100 Best AI & NLP Resources: SecondLife Robots (Draft)

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slSearch6 [62x Aug 2012]

  • * Making Adoption Wishes Come True Agency *(G) Rated Sim!* .. MAW ADOPTION Longest Running Agency in SL 6 + Years!!! Want 2 KNOW who LIKES YOUR PANEL .. Do NOT PAY EXTRA We will tell you for FREE! – NO Illegal BOTS here REAL PEOPLE UPDATED PANELS! Never for Profit – Always for Love-family-friendship& forever <3
  • -SP- Surreal Products Main Store (Sentry Turret) .. robot robots turret weapon weapons mesh gun guns zombie zombies kill droid android pet monster npc rocket gauntlet knight armor script scripts roleplay role play rp free attack health hp with and
  • 1A bot camping .. ! 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 Camping ! 50L$ Lifetime Membership! rules: no IMs to the owner! no bots! no scripts! no pushing! no particles! no weapons! no nudes! no sexual harassment! no barrier! no distribution of notecards landmarks or objects! no SPAM! each offence = ban!
  • ARTSEA AVATARA TOWER of bargain AVs .. 8 floors of Interesting Avatars – beautiful, pregnant, fat plus size, magic , super hero, robots, spacemen, aliens classy at bargain affordable prices, fake AV’s. Camping. Near Noob Park & SciLab. Near Art Gallery & the Devil Girl Salsa Bar Hangout.
  • Aina’s Shop / variety shop =MM21= .. Variety shop. tatami that you can carry other avatars and throw them. chocolate,sumaki,chair,table,robot,stool,grave,pipe sand castle,axe,plant,breakable,funiture, joke,entertainment,hammer,cage,concrete, free,freebie,slid
  • Analytics-SL Greeter, Visitor Counter, Group Invite Bot .. Analytics-SL – professional scripts for your Second Life business. Don’t leave your business to chance. visitor greeter, visitor tracker, traffic monitor, prim meter, lag meter, group invite bot, intense web reports, analytics, lag monitor,
  • B G Fishing Folk Against Bots .. Dedicated to the eradication of automated fishing bots that are on 24/7 competing against regular fishing folks for Match Fishing contests. We trade LM’s for fishing spots that ban bots. We have lists of known bots so you know when you’re fishing with them. Join with us in combating this…
  • BLADERUNNER CITY, THE OFFWORLD COLONIES, an ART INSTALLATION .. BLADE RUNNER OFF WORLD COLONY ARTS INSTALLATION Android Replicant Robot extropia Maya sci-fi Hopi Aztec UFO cyborg future futuristic architecture cyber cybernetics scifi cyberpunk futurist electronic tech NO SHOPS machinima worlds art space
  • BOT (bot.ott) .. I am a friendly L-Tek (METAbolt) bot used for group invites, research and customer services. I am official METAbolt and integral part of the project. I test METAbrain before each release, hence my AI :S You can IM me any L-Tek product related question and I will try my best to answer them. Please…
  • Bell Boyd Script Shop .. Shop of my original LSL scripts : weapons, gudgets, combat HUDs, Flying seat & piano, Sculpty rezzer, touring baloon, Shield, Humanoid Robots, Temp Rezzers and teleporter, Sit position setter, Butterfly to wear , break house script, RLV items.
  • Bell Curve Island .. Key words Dance, dances, dancing, anim, animation, pose, poseball, qavimator, club, trance, music, boys, girls, furries, chims, robot, robots, bot, bots, funk, floor, sinewave, sine wave, tanz, danse, tattoos, clothes,actorbot,actorbots,f
  • Bot Busterz .. Dedicated to the idea that there needs to be a watchdog on policy enforcement within SecondLife. We can be a clearing house for lists of bots in boxes, hoards of campers that have been in place for long times, and the other instances of policies that are un-equally enforced by the Lindens. The…
  • Bots R Us .. A group for people who want to learn. play, build, and exchange ideas about bots. This group does not condone or promote any use of Bots that violates the LL Terms of Service or Community Standards.
  • Bots of SecondLife .. A group for all the bot accounts in Second Life. If an avatar is a member of this group, it is likely a bot.
  • Box Bot Army .. takeing over SL one av at a time 🙂 :::: Join the cardboard revolution :::: the av is found in your Library. everyone in SL has this av!! join the group tell your friends covert them all !
  • Copper Robot .. Veteran journalist and Second Life resident Mitch Wagner is the Copper Robot, bringing you fascinating interviews about books and ideas. Join us in Second Life alternate Wednesdays at 6 pm or catch the playback on the Web, http://www.copperrobot.com, or in iTunes.
  • DELUXE.bots .. Would you like to have a bot working (24/7), for your business? We have the solution! Take a look at: [ http://www.deluxebots.com ] Send Advertisements, notices and still greet your customers. Do You like that? Send Im or NC to Jacke Kayor. Thank You!!
  • Elemental Buildable Robots .. Sharkclub Buildables? RIP OFF Let’s face the facts… Weekly Expenses: Oil L$1999 Power Reactor L$1999 Building Pods L$2999 + Your Purchased Robots Builders Results: 1/2 and 1/3 Robots that no one buy, while Tomos, Shane, and BatBastard are the only ones making profits. Complain and Mr.…
  • Full Time Robots .. The Encyclopedia Galactica defines a robot as a mechanical apparatus designed to do the work of a man. The marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation defines a robot as “Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun to Be With.” The motto of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation is “Share…
  • Galactic Mall – Shinda .. Power Shield, Pit Bull, Ridiculous Gun, Particle Factory, Sales Bot, Sim Doctor, Combots, Securitech, JR Vanguard, JR Defcon
  • Iniaes .. Iniaes is a chat bot that is available via the web, jabber, Twitter, the iPhone, and Second Life. Click the hologram to start a conversation on channel 0.
  • Kenzie’s Kloset *MAW *(G) Rated Sim!* .. MAW ADOPTION Longest Running Agency in SL 6 + Years!!! We DO NOT HAVE BOTS Only REAL PEOPLE! Over 225 Kids & 215 Parent Active Panels. PROUD SUPPORTER of Countryside Elementary & High School
  • Kung Fu Robot Posse .. We are Robots! We Dance, Fight, Drink, Ride Bicycles, Juggle and Destroy any miserable fleshbags who stand in our path!
  • Lobster Cat Designs Main Store! .. Sonic Avatar Store Owned By BlackLugana Mighty & Dakota Subagja! Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Cream, Vanilla, Robots, Metal Sonic, Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tikal, Echidna, Spyro, Dragon
  • Miramare Place – Home of the Sno-Kone Robot! .. Miramare Place: a place in Miramare, sponsored by Livingtree. Come by for local area information, landmarks to fun places to explore, or just to enjoy a Snow Cone via the Sno-Kone Robot! YOUTHSPOT
  • Museum of Robots .. Museum of Robots is dedicated to the appreciation of robots and features exhibits, art, special events and the most famous movie and television robots in the world. Group members receive first notification of events including new artists, exhibits and speakers. Join us every Friday at 5pm SLT for…
  • NET.ernity Project – Chronicles From The Future .. NET.ernity Project Chronicles From The Future By Daryl Kenin italia, italy, roma, sci-fi, teen, shop, skin, shape, robot, freebie, space, music, events, friends, love, build, ao, mesh, 3D, linden, immersive, photo, video, skyline, corti, digitali, art
  • Nekos Hybrid Store Steampunk Cyber Cyborg Robot Goth .. Nekos Hybrid Store Steampunk Cyber Cyborg Robot Goth Egyptian Skin Neko Eyes Black Death Metal Kitty Gothic Vampire Punk Grunge Rock Belt Hat Dress Tails Naughty Underwear Shoes Pet Animals Kawaii Shirt Delirious Accessories Lynx Street F
  • Quantum Products .. Quantum Core, QHUD, QBot, Quantum Lazer, Quantum Sceptre, Quantum Teleporter, StarGate, DHD, Quantum Portal, Tardis, Space City, Crystal Teleporter, Avatars, Eyes, Building, Gadgets, Security Bot Extream, Region Fire, Terrafomring, Weapon
  • Robot .. Robot : Gallery Robot : Limited Editions An update group for collectors of limited edition tin robots
  • Robot Link .. update product info , and new stuff advertise and idea talking chanel for builders
  • Robot Union .. -=!Robot Union!=- Welcoming all Robots (and/or) Robot lovers! -=Support Group=- Being part of the Robot Union means you have a support group to help you threw any issue you may face living a robot life! *—=We repair, upgrade, scan, inspect, clean, defrag, backup, program, transfer, protect,…
  • Robot Wars .. Team of experienced robot fighters
  • Robots of Doctor Steel .. We are the Robots of Doctor Steel, Joybots united! To serve our Creator and spread his word and Joy around!
  • Rock/Metal Shirts/Vests Crazy P Main Shop .. Metalhead Paradise: best & realistic rock shirts & metal vests (Kutten), leather fashion, hangout w/ good rock & metal music, exchange, no traffic bots, no spam, great service. CUSTOM & TRIBUTE VESTS!
  • SL-Bot.com .. This is the official international support group for your slbots Chatting (specialy about bots ^^ ) welcome , helping each other in the SLBOT-family wanted . Spaming , advertising (specialy for other bots ), insulting , begging ,rude language and such will NOT be tollerated , violaters will be…
  • Second Ads – Advertising Central Headquarters .. Second Ads is the biggest grid wide advertising network. You can do advertise right across the second life grid. You pay only for unique clicks on your advert. With strongest anti-bot/anti click fraud protection algorithms.
  • Sine Wave Bots .. Log in alts as models, dancers, or machinima performers. Actorbot makes it easy for you to log in Second Life avatars, commonly referred to as “bots”.
  • Sl-Bot.de .. SLBot der ultimative SLBot Camping, Traffic, Goup invites, Chatservice, alles was du willst… Support verfügbar unter: www.sl-bot.de
  • SmartBots: Second Life bots for L$79 / Inviter bot + notices .. International support available! Give a direct group invitation (by group inviter bots), scheduled notices and group IMs! Subscription is L$79/week. automatic group inviter bot group invite bots inviter rent bot for rent auto group export notice spam
  • SmartBots: group invitation bots .. Direct group inviter just for L$79 per week! Plus chat manager, notice sender and a lot of unique features: – chat control using web browser – automatic scheduled notices – spamless (respects parcel borders) – only 1-prim object is required on your parcel Visit us at http://www.smartbots2life.com
  • TEKBot : BOT HOSTING : MODEL HOSTING : 24/7 .. Store owner? Need in-store models? Reliable service Automatic relog with notification Rent a bot for only 500L$ per week group inviter host bots lm giver model bots dancer bots welcome bot greeter bots business bots store bot
  • THE MAZE – COMBAT AGAINST ZOMBIES AND ROBOTS .. An action adventure shooting game. Try to reach the end past monsters, secret doors, traps and puzzles. Bring backup. scifi guns survival demon doom megaman PVE undead monster zombie robots mecha doomed anime
  • Whimsy Kaboom, Home of the Robot Sanitorium .. Brought to you by the fine folks at Whimsy, the sim with the sense of humor. The Robot Sanitorium is at 3500 meters and there’s a nice space build at 3000m. Watch whales or sailboard at ocean level. Visitors welcome. Tips welcome.
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