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aiml [94x Jul 2014]

  • aiml-en-us-foundation-alice – Latest release of free ALICE AIML set Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 41 We have released an updated version of the free ALICE AIML set and made it available on Google Code. The Free ALICE AIML set is optimized for use with Pandorabots.com. You will need to create… chatbot, AIML, ALICE, chatterbot, Virtual, assistant, Agent, bot
  • open-allure-ds – Wiki-to-Speech educational software (Python code) Updated: Jan 08, 2012 – Stars: 40 Open Allure is a project aimed at developing new ways to share what we know with one another by permitting the collaborative creation and experience of interactive dialogs. These verbal exchan… Python, computervision, interaction, voicecontrol, speechrecognition, dialoguesystem, dialog, chatbot
  • aiml-pt-pt-futuragora-venus – Venus Assistente Pessoal AIML em Português Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 1 A FUTURAGORA ( lançou a Assistente Pessoal Vénus, que pode ver a partir desta data do seu lado direito no site da Associação. Ela está em desenvolvimento para dialogar, esclarecer, aprender consi… aiml, portugues, bot, InteligenciaArtificial, venusproject, projectovenus, chatbot
  • program-ab – Reference AIML 2.0 Interpreter Updated: Yesterday – Stars: 16 ALICE A.I. Foundation Contact: info@alicebot.org Program AB is the reference implementation of the AIML 2.0 draft specification. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creat… Java, AIML
  • opensim4opencog – GSOC work to provide a bot interface to OpenSim for OpenCog and other … Updated: Jun 25, 2013 – Stars: 15 The goal of this project is to develop an interface to Opensim for OpenCog and other AI systems. It provides a means of connecting external AI bots over a socket to an avatar in the OpenSim Simulato… opencog, opensim, libsecondlife, openmetaverse, bots, lisp, C, secondlife, csharp, libopenmetaverse, libomv, bot, AIML, Cyc, OpenCyc
  • talismanppc – talisman jabber bot for PocketPC Updated: Nov 29, 2011 – Stars: 2 talisman+neutron (combined)is a jabber bot written in python (changes by planb) install instructions: make sure you have pythonCE installed on your device ,support ppc (pocketpc) and windows mobil… python, jabber, bot, pocketpc, bots, jabberbots, talisman, neutron, ALICE, A.L.I.C.E, alice, ppc, aiml, A.I., robot
  • aiml-en-uk-pandorabots-callmom – UK Version of CallMom Updated: Mar 02, 2012 – Stars: 2 UK Version of CallMom CallMom is a mobile, voice activated virtual assistant app based on AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language). Currently under development for Android, CallMom uses Pan…
  • aiml-en-us-pandorabots-callmom – US Version of CallMom Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 8 About US version of CallMom AIML For the UK Version use this project: aiml-en-uk-pandorabots-callmom The CallMom AIML development team is led by: Steve Worswick (Square-Bear) and … AIML, Android, Chatbot, VirtualAssistant, Pandorabots, Communication, Device
  • aiml-en-us-foundation-super – S.U.P.E.R. AIML Bot Updated: Jan 30, 2013 – Stars: 3 Contact: info@alicebot.org The S.U.P.E.R. AIML bot is the knowledge base for the CallMom BASIC virtual assistant. This free software is NOT the same as the Superbot Development Kit. This pr… AIML, VirtualAssistant
  • aichatbothaskell – AI Chat bot in haskell using AIML Updated: Nov 16, 2011 – Stars: 1 The bot uses open source AIML files of A.L.I.C.E. project as the knowledge database. Two interfaces have been provided # Web-based using Haskell CGI. The BotWeb.hs can be compiled to a cgi s… Academic, Projects, Robotics, Computer
  • kon-csharp-chatterbot – Kon the C# Chatterbot Updated: Aug 16, 2013 “Kon” is my attempt at creating a “chatterbot” written in C It has several different “brains” to learn/use in conversations. It has a basic brain that is simply a “monkey-see, monkey-do… chatterbot, c
  • owllang – An ontology driven chatbot system Updated: Oct 31, 2012 – Stars: 1 The work here is part of my PhD that I finished in 2010. It is presently sponsored by the EU LLP project I-TUTOR. Chatbots that a developed using AIML are based on static knowledge created by the …
  • atlantyda-agent-vluke-jones – Agent VLuke_Jones Updated: Feb 05, 2012 – Stars: 2 Agent operuj?cy w ?rodowisku tworzonym przez aplikacj? serwerow? “Atlantyda”. Opiera si? g?ównie na AgentAPI “Atlantydy”. Academic, CSharp, AIML, AIMLbot, Polish
  • venus-virtual-assistant – Virtual Assistant Engine Updated: Earlier this year Venus is an advanced Virtual Assistant software available thru a webpage. It comes with a real-time graphic engine, a high quality english to speech voice and will be available in 6 languages. Venus w…
  • alice-in-uima – Alice In UIMA Updated: Apr 13, 2010 – Stars: 1 Ce projet a pour objectif de faire évoluer un moteur rudimentaire d’intelligence artificielle en intégrant des fonctionnalités de traitement automatique des langues (TAL) à des fins démonstrative… Alice, AIML, UIMA, Intelligence, Artificielle, Java, IA, Program-D
  • aimlbot4glider – A in-game automated chat tool for MMOGLIDER Updated: Dec 10, 2008 AIMLBot (Program Put simply, it will allow you to chat (by entering text) with your computer using natural language. More info here : AIMLbot4Glider is a class you can load in Glider v… MMOGLIDER, glider, WorldofWorcraft, bot, automated, AIML
  • pyomeglealicebot – pyOmegleALICE bot Updated: Aug 15, 2009 – Stars: 4 This is an AIML interface for Omegle chat, written in Python. python, omegle, alice, aiml, bot, ai, artificialintelligence
  • lafe – Lazarus AIML Front-End. Updated: Dec 22, 2011 – Stars: 1 Lafe is a fork of PascAlice (Delphi) with some enhancement added. It is “ported” from Delphi to Lazarus IDE. Currently in early stage of development. You are welcomed to modify the source code and sha… aiml, Artificialintelligence, chatterbot, lazarus, freepascal
  • aiml-en-uk-squarebear-utils – AIML Utility Files Updated: Jul 26, 2011 – Stars: 1 Various useful AIML utilities, games and other applications created by Steve Worswick (Square-Bear) for his bot Mitsuku. Square Bear’s AIML files last updated 28th April 2011 Mitsuku uses a pro… AIML, Pandorabots, Utility, Game
  • pookas – Active World integration with blackboard Updated: Nov 03, 2009 Integration of various blackboard contents and functions into active work Lecturer Bot -conduct lectures -powerpoint slides -aiml knowledge -announcements Student Bot -random chat with aiml…
  • rivescript-java – A RiveScript interpreter implemented in Java Updated: Dec 03, 2010 A RiveScript interpreter implemented in Java. RiveScript is a simple text-based scripting language for describing trigger/response behavior for chatting robots. The first feature-complete implement… robotics, chatterbots, chatbots, artificialintelligence, aiml, rivescript
  • rivescript-perl – A RiveScript interpreter for Perl Updated: Sep 22, 2011 – Stars: 1 This is a RiveScript interpreter in Perl – the original implementation of RiveScript RiveScript is a simple text-based scripting language for writing AI for chatterbots. For future updates t… Robotics, Chatterbots, Chatbots, ArtificialIntelligence, AIML, RiveScript
  • rebbot – Rebol Robot Updated: Jul 18, 2009 This is scripts for rebol robotics, with the spirits of lightweight programming. Project open source ini terinspirasi dari Robot ini di tulis ulang dengan bahasa pemrograman REBOL ( Un… rebol, robot, robots, scripts
  • ichatbot – MSN chatbot written in Python by Hui Chen Updated: Oct 26, 2009 – Stars: 4 IChatbot: MSN chatbot written in Python These libs are already included in the package, no separate download is needed. clist=fortune, fortunezh svn checkout python, msn, chatbot, msnlib, pyaiml, aiml
  • phoenix-program – operations-research–n–personal-organizer Its a personal project targeted to solve operations research problems with multi objective goal scenarios. The project consists of many open source projects & ideas. Erlang, Haskell, C, C, ObjectPascal, Assembly, Ruby, XML, FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, AIML, VXML, SimpleObjectOrientedC, Java, Mercury
  • gadubot – Bot for Gadu-Gadu Updated: Aug 23, 2008 Bot dla sieci GG posiadajacy wsparcie dla AIML. Uzywane biblioteki: Program# i DotGadu. gadu, gadu-gadu, gg, bot, aiml, alice, chatbot, dotnet, .net, c, xml, chat, IM, AI
  • projeto-ai – Projeto-IA [FAC] Updated: Oct 31, 2008 – Stars: 3 Projeto que visa a construção de um modelo baseando-se em inteligência artificial para ser usado em Chatterbot. O projeto será baseado em um modelo já existente chamado AIML (Artifficial Inteli… Student, InteligênciaArtificial, Java, XML, AIML
  • msnbotoreal – Creat a Msn Robot Updated: Jan 20, 2010 Creat a Msn Robot serving as a specialist in the domaine cosmetisc,as well as a friend. The chat bot is created on C# .net 2008, under the help of MsnBot SDK and aiml.
  • rivescript-cpp – RiveScript Interpreter for C++ Updated: May 14, 2011 A RiveScript interpreter developed in C++ code. RiveScript is a simple text-based scripting language for writing trigger/responses for intelligent chatbots. The first complete implementation was wr… Robotics, chatterbots, chatbots, artificialintelligence, aiml, rivescript
  • pandorabot-client – Simple pandorabot client library in Java Updated: Jan 16, 2011 – Stars: 1 A simple library for communicating with pandorabot (hosted AIML bot) in Java. To use this library, create a bot at and note its Bot ID. Use this to instantiate a Pandorabot instance, then ask it qu… aiml, pandorabot, bot
  • bot-confessor – Religious chatterbot Updated: Jan 25, 2010 Chatterbot simulating behaviour of father-confessor. Control project for Human-Computer Interaction course on Adam Mickiewicz University. Speaks in polish language. Uses XML dialect – AIML (Artifici… chatterbot, bot, aiml, confession
  • adistar18-persnal – personal project Program AB is the reference implementation of the AIML 2.0 draft specification. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creating chat bots and mobile virtual assistants like ALICE, Mitsuku, English Tuto…
  • tartar – Burmese Conversation Agent Updated: Jun 26, 2008 – Stars: 5 Welcome to Burmese conversation agent – an intelligent computer entity to communicate with Burmese, the people live in Myanmar, in their own native language. In Burmese Tar Tar Oo Lay means the lovely…
  • ajaxbot – GWT client for a chatterbot Updated: Nov 09, 2007 chatterbot package. The server is a modification of program E which runs AIML and the client is either HTML or GWT based or facebook application. Visit the project’s page at Instructions on… gwt, chatterbot, facebook