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mashape [46x Jul 2014]

  • Mashape/mashape-oauth .. OAuth Modules for Node.js – Supporting RSA, HMAC, PLAINTEXT, 2,3-Legged, 1.0a, Echo, XAuth, and 2.0
  • magdev/node-mashape-tools .. Connect-style middlewares to perform security checks on your Mashape-API backend by validating HTTP-Headers and allowed Proxy-IPs.
  • ronanrodrigo/copa2014 .. Jogos da copa do mundo atualizados via API https://www.mashape.com/diegurm/centraldacopa
  • thefosk/mongo-analyzer .. A Java library for consistency analysis on a Mongo database. We use this internally at Mashape (http://mashape.com). It can optionally fix the inconsistencies by automatically removing dead references.
  • VHWDev/aWHOIS .. aWHOIS offers a nice PHP / jQuery / AJAX based interface for the nametoolkit WHOIS API (https://www.mashape.com/nametoolkit)
  • ismaelc/MashapeOAuthRTSample .. This is a Windows RT(C#/XAML) sample code demonstrates how to access OAuth-protected APIs in Mashape. This example uses a Twitter search endpoint in Mashape.
  • ismaelc/twilio-translator .. A Twilio service that translates back an SMS message. It also calls you back with a pronunciation in the local language. Useful if you’re traveling – especially in occasions where your telco signal is a better option than wifi. Uses node.js and Mashape APIs (language detection, language…
  • Mashape/mashape-php-library .. Mashape PHP Library – Easily create an API in PHP ready to be listed into the Mashape marketplace. You can use it for existing services or brand new cloud components. Mashape does API distribution, management, billing and automatically generates FIVE client libraries for your API 😉
  • shiffman/UnirestProcessing .. A quick Processing library to make using Unirest-java easy to use with Processing for mashape APIs
  • AcidBurn314/norris .. A fun and simple web application which displays “Chuck Norris” jokes. Originally used to test pulling json data using mashape apis.
  • ismaelc/sendgrid-voice-webhook .. This is a simple demo of the SendGrid Inbound Parse Webhook API. It reads aloud the subjects of incoming emails through a Mashape text-to-speech API using the Unirest node.js library. Also uses Firebase for mp3 storage and other hassle-free hooks
  • ismaelc/worldchat .. Multi-lingual chat using Firebase and Mashape (MyMemory Translation Memory) API
  • Mashape/MVNRepo .. This is a public Maven Repository hosted on GitHub that we use on Mashape. You are free to use it and contribute to it.
  • ismaelc/Mashape_Windows8_Sample .. Windows 8 sample code (XAML/C#) to access Mashape-hosted APIs. This sample uses Bitly and WordCloudMaker APIs in Mashape
  • jjgarzella/Screeny .. This app takes any valid web address and gives the user a screenshot of that website. It uses the Web Screenshot free API that can be found on mashape.com
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