictionaries to be used by artificial intelligence (chatbots)?

2015-08-19 How will a capable AI be likely to analyse and understand a human verbal expression?

2015-08-19 How can cities be made into smart cities by using artificial intelligence?

2015-08-15 What’s the best way to track regulatory/legislative developments relevant to a given field such as artificial intelligence?

2015-08-15 What are heuristics and schemas?

2015-08-13 What is the quickest way to build a chatbot in Python, without using AIML?

2015-08-12 How do I identify a language in a mixed corpus, such as Tamil-English, English-Hindi, or English-Bengali?

2015-08-12 What programming is helpful to make an AI that works like Siri?

2015-08-04 How hard would it be to create an AI to auto-answer Stack Exchange questions?

2015-08-03 How can I create artificial intelligence with emotions?

2015-08-02 How are chat bots on messaging apps created?

2015-08-02 Can we say that smartphones are artificially intelligent?

2015-08-02 What things will I need to learn in order to start working with intelligent agents?

2015-08-02 What is reasoning, or automated reasoning, in the context of knowledge representation?

2015-08-01 Is there an API for the automatic extraction of intents from texts?

2015-07-29 Is there any project working on a system to easily create a (limited) simulation of a real person?

2015-07-29 What is the best way to find good tech co-founders in India who are experts in artificial intelligence?

2015-07-27 What speech engine, and other technology stack software, is used inside this ‘Luna: Open Source Artificial Intelligence Demo’?

2015-07-25 Can someone guide me in making a Google Hangouts chat bot?

2015-07-24 What is Holistic AGI?

2015-07-23 How do you find technical talent in India focused on building AI based products?

2015-07-21 How could natural language processing be used in therapy?

2015-07-19 What are the hardware and software components required for building an OS like the one shown in the movie Her (2013)?

2015-07-19 Can anyone give me an insight into how Siri was built?

2015-07-18 What is the main principle on which artificial intelligence works?

2015-07-18 What sample programs are available for artificial intelligence?

2015-07-18 What are the various types of social media bots?

2015-07-17 How can NLP make sense of exophora?

2015-07-17 What’s the current status of Project Halo?

2015-07-17 Is there any public data-set for FAQ (Frequently asked questions) in different domains?

2015-07-17 What is the difference between extractive and abstractive summarization?

2015-07-17 How hard it is to make an artificial intelligence bot like ALICE with AIML?

2015-07-16 In order to start working on a JARVIS program, what is the first thing to do?

2015-07-16 What would it take to make an AI bot based on Wikipedia?

2015-07-13 Is there a market for chatbots with a ‘sense of humor’?

2015-07-02 Which virtual assistants can be integrated into an application, so that users can do stuff with voice commands?

2015-06-28 In NLP, what is the difference between a Lexicon and a Corpus?

2015-06-28 Apart from the tremendous number of special cases, what makes natural languages harder to parse than programming languages?

2015-06-27 How might artificial (automatic) story generation work?

2015-06-23 How do I build a highly intelligent chatbot?

2015-06-23 What are some interesting areas of research in the intersection of NLP and ML/DL?

2015-06-21 Will Robots replace Artists in the future?

2015-06-21 Where can I do a PhD in natural language processing or machine learning in India?

2015-06-21 Could an AI ever be better than a sommelier?

2015-06-21 What are some of the best companies who provide NLP based chat solutions or engines?

2015-06-21 In which types of search do Google, Wolfram Alpha, Bing and Quora most clearly fail?

2015-06-21 What kind of industries can benefit from Natural Language Generation?

2015-06-20 What is the relationship between Cognitive Psychology and Computer Science?

2015-06-20 How can I develop an AI like Cortana?

2015-06-20 What are the things that one needs to know if he wants to develop an intelligent assistant such as Iron Man’s Jarvis?

2015-06-20 What are current problems in artificial intelligence?

2015-06-20 What is new in deep neural networks?

2015-06-18 What is the difference between Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)?

2015-06-16 What is required to add emotional layer on top of personal assistant technology to become capable of interacting with people beyond information sharing?

2015-06-11 When will Yahoo! Pipes go dark?

2015-05-27 How do I convert XML to OWL using Java?

2015-05-27 How can people be more creative than computers?

2015-05-25 Have any programming experience using web scraping APIs from KimonoLabs?

2015-05-25 How do I design a system to query the database based on natural language input?

2015-05-25 Can anyone tell a way to parse the Wiktionary dump to get part of speech for English words?

2015-05-23 What are some unsolved problems in text to image conversion?

2015-05-22 What are the speech and voice startups in the US?

2015-05-21 As a UX designer what would be the best path or way to get involved with companies pursuing different applications of AI?

2015-05-21 What are the best open source options available for speech to text conversion?

2015-05-21 Which professors and research labs in India are working on natural language processing?

2015-05-18 How do I make a talking robot?

2015-05-18 Has any Indian startup or company forayed into the race for artificial intelligence?

2015-05-17 What knowledge do I need to build an AI app that would query a user about life preferences, and make predictions about the person?

2015-05-15 Is there any machine learning algorithm that can crawl the Internet and create an article on a topic which I give to it?

2015-05-14 How are CALLEX-ESP and BaDELE related, and what are they used for?

2015-05-08 What are the algorithms for automatic summarization? Can anyone explain the steps in automatic summarization?

2015-05-05 Do any companies offer artificial intelligence as-a-service (AIaaS)?

2015-05-04 From where does one start to learn natural language processing?

2015-05-01 How is machine translation related to the field of artificial intelligence?

2015-05-01 Is there a good up-to-date list somewhere of all of the major subfields within artificial intelligence?

2015-04-30 Which is better to study to build an intelligent system like JARVIS, artificial intelligence or machine learning?

2015-04-30 What is the smallest code for AI which can give me an idea of how it works?

2015-04-28 How do I go about building a smart assistant like JARVIS?

2015-04-28 What does Wikipedia think about employing artificial intelligence to expand and correct itself?

2015-04-28 Where are JAPE grammars used? What applications use JAPE grammars or similar systems?

2015-04-25 Till date, has any AI (Artificial Intelligence) been able to create jokes?

2015-04-24 How is NLP used in understanding the scene of an image?

2015-04-24 What programming language / software would be best for creating a basic artificial intelligence email responder to automate tasks on Gmail / Mac?

2015-04-24 What are the main differences between and, AI based personal assistant software?

2015-04-24 What are some conservative predictions about AI over the next 50 years?

2015-04-23 Can an AI robot have preferences?

2015-04-23 What are the best Ruby programming language resources for programming artificial intelligence in robotics?

2015-04-21 Is there any tool or API trained on tweet data for Named Entity Extraction?

2015-04-21 What are some examples of software intelligent agents?

2015-04-21 How does the internet of things relate to artificial intelligence?

2015-04-20 What are the possible ways to make a computer recognise sarcasm?

2015-04-20 What are some cool machine learning/artificial intelligence research projects going on in industry?

2015-04-20 How can I teach myself to become a master on the subject of artificial intelligence engineering?

2015-04-18 Are there any examples of websites which generate their content with bots or artificial intelligence and are not accepted as spam by Google?

2015-04-18 What are some good topics to do a Master’s level project on natural language processing?

2015-04-17 What are some interesting examples of mobile apps using natural language processing?

2015-04-17 What are the fields of artificial intelligence and should I know all of them if I want to start?

2015-04-17 What is the process to develop an intelligent personal assistant like Siri?

2015-04-16 How do I combine my passion and skills for creating video games and ai (deep learning)?

2015-04-16 Is there any software like Iron Man’s Jarvis?

2015-04-16 What is machine reading?

2015-04-15 What does it take to become an expert in Natural Language Processing? Do I need a PhD to do meaningful work?

2015-04-15 What’s the difference between artificial intelligence and clinical decision support?

2015-04-14 Will a robot with an artificial intelligence parallel to a man’s have dreams?

2015-04-14 Is there any system that can guess the relationship between things (see description)?

2015-04-14 Is there any book to learn to implement neural networks in Java?

2015-04-14 What are the best stop words lists for language processing?

2015-04-13 How feasible is the idea of using a chat bot for surveys or feedback?

2015-04-13 What is a good source for learning introductory deep learning?

2015-04-12 Does anyone have bots that they can share with me?

2015-04-12 Do you know any tools that use a crawler which simulates user behavior to test applications?

2015-04-12 How is the k-Nearest Neighbors algorithm used in question answering systems?

2015-04-12 Where can I get a social bot?

2015-04-11 What are some great online courses on machine learning?

2015-04-11 What can I do in order to get ideas in the area of artificial intelligence for a PhD thesis?

2015-04-11 What problems will chatbots solve in the next few years?

2015-04-10 How can I get started on learning about machine learning and AI?

2015-04-10 If you could ask an all-knowing supercomputer three questions, what would they be?

2015-04-10 What kind of text analysis related works can be done on rare book corpus like mythology?

2015-04-10 What topics should I know in NLP?

2015-04-09 Is an offline computing environment suitable for advanced artificial intelligence?

2015-04-09 What is automated journalism, and what companies other than Narrative Science are working on it?

2015-04-08 What are all of the topics you should know in deep learning?

2015-04-08 What are the open problems in designing intelligent conversational agents?

2015-04-08 What is the difference between a dialog state tracker and an SLU (spoken language understanding) system?

2015-04-05 I wanted to start a research project by myself in CS (AI mostly) with potential to become a master’s degree or PhD thesis. What are some tips on how to begin and do the project?

2015-04-05 What are good research projects in artificial intelligence for a PhD thesis?

2015-04-04 Can NLP be used to make text able to be read faster by humans?

2015-04-03 Are there any commercial products that aren’t chat bots themselves, that are integrated with a chat bot?

2015-04-03 Is there any self-learning/self-improving chatterbot (preferably AIML bot) library/engine?

2015-04-03 Is this a good idea for a research project, to make a smart chat bot?

2015-04-03 What are the best books on making AIs in Python?

2015-04-02 How can you explain Artificial Intelligence in layman terms?

2015-04-02 How should I proceed for implementing a probabilistic natural language parser?

2015-04-02 What are some web based approaches for text mining? How to crawl web pages?

2015-04-02 Where can I get great materials to read on Fuzzy Logic principles inclusive of practical tutorials?

2015-04-01 What are the subjects required to study to make an artificially intelligent operating system?

2015-03-31 Are there NLP approaches or tools to automatically rewrite sentences?

2015-03-31 Which is the best (comprehensive and quality-wise) open source NLP Model/Framework to identify intent (analysis)?

2015-03-31 Why can’t we use Natural Language as our representation language in AI?

2015-03-29 Why is there no public question answering interface to Watson?

2015-03-29 Are human computer interaction and artificial intelligence related fields?

2015-03-29 How do I build a chat bot without using the AIML technology?

2015-03-28 How are algorithms, robotics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things related?

2015-03-28 Which one is better for coreference resolution in terms of speed and accuracy: Stanford CoreNLP or Apache OpenNLP?

2015-03-27 Who are some of the up-and-coming researchers in the field of artificial intelligence?

2015-03-27 How does AI work?

2015-03-27 What are good resources on Dialog State Tracking?

2015-03-27 Where can I find an idea or problem for an AI project?

2015-03-25 What are the highlights of deep learning advances in 2014?

2015-03-23 How can I build a Twitter bot that tweets all the articles containing certain keywords from various online media resources?

2015-03-23 What is the role of a linguist in building TTS and ASR?

2015-03-21 What is the Robot Operating System (ROS) in layman’s terms?

2015-03-20 What is the difference between an intelligent agent and a rational agent?

2015-03-20 Why aren’t more people working on improving artificial intelligence?

2015-03-19 What is a good algorithm for the context detection in chatbots?

2015-03-17 How do I make a program that understands what the given data means?

2015-03-16 I want to work on artificial Intelligence in India, but don’t know where to apply?

2015-03-16 What are the most often asked questions to virtual agents (chatbots)?

2015-03-13 Who are the smartest people working on artificial intelligence?

2015-03-13 What are some good artificial intelligence projects for Arduino that are easy for someone at the basic to intermediate level?

2015-03-13 What is the difference between a knowledge-based agent and a rational agent? Is a knowledge-based agent also rational?

2015-03-12 Are there any AI systems that work by a debate-like process between alternative points of view?

2015-03-11 Are there any interactive games (graphical or text based) that employ Natural Language Processing for dialogue?

2015-03-11 Is FOPC the best way to represent English for all NLP operations?

2015-03-11 What does distributional semantics mean in natural language processing?

2015-03-09 How can I split a paragraph or a sentence into meaningful parts?

2015-03-09 What are some NLP approaches to paraphrasing text?

2015-03-02 How does consciousness arise from an electrochemical system like the human brain? What is the expectation that artificial intelligence will achieve consciousness?

2015-03-02 What is the algorithm for converting large sentences into small sentences?

2015-03-01 What is a list of all the organizations that deal with AI/AI risk?

2015-03-01 Is it possible to program an AI to automatically generate questions given the text of an article or book?

2015-03-01 Is there AI for writing and language arts?

2015-03-01 What is a feature-rich model?

2015-02-28 How are recurrent neural networks different from convolutional neural networks?

2015-02-28 Can I integrate AIML (artificial intelligence markup language) with an Android app?

2015-02-28 Making robots, how can I use MATLAB? Which toolboxes are more helpful and mandatory?

2015-02-28 Is there a computer program that can understand short stories, articles or paragraphs?

2015-02-27 How do we do online learning with n-gram language models?

2015-02-26 How good are expert systems at teaching?

2015-02-26 How does one begin to study and research the possibility of emotions in machines and artificial intelligence?

2015-02-24 What is hampering the scaling of robotic infrastructure in todays world?

2015-02-24 What kind of A.I. is being used to treat PTSD with children or adults?

2015-02-21 Are there any robot design companies in India?

2015-02-21 What are examples of research done by graduate students who published in the fields below (in relation to robotics)?

2015-02-21 What are good resources on converting natural language requests into SQL queries?

2015-02-19 How can one fill his day-to-day life with artificial intelligence?

2015-02-14 Is there any place I can get a summarization dataset for my summarization neural network, or should I just give up?

2015-02-13 How would you describe creativity using an algorithm?

2015-02-12 Are there any specific Python frameworks for AI, NLP, or big data related stuff?

2015-02-12 Is there some text preprocessing tool which can do clean up for the input text (without writing code)?

2015-02-11 What was the algorithm used for AIM’s old SmarterChild?

2015-02-11 How do I identify relevant financial documents based on the terms/phrases/sentiments present inside the document?

2015-02-10 Is AI better at asking questions or answering questions?

2015-02-10 What is a good online reference to use as a starting point in learning about artificial intelligence?

2015-02-10 Where can I study social machines online?

2015-02-09 What are good universities or companies in and outside India to work during the summer (as an intern) in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision and big data analytics?

2015-02-07 How many people in the world understand AI programming?

2015-02-07 Is it possible to develop a hopping robot?

2015-02-07 What are the top institutes in Mumbai to study artificial intelligence/machine learning?

2015-02-07 What is a good topic for research in NLP?

2015-02-05 Why can’t a computer dream?

2015-02-04 How do I identify events from a text document?

2015-02-01 What are the best tools for converting speech to text?

2015-01-26 If artificially intelligent agents develop a means to communicate with each other, what might they say?

2015-01-26 What algorithms/technologies were used to make Siri?

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2015-01-16 Is artificial intelligence only about software?

2015-01-14 I want to make a chat bot which will try to reply as a counselor. How should I go about it?

2015-01-10 Who is working on programming laws into robots?

2015-01-09 Who in India is working on a robotic arm?

2015-01-04 Are there any cloud services that provide categorization to natural language questions via API?

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