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Two case studies in using chatbots for security training S Kowalski, K Pavlovska, M Goldstein – Information Assurance and …, 2013 – Springer Abstract This paper discusses the result of two case studies performed in a large international company to test the use of chatbots for internal security training. The first study targeted 26 end users in the company while the second study examined 80 security … Cited by 9 Related articles All 9 versions

Assessing students in Second Life with scripted chatbots G Crisp, M Hillier, S Joarder – Australian Technology …, 2010 – This paper presents a method of constructing simple assessment tasks in the online ‘virtual world’of Second Life. While e-learning has been embraced in recent years, e-assessment is still a developing area (Crisp, 2007, 2009). However, the increasingly collaborative and … Cited by 6 Related articles All 17 versions

Methods for chatbot detection in distributed text-based communications JP McIntire, LK McIntire… – … Technologies and Systems …, 2010 – ABSTRACT Distributed text-based communications (eg, chat, instant-messaging) are facing the growing problem of malicious “chatbots” or “chatterbots”(automated communication programs posing as humans) attempting social engineering, gathering intelligence, … Cited by 5 Related articles

Evaluation of authorship attribution software on a Chat bot corpus N Ali, M Hindi, RV Yampolskiy – … and Automation Technologies …, 2011 – Abstract—Authorship recognition is a technique used to identify the author of an unclaimed document, or in case when more than one author claims a document. Authorship recognition has great potential for applications in Computer forensics. The intended goal of this … Cited by 7 Related articles All 3 versions

One-Match and All-Match Categories for Keywords Matching in Chatbot AS Lokman, JM Zain – American Journal of Applied Sciences, 2010 – Abstract Problem statement: Artificial intelligence chatbot is a technology that makes interactions between men and machines using natural language possible. From literature of chatbots keywords/pattern matching techniques, potential issues for improvement had … Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

From chatbots to dialog systems T Klüwer – International Journal, 2011 – ABSTRACT This chapter provides an overview of the technologies used for chatbots on the one hand and research dialog systems on the other hand. By comparing the two, the main disadvantage of chatbots is shown: its dependency on huge amounts of inflexible … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

Ontbot: Ontology based chatbot H Al-Zubaide, AA Issa – Innovation in Information & …, 2011 – Abstrac1—A new ontology based approach is proposed to model and operate chatbots (OntBot). OntBot uses appropriate mapping technique to transform ontologies and knowledge into relational database and then use that knowledge to drive its chats. The … Cited by 3 Related articles

Chatbots in the library: is it time? DA Allison – Library Hi Tech, 2012 – Purpose-This paper aims to describe a pilot at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for a chatbot that answers questions about the library and library resources. Design/methodology/ approach-The chatbot was developed using a SQL database to store the question and … Cited by 3 Related articles All 5 versions

A modular architecture for adaptive ChatBots G Pilato, A Augello, S Gaglio – Semantic Computing (ICSC), …, 2011 – Abstract—We illustrate an architecture for a conversational agent based on a modular knowledge representation. This solution provides intelligent conversational agents with a dynamic and flexible behavior. The modularity of the architecture allows a concurrent and … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

An Architecture to Develop Multimodal Educative Applications with Chatbots D Griol, Z Callejas – Int J Adv Robotic Sy, 2013 – Abstract Animated characters are beginning to be used as pedagogical tools, as they have the power to capture students’ attention and foster their motivation for discovery and learning. However, in order for them to be widely employed and accepted as a learning … Cited by 4 Related articles All 3 versions

Development and Implementation of a Chat Bot in a Social Network. SM Rodrigo, JGF Abraham – ITNG, 2012 – Abstract—This document describes how to implement a Chat Bot on the Twitter social network for entertainment and viral advertising using a database and a simple algorithm. Having as a main theme a successfully implementation of a Chat Bot preventing people … Cited by 4 Related articles All 4 versions

Extension and prerequisite: An algorithm to enable relations between responses in chatbot technology AS Lokman, JM Zain – Journal of Computer Science, 2010 – Abstract Problem statement: Artificial intelligence chatbot is a technology that makes interactions between man and machines using natural language possible. From literature, we found out that in general, chatbot are functions like a typical search engine. Although … Cited by 2 Related articles All 5 versions

A modular system oriented to the design of versatile knowledge bases for chatbots G Pilato, A Augello, S Gaglio – ISRN Artificial Intelligence, 2012 – The paper illustrates a system that implements a framework, which is oriented to the development of a modular knowledge base for a conversational agent. This solution improves the flexibility of intelligent conversational agents in managing conversations. … Cited by 3 Related articles All 6 versions

Chatbot for admissions N Polatidis – arXiv preprint arXiv:1408.6762, 2014 – Abstract: The communication of potential students with a university department is performed manually and it is a very time consuming procedure. The opportunity to communicate with on a one-to-one basis is highly valued. However with many hundreds of applications each … Cited by 2 Related articles All 3 versions

Linguistic Profiling and Behavioral Drift in Chat Bots N Ali, D Schaeffer, RV Yampolskiy – Midwest Artificial Intelligence and …, 2012 – Citeseer Abstract When trying to identify the author of a book, a paper, or a letter, the object is to detect a style that distinguishes one author from another. With recent developments in artificial intelligence, chat bots sometimes play the role of the text authors. The focus of this … Cited by 3 Related articles All 4 versions

Turi: Chatbot software for schools in the turing centenary M Keegan, RD Boyle, HM Dee – Proceedings of the 7th Workshop in …, 2012 – … We have run side-by-side workshops with 30 children in each, meaning that 60 separate chatbots were being edited at the same time with … The funda- mental unit of the chatbot is the input-output pair, which defines an input to the chatbot and the output the chat- bot will give … Cited by 1 Related articles

Using chatbots to teach socially intelligent computing principles in introductory computer science courses A Shaw – … Technology: New Generations (ITNG), 2012 Ninth …, 2012 – Abstract—Teaching” socially intelligent computing” concepts in introductory computer science courses is possible through curricular projects that involve students developing their own collaborative chatbots. Chatbots are programs that interact with users in a … Cited by 2 Related articles All 4 versions

Territorial violence and design, 1950-2010: a human-computer study of personal space and chatbot interaction A Windle – 2011 – Personal space is a human’s imaginary system of precaution and an important concept for exploring territoriality, but between humans and technology because machinic agencies transfer, relocate, enact and reenact territorially. Literatures of territoriality, violence and … Cited by 1 Related articles

Toward an ontology-based chatbot endowed with natural language processing and generation A Hallili – 26th European Summer School in Logic, Language & …, 2014 – With the last evolution of the web, several new means of communication have showed up. In the commercial domain, chatbot tech-nologies are now considered as essential for providing a wide range of ser-vices (eg search, FAQ, assistance) to the end-user, and to make a … Cited by 1 Related articles All 9 versions

Learning to read/type a second language in a chatbot enhanced environment G De Gasperis, N Florio – International Workshop on Evidence-Based …, 2012 – Springer Abstract Evidence based design methodology can be applied to second language learning by introducing tools and methods based on human machine conversational agents such as restricted chatbots. General purpose chatbots have been used as English tutors, where … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Toward the implementation of a topic specific dialogue based natural language chatbot as an undergraduate advisor S Ghose, JJ Barua – Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV), …, 2013 – Abstract—In this work, we explain the design of a chat robot that is specifically tailored for providing FAQBot system for university students and with the objective of an undergraduate advisor in student information desk. The chat robot accepts natural language input from … Cited by 1 Related articles

An Approach to Enhance Chatbot Semantic Power and Maintainability: Experiences within the FRASI Project A Augello, G Pilato, A Machi… – … Computing (ICSC), 2012 …, 2012 – Abstract—The paper illustrates the implementation and semantic enhancement of a domain- oriented Question-Answering system based on a pattern-matching chatbot technology, developed within an industrial project, named FRASI. The main difficulty in building a KB … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Chatbots: Automating Reference in Public Libraries M McNeal, D Newyear – Robots in Academic Libraries: …, 2013 – ABSTRACT The authors discuss their experience with using artificial intelligence and chatbots to enhance their existing web sites and information services in public library settings. The chapter describes their budget driven motivations for embarking on this … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Engaging high school students using chatbots L Benotti, MC Martínez, F Schapachnik – Proceedings of the 2014 …, 2014 – Abstract Chatbots have been used in different scenarios for getting people interested in CS for decades. However, their potential for teaching basic concepts and their engaging effect has not been measured. In this paper we present a software platform called Chatbot … Cited by 1 Related articles All 6 versions

[BOOK] An Emotional Talking Head for a Humoristic Chatbot A Augello, G Pilato, O Gambino, R Pirrone, S Gaglio… – 2011 – The interest about enhancing the interface usability of applications and entertainment platforms has increased in last years. The research in human-computer interaction on conversational agents, named also chatbots, and natural language dialogue systems … Cited by 1 Related articles All 7 versions

IQABOT: A Chatbot-Based Interactive Question-Answering System J Smith – 2010 – Abstract Interactive question-answering programmes provide an environment wherein a user is encouraged to interact with the question-answering system in a manner which should facilitate the expedient retrieval of information and sometimes even related … Cited by 1 Related articles

Designing a Chat-bot that Simulates an Historical Figure E Haller, T Rebedea – Control Systems and Computer Science ( …, 2013 – Abstract—There are many applications that are incorporating a human appearance and intending to simulate human dialog, but in most of the cases the knowledge of the conversational bot is stored in a database created by a human experts. However, very few … Cited by 1 Related articles All 3 versions

Chat-bot Humour: A Survey of Methodological Approaches for a Creative New Media Project MM Meany, T Clark, J Liljeblad, B Stillar… – The International …, 2012 – This paper surveys a range of methodological approaches to underpin a creative project that will develop a pair of online, computer-based conversational agents to interact as “comedian” and “straight man”. The project will interrogate the scriptwriting process as it is … Cited by 1 Related articles All 4 versions

Chatbot win prize by changing the subject MG Campbell – New Scientist, 2010 – Elsevier HUMANS aren’t the only ones who can steer a conversation to their own benefit. This year’s winner of the Loebner prize for the most convincing chatbot – software that mimics a human conversing – used such a ploy to fool a judge, earning its creator a $3000 prize.

Definition Learning Chatbot with Multi-sentence Recognition using Symbolic Reduction and Similarity Algorithm K Chandra – 2011 – A definition learning chatbot is an artificial intelligent robot who is able to respond any conversation between user and the chatbot itself. This chatbot also able to record any new definition of any word that has not been recorded before. The ability to break a message …

The design, production and implementation of a storytelling chatbot Collette Curry, Dr Jim O’Shea and Dr Keeley Crockett C Curry – Methods. There are many different algorithms available to produce chatbots, using a variety of computer languages, databases and flat text files. The study explored these different algorithms and proposed a method that utilised a database as well as flat text files that …

MedChatBot: An UMLS based Chatbot for Medical Students H Kazi, BS Chowdhry, Z Memon – International Journal of Computer …, 2012 – Citeseer ABSTRACT The use of natural dialog has great significance in the design of interactive tutoring systems. The nature of student queries can be confined to a small set of templates based on the task domain. This paper describes the development of a chatbot for medical … Related articles All 5 versions

The implementation of a storytelling Chatbot C Curry, JD O’Shea – Abstract Chatbots are computer programs that simulate intelligent human conversation. The design and production of interactive digital storytelling chatbots presents new possibilities, enabling the development and creation of characters with feelings and personalities. This … Related articles All 2 versions

Chatbots: can they serve as natural language interfaces to QA corpus? B Abu Shawar, ES Atwell – Proceeding (689) Advances in …, 2010 – A chatbot is a program which can chat in natural language, on a topic built into the chatbot’s internal knowledge model. Many chatbots exist, with different knowledge-bases programmed by the chatbot builders. We have built a system to convert a website text ( … All 2 versions

A Corpus Based Approach to Generalising a Chatbot System: Applying Simple Natural Language Processing Techniques to Build Knowledge Base of ALICE Chatbot … BA Shawar – 2011 – Abstract Chatbot tools are computer programs which interact with users using natural languages. This thesis shows that chatbot technology could be used in many different ways in addition to being a tool for having fun. A chatbot could be used as a tool to learn or to …

Implementation of ALICE chatbot as domain specific knowledge bot for BRAC U (FAQ bot) J Rahman – 2012 – In this paper, a proposal is carried on to explain the design of a chat bot specifically tailored as a undergraduate student information system that helps students in BRAC University with admission and course information’s. In particular, the proposal investigates the … Related articles All 3 versions

The chatbot strikes back J Kennedy, J de Greeff, R Read, P Baxter… – Proceedings of the …, 2014 – This video shows an interaction between a child and two chatbots embodied in a pair of Aldebaran Nao robots. In order to process the child’s speech, Google’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) was running on the robots. Speech input was recorded through the … Related articles

Chatbot for IT Security Training: Using Motivational Interviewing to Improve Security Behaviour I Gulenko – Abstract. We conduct a pre-study with 25 participants on Mechanical Turk to find out which security behavioural problems are most important for online users. These questions are based on motivational interviewing (MI), an evidence-based treatment methodology that … Related articles

Using Learning Analytics to Understand the Design of an Intelligent Language Tutor–Chatbot Lucy YF Wang, S Petrina – … Journal of Advanced Computer Science and …, 2013 – Abstract: the goal of this article is to explore how learning analytics can be used to predict and advise the design of an intelligent language tutor, chatbot Lucy. With its focus on using student-produced data to understand the design of Lucy to assist English language … Related articles All 6 versions

Why are you Silent?-Towards Responsiveness in Chatbots S Danilava, S Busemann, C Schommer… – Avec le Temps! Time, …, 2013 – Abstract:[en] In this position paper we consider temporal phenomena in interaction with text- based conversational agents. In particular, we focus on two dimensions of time in instant messaging dialogues: responsiveness as a measure for interaction placed in time, and … Related articles All 3 versions

A Survey of Chatbot Systems through a Loebner Prize Competition L Bradeško, D Mladeni? – 2012 – ABSTRACT Starting in 1966 with the introduction of the ELIZA chatbot, a great deal of effort has been devoted towards the goal of developing a chatbot system that would be able to pass the Turing Test. These efforts have resulted in the creation of a variety of … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

A data-driven approach for a chatbot usingtranscripts from a TV-series N BLOMQVIST, H HYGERTH – 2014 – Abstract This paper explores a data-driven approach for a chatbot where it utilises a database of transcripts from a TV-series in an attempt to hide its lack of linguistic knowledge and familiarity of the human language. A built-upon version of the naive implementation … Related articles All 2 versions

Commercial Chatbot: Performance Evaluation, Usability Metrics and Quality Standards of Embodied Conversational Agents C Kuligowska – Professionals Center for Business Research, 2015 – Abstract: The aim of this paper is to explore commercial applications of chatbots, as well as to propose several measurement metrics to evaluate performance, usability and overall quality of an embodied conversational agent. On the basis of these metrics we examine …

Real conversations with artificial intelligence: A comparison between human–human online conversations and human–chatbot conversations J Hill, WR Ford, IG Farreras – Computers in Human Behavior, 2015 – Elsevier Abstract This study analyzed how communication changes when people communicate with an intelligent agent as opposed to with another human. We compared 100 instant messaging conversations to 100 exchanges with the popular chatbot Cleverbot along …

Pharmabot: A Pediatric Generic Medicine Consultant Chatbot BEV Comendador, BMB Francisco… – Journal of Automation …, 2015 – Generic Medicine Consultant Chatbot. It is a conversational chatbot that is designed to prescribe, suggest and give information on generic medicines for children. The study introduces a computer application that act as a medicine consultant for the patients or … Related articles

An E-Commerce Website based Chatbot S Gupta, D Borkar, C De Mello, S Patil – Abstract—This paper describes a website based chatbot. This chatbot can make it easier to interact with the website. The bot understands and converses with the user in Simple Language. This chatbot is linked to an e-commerce website. This website has a variety of …

I-ChatbIT: an Intelligent Chatbot for the Italian Language A Pipitone, V Cannella, R Pirrone – Abstract English. A novel chatbot architecture for the Italian language is presented that is aimed at implementing cognitive understanding of the query by locating its correspondent subgraph in the agent’s KB by means of a graph matching strategy purposely devised. …

Wikichatter: A Proof of Concept for Wikified Chatbots CR Slee – Abstract Current chatbots are primarily limited by their knowledge storage and retrieval capabilities, which usually use simple pattern matching rules. This paper presents a proof of concept program that exploits a free semantic network of gigabytes of crowdsourced … Related articles All 2 versions

A Chatbot Dialogue Manager-Chatbots and Dialogue Systems: A Hybrid Approach A Woudenberg – 2014 – Conversational software, that is software with which a user can converse in a natural language such as English or Dutch, can be classified into two distinct categories: chatbots and dialogue systems. Both categories of systems have their advantages and … Related articles All 3 versions

The linguistic accuracy of chatbots: usability from an ESL perspective D Coniam – Text & Talk, 2014 – Abstract This paper reports on the linguistic accuracy of five renowned “chatbots,” with an evaluator (an ESL teacher) chatting with each chatbot for about three hours. The chatting consisted of a series of set questions/statements (determined as being in the domain of an … Related articles All 4 versions

Chatbots and natural automatedlanguage: A comparison between rst word and most signicantword search M VALLERYD, T ASKLING – 2014 – Abstract This study aims to determine if there is any difference in the perceived naturalness of chatbots implemented with either a first word search-or a most significant word search- algorithm. To this end two versions of the same chatbot were implemented using parsed … Related articles All 2 versions

Learning environments supported by Software Agents and Chat-bot PG ROSSI, S CARLETTI, MA IMPEDOVO – ABSTRACT Intelligent Agents are widly used in the literature in education environments connected to a specific subject matter. This paper investigate the use of IA to build LMS which are not connected to a specific subject matter. The aim is to use Intellegent Agents … Related articles

Automation and design for prevention: Fictional accounts of misanthropic agency from the elevator (lift) to the sexbot (chatbot) A Windle – Technoetic Arts, 2014 – Fiction is an important tool in an artist/designer/developer’s vocabulary, but its usage is polyvalent. Speculative research in this article introduces the ‘rudiment’to embrace the undeveloped and the improvisory phases of research practice. Fiction is used to reflect on … Related articles All 2 versions

Chatbots For Customer Service On Hotels’ Websites M Lasek, S Jessa – Information Systems in Management, 2013 – In this article we present an analysis of implementations of a chatbot-a program which simulates an intelligent conversation with webpage visitors, dedicated to hotels and guesthouses (hotel chatbot, in short: HC). We obtained unique data from five various … Related articles All 7 versions

The Making of Task-Specific Chatbots for English Conversation Practice: A Preliminary Proposal in … S Lee – The paper proposes tentative guidelines for the making of speech-to-speech chatbots for ESL conversation practice. The paper first presents a brief assessment of iOS Siri’s strengths and its possible application in the making of an ESL chatbot. In Section 2, the paper … Related articles All 3 versions

Designing service-oriented chatbot systems using a construction grammar-driven natural language generation system MC Jenkins – 2011 – Service oriented chatbot systems are used to inform users in a conversational manner about a particular service or product on a website. Our research shows that current systems are time consuming to build and not very accurate or satisfying to users. We find that natural …

Conversation with a Chatbot before an Online EFL Group Discussion and the Effects on Critical Thinking Y Goda, M Yamada, H Matsukawa, K Hata… – The Journal of …, 2014 – This study investigated learners of English as a foreign language (EFL) who engaged in a group discussion and saw how their discussion was affected by a preceding conversation with a chatbot. The chatbot was designed to reflect the Socratic inquiry method based on … Related articles All 4 versions

The Racial Formation of Chatbots MC Marino – CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture, 2014 – Abstract In his article” The Racial Formation of Chatbots” Mark C. Marino introduces electronic literature known as chatbot or conversation agent. These programs are all around us from automated help centers to smartphones (eg, Siri). These conversation agents are …

Interbot: A Credential Verification Chatbot Using an Enhanced Example Based Dialog Model AG Aquino, KR Bayona, KD Gonzales, GD Reyes… – Abstract—Traditional resume based recruitment interviews and in-person interviews only allow companies to handle only a limited number of job applicants at a time. As a result, a substantial amount of time and money is misdirected on interviewing unqualified job … Related articles

Just.Chat-a platform for processing information to be used in chatbots MJ Pereira, L Coheur – 2013 – Abstract The number of chatbots that can be found in the web increases everyday and, alongside these, the amount of resources which can be used to build new chatbots. In this paper we target to create a platform, Just. Chat, that helps in the creation of chatbot’s … Related articles All 2 versions

Fairytale Child Chatbot R Rosa – V?era Kurková, Lukáš Bajer (Eds.) – Abstract: Fairytale Child (Pohádkové díte) is a simple chatbot trying to simulate a curious child. It asks the user to tell a fairy tale, often interrupting to ask for details and clarifications. However, it remembers what it was told and tries to show it if possible. The chatbot can … Related articles All 2 versions

Chatbots as Interface to Ontologies A Augello, G Pilato, G Vassallo, S Gaglio – Advances onto the Internet of …, 2014 – Springer Abstract Chatbots are simple conversational agents using “pattern matching rules” to carry out the dialogue with the user and various expedients to improve their credibility. However, the rules on which they are based on are too restrictive and their language understanding … Related articles All 3 versions

Clifford Rotors for Conceptual Representation in Chatbots A Augello, S Gaglio, G Pilato, G Vassallo – Biologically Inspired Cognitive …, 2013 – Springer Abstract In this abstract we introduce an unsupervised sub-symbolic natural language sentences encoding procedure aimed at catching and representing into a Chatbot Knowledge Base (KB) the concepts expressed by an user interacting with a robot. The … Related articles All 6 versions

Chatbot Enhanced Algorithms: A Case Study on Implementation in Bahasa Malaysia Human Language AS Lokman, JM Zain – Networked Digital Technologies, 2010 – Springer Abstract Chatbot is one of a technology that tried to encounter the question that popped into computer science field in 1950 which is “Can machines think?”[6]. Proposed by mathematician Alan Turing, the question later becomes the pinnacle reference for … Related articles All 4 versions

Chatbot trained on movie dialogue A Roghult – 2014 – Abstract A chatbot is a computer program that engages in written or spoken conversation with a human user. This project aims to investigate the possibility of training a chatbot in using movie dialogue in generating the response. Movie dialogue can be found in both … Related articles

Chatbots: Can They Serve As Natural Language Interfaces To Qa Corpus? BA Shawar, E Atwell – Proceedings of the Sixth IASTED Internationa … – … regarded PARRY as a tool to study the nature of paranoia, and considered ELIZA as a potential clinical agent who could, within a time-sharing framework, autonomously handle several hundred patients an hour.” These systems were pioneering chatbots, where a chatbot is a … All 5 versions

Making it Real: Loebner-winning Chatbot Design B Wilcox, S Wilcox – arbor, 2013 – ABSTRACT: For the last three years, our chatbots have come in 1st twice and 2nd once in the Loebner Prize Contest, with a different persona each year (Suzette, Rosette, Angela). Suzette even fooled a human judge. A world-class chatbot should tell the story of its life, … Cited by 1 All 3 versions

A Chatbot as a Natural Web Interface to Arabic Web QA B Abu Shawar – International Journal of Emerging Technologies in …, 2011 – Abstract In this paper, we describe a way to access Arabic Web Question Answering (QA) corpus using a chatbot, without the need for sophisticated natural language processing or logical inference. Any Natural Language (NL) interface to Question Answer (QA) system is … Related articles All 6 versions

Enhancement Algorithms for SQL-Based Chatbot AS Lokman, JM Zain – Software Engineering and Computer Systems, 2011 – Springer Abstract Artificial intelligence chatbot is a technology that makes interaction between men and machines using natural language possible. From literature of chatbot’s keywords/pattern matching techniques, some potential issues for enhancement had been discovered. The … Related articles All 2 versions

Chatbots of the gods: imaginary abstracts for techno-spirituality research M Blythe, E Buie – Proceedings of the 8th Nordic Conference on Human- …, 2014 – Abstract This paper reflects on the intersection of human-computer interaction (HCI) with techno-spirituality and science fiction (SF). The paper considers science fiction treatments of spirituality, religion and” the numinous”—a mysterious presence that evokes fascination, … Related articles

PHILEX: Philippine Land Law Expert Chatbot J Aguilar, K Berboso, K Cayube… – International …, 2013 – ebooks.asmedigitalcollection.asme. … This study implements input abstraction techniques such as Natural Language Understanding with sub-processes of tokenizing, part-of-speech tagging, and parsing. The developed system called Philippine Land Law Expert (PHILEX) chatbot focused on giving … All 2 versions

Towards a Game-Chatbot: Extending the Interaction in Serious Games P Van Rosmalen, J Eikelboom, E Bloemers… – 2012 – Game environments tend to be highly responsive and demanding and thus provoke active learner involvement. Surprisingly, gaming and in the same line also serious gaming, still make little use of one of people’s most common type of interactions ie natural language. … Related articles All 10 versions

Bridging the virtual and the physical space: Kornelia–a chatbot for public libraries E Dohrmann, J Hügi, N Scheurer, A Trummer… – 2010 – ABSTRACT This paper reflects the collaboration of a network of public libraries, a student group, and three SMEs in order to develop a chatbot in a cost-effective manner. The project, managed by scholars of information science and their academic mentor, has yielded … All 3 versions

‘Realness’ in Chatbots: Establishing Quantifiable Criteria K Morrissey, J Kirakowski – Human-Computer Interaction. Interaction …, 2013 – Springer Abstract The aim of this research is to generate measurable evaluation criteria acceptable to chatbot users. Results of two studies are summarised. In the first, fourteen participants were asked to do a critical incident analysis of their transcriptions with an ELIZA-type chatbot. … Cited by 1 Related articles All 2 versions

Film Theory and Chatbots RG Garner – International Journal of Synthetic Emotions (IJSE), 2014 – Abstract The tools described in film theory are used to invoke feelings in the viewer as a form of entertainment. Some of these tools apply more directly to chatbots than others. Film combines visual images, music, and dialog to accomplish its goals. Conversing with a … Related articles All 2 versions

Development of a Framework for AIML Chatbots in HTML5 and Javascript F Malvisi – 2014 – Abstract Chatbots are software agents that interact with the user in a conversation. The main goal of their creation was to resemble a human being in the way they perform said interaction, trying to make the user think he/she is writing to another human being. This … Related articles

Measuring effectiveness of learning chatbot systems on Student’s learning outcome and memory retention S Abbasi, H Kazi – Creating a learning environment in which students learn more effectively remains the great challenge from decades; different approaches are proposed, for example, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Question Answering System and chatbot. All these approaches used … Related articles

Text Stylometry For Chat Bot Identification And Intelligence Estimation N Ali – 2014 – Authorship identification is a technique used to identify the author of an unclaimed document, by attempting to find traits that will match those of the original author. Authorship identification has a great potential for applications in forensics. It can also be used in … Related articles

Chat bot K Gunasekera – 2014 – With the rapid popularity and increased usage of the Internet, online marketing has become a way of selling and purchasing goods through the Internet. This lead to development of various websites dedicated to online marketing and new techniques to support customers …

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Digital anthropomorphism: Performers avatars and chat-bots A Stojni? – Performance Research, 2015 – Taylor & Francis 71 becomes anthropomorphic in its manifestation. Usually embedded in the internet environment and performed through internet technology, cyberformance and digital performance take place and develop in the theatrical context while using the internet as …

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Humans and bots in internet chat: measurement, analysis, and automated classification S Gianvecchio, M Xie, Z Wu, H Wang – IEEE/ACM Transactions on …, 2011 – … work. Section III details our measurements of chat bots and humans. Section IV describes our chat bot classification system. … The main task of the entropy classifier is to capture new chat bots and add them to the chat bot corpus. The … Cited by 16 Related articles All 12 versions