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ibm-watson [73x Apr 2015]

  • PersonifyJS/PersonifyApp .. Sample app built on Personify.js–JavaScript library that harnesses the power of IBM Watson and the Twitter APIs
  • triceam/IBMWatson-QA-Speech .. Demo application for for Node.js (built using IBM Bluemix) that leverages IBM Watson for Speech Synthesis, IBM Watson Speech Recognition, and the IBM Watson QA Service (for natural language processing).
  • john77eipe/DeepQA .. DeepQA is a learning project aimed at mimicking IBM Watson’s DeepQA
  • dltn/cherrytort .. A webapp remix of the Tortellini Badge project made for the IBM Watson App Gallery.
  • chunbintang/travelbuddy .. A mobile app called “TravelBuddy” to answer travel relevant questions using the Watson Question and Answer service on IBM Bluemix.
  • faraza/Twitter-Analyzer .. This web app takes a Twitter handle, and retrieves all of their tweets. It performs Sentiment Analysis and User Modeling (through IBM Watson) to analyze the user.
  • maxrevilo/mappsi .. Web App using the Watson’s API in Bluemix to find relationships between words and countries. Developed at the IBM hackday in Medellin Colombia.
  • hanqiao69/FemmeHacks2015 .. FemmeHacks 2015 with Sally Kong and Isabel Ren, making a mood and personality analysis app using the IBM Watson User Modeling API
  • MrabEzreb/Normal-Speech-Translation .. Basically, I am trying to do half of what IBM did for Watson, (remember that week/month/whatever of Jeopardy? Yeah, that Watson :D) Except that I need to do it with a 4-core CPU instead of a 10,000 core one XD.
  • jingcmu/RiskAdvisorOnBluemix .. This is a practicum project, sponsored by IBM Watson Research Center. Leveraging the latest service oriented computing and cloud computing techniques, we have designed and developed a Web 2.0 application, providing on-line web that can analyze, visualize and predict company’s financial situation.
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