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chatbot [99x Jul 2014]

  • zawgyi – Total solution for Myanmar web developers Updated: Today – Stars: 46 This zawgyi project provides Myanmar Unicode 5.1 migration solution for web developers. Use cases for zawgyi project are: See WhyUnicode for why we need to change Unicode 5.1. See als…
  • aiml-en-us-foundation-alice – Latest release of free ALICE AIML set Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 40 We have released an updated version of the free ALICE AIML set and made it available on Google Code. The Free ALICE AIML set is optimized for use with Pandorabots.com. You will need to create… chatbot, AIML, ALICE, chatterbot, Virtual, assistant, Agent, bot
  • seeborg – A C++ IRC chatbot Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 23 This bot will sit on IRC channel, learn what people talk there, and will periodically reply with a phrase that’s generated from the talk it learned before. Usually the bot doesn’t make any sense, b… IRC, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Chatbot, IRCbot, Chat, C, CPlusPlus
  • phpwebsocket – PHP and WebSockets Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 337 Quick hack to implement websockets in php. As of Feb/10 the only browsers that support websockets are Google Chrome and Webkit Nightlies. Get it from here Browse the source code 2010… php, websocket
  • prelude-csharp – Prelude@# – the award winning self learning chatbot Updated: Earlier this year – Stars: 6 Prelude is a “self-learning”, i.e. teachable chatbot, which has been developed by Lennart Lopin. It uses a simple yet surprisingly well working approach to create chatbots, which do not depend on p… chatbot, prelude, csharp, self-learning, chatterbot, chatbot, teachable, learning
  • open-allure-ds – Wiki-to-Speech educational software (Python code) Updated: Jan 08, 2012 – Stars: 40 Open Allure is a project aimed at developing new ways to share what we know with one another by permitting the collaborative creation and experience of interactive dialogs. These verbal exchan… Python, computervision, interaction, voicecontrol, speechrecognition, dialoguesystem, dialog, chatbot
  • aiml-pt-pt-futuragora-venus – Venus Assistente Pessoal AIML em Português Updated: Last 7 days – Stars: 1 A FUTURAGORA ( lançou a Assistente Pessoal Vénus, que pode ver a partir desta data do seu lado direito no site da Associação. Ela está em desenvolvimento para dialogar, esclarecer, aprender consi… aiml, portugues, bot, InteligenciaArtificial, venusproject, projectovenus, chatbot
  • modjimbot – Updating JimBot Updated: Apr 28, 2012 – Stars: 6 – ??????????? ?????? 0.4.0. pre-release 4 ?? 06.07.2009 ??????? jimbot(Java Im Bot), ??????????? ???? ??????? jimbot.ru. ?????????… icq, modjimbot, jimbot, chat-bot, anek-bot, info-bot
  • program-ab – Reference AIML 2.0 Interpreter Updated: Today – Stars: 16 ALICE A.I. Foundation Contact: info@alicebot.org Program AB is the reference implementation of the AIML 2.0 draft specification. AIML is a widely adopted standard for creat… Java, AIML
  • aiml-en-us-pandorabots-callmom – US Version of CallMom Updated: Last 30 days – Stars: 8 About US version of CallMom AIML For the UK Version use this project: aiml-en-uk-pandorabots-callmom The CallMom AIML development team is led by: Steve Worswick (Square-Bear) and … AIML, Android, Chatbot, VirtualAssistant, Pandorabots, Communication, Device
  • omni – chatbot Updated: Apr 05, 2012 A fun hand-scripted chat bot python, chat, entertainment
  • aldebaran-chatbot – Database with natural language interface Updated: Dec 26, 2012 Database project with data managing by use of natural language. The goal is to make it as flexible as possible, with scripting in natural language and multi-language translation as further goals. Chatbot, Database, Python, Naturallanguage, Linguistics
  • fds-hackathon-2k14-fei-by-8d – FEI – FactSet Electronic Interpreter Updated: Earlier this year Meet FEI, a friendly chat bot solely dedicated in assisting, informing and helping FactSet employees as they go around their day-towork. Employees engage in a conversation with FEI and they may ask qu… work, company, hackathon, chatbot, naturallanguageprocessing, webapp
  • owllang – An ontology driven chatbot system Updated: Oct 31, 2012 – Stars: 1 The work here is part of my PhD that I finished in 2010. It is presently sponsored by the EU LLP project I-TUTOR. Chatbots that a developed using AIML are based on static knowledge created by the …
  • saf-omegle – a Simple python API For Omegle Updated: Jul 02, 2012 Simple to use Python API to interact with Omegle. This API will be updated as often as needed. Please submit bug reports and patches. It’s far from complete. I add features as I use them. If yo… Python, Omegle, API, Chatbot
  • anticulturekid – Artificial Intelligence Program Updated: Earlier this year Artificial Intelligence program. Makes logical derivation, statistical inference. Works with propositional logicl and declarative programming. ai, artificialintelligence, chatbot, metaheuristics, neuralnetwork, geneticalgorithm
  • artie – ARTIE is a chatterbot Updated: Dec 08, 2012 ARTIE is a chatterbot and is the descendant of a college group project. ARTIE uses question based learning to develop his databases and become more interactive while using a passive training where … Chatbot
  • jablit – Ultra lightweight jabber client Updated: May 19, 2011 – Stars: 1 jablit is designed to be an effective text mode jabber client, it’s written in Python Command line completion of commands and contact list. Bufferize the messages that your contacts send… python, jabber, client, talk, light
  • pdp2008 – Projet de programmation – M1 – Semestre 2 Updated: Apr 01, 2009 – Stars: 1 Ce projet aura pour but final de faire interagir un bot (chatbot) avec un monde virtuel (SL Second Life). Le but du bot sera de récolter des informations au près des joueurs de Second Life. C…
  • jaocbot – A Java Chat Lib + ChatBot for Age Of Conan Updated: Jun 24, 2011 – Stars: 2 JAoCBot is a in java written library for Age of Conan. With that library you can easily develop your custom aoc bot. Or just use the default bot attached to the library. A Default Gui is implemente… Java, AgeofConan, AoC, Chat, Bot, Lib
  • fnordbot – An extensible IRC bot written in C# Updated: Mar 16, 2010 – Stars: 7 Fnordbot started out as a simple client for testing my chat-algorithms, but evolved into an extensible IRC bot, based upon a layered IRC protocol framework suitable for implementing other clients. … IRC, bot, chatbot, CSharp, Framework, Protocol, NIALL, Plugin, .NET
  • aiml-en-uk-squarebear-utils – AIML Utility Files Updated: Jul 26, 2011 – Stars: 1 Various useful AIML utilities, games and other applications created by Steve Worswick (Square-Bear) for his bot Mitsuku. Square Bear’s AIML files last updated 28th April 2011 Mitsuku uses a pro… AIML, Pandorabots, Utility, Game
  • alicechatbot – An attempt at a learning capable chatbot Updated: Aug 25, 2009 26/08/09 Features upcoming: Soon – Ability to recognise if a word is a noun, a verb etc Easy to use database for storing the words I may start on context processing, but that is a ma… chatbot, Ai, turing, chat, bot
  • agsf – Automatic geek sex finder Updated: Jul 01, 2009 – Stars: 1 chat bot for dating.ru. Searches for women and posts hello-message. Notifies owner for replies. Written in python. Frozen. No interest. Chatbot, automatization, webparsing
  • o2chatbot – O2?????(o2 chatbot) Updated: Mar 10, 2011 A chatbot program based on PHP&MYSQL Features PHP + MYSQL Supports both Chinese and English Knows how to response simple math problems like + – Runs great on both windows/linux … chatbot, chinese
  • climely – Weather chatbot Updated: Feb 08, 2010 This project allows users to find out about the weather at a given city or zip code via a XMPP chat session. chatbot, weather, gmailweather, chatbot, climate
  • marvel-chat – Marvel Chat Marvel Chat is a Multi-Profiled Battle.net binary bot that is capable of sustaining multiple connections to Battle.net. marvelchat, marvel, chat, battle.net, battlenet, chatbot
  • ichatbot – MSN chatbot written in Python by Hui Chen Updated: Oct 26, 2009 – Stars: 4 IChatbot: MSN chatbot written in Python These libs are already included in the package, no separate download is needed. clist=fortune, fortunezh svn checkout python, msn, chatbot, msnlib, pyaiml, aiml
  • gossipinator – Sample J2ME jxa application Updated: May 22, 2010 This java application shows how to use the JXA library to communicate with an xmpp server in order to read and write data to the exosite commander chatbot. J2ME, JXA, XMPP
  • frostbot-net – Frostbot .NET Updated: May 20, 2009 FrostBot is a AI ChatBot programmed in C It’s still in it’s early stages. The Markoff Chains are working, but the result output is rudementary and needs a lot of tweaking to produce the desired resul…
  • pyborgsm – PyBorg-SeisatsuMod This is a fork of the PyBorg IRC Chatbot project, which is no longer in active development. PyBorg is a learning chatbot; it gradually learns to speak by observing IRC chats. While its responses are n… irc, chatbot, pyborg, seisatsu, chat, speaking, talk, learning, robot, bot, observe, fork
  • gadubot – Bot for Gadu-Gadu Updated: Aug 23, 2008 Bot dla sieci GG posiadajacy wsparcie dla AIML. Uzywane biblioteki: Program# i DotGadu. gadu, gadu-gadu, gg, bot, aiml, alice, chatbot, dotnet, .net, c, xml, chat, IM, AI
  • mkv16 – AI Research Project Updated: Nov 30, 2009 A C# .NET project to build an AI that listens and learns with an aim to have it learn and decide on actions based on its knowledge of the world. mkv16, ai, c, .net3.5, learning, chatbot, irc, inferenceengine
  • gmod-nick – A ChatBot For Garry’s Mod Updated: Jun 13, 2010 A simple chatbot developed by ningaglio that will operate your server and take commands. Currently includes an admin mod, a hard-bans system ( banning people I have met in the past that wanted to disr… gmod, garrysmod, garrysmod, nick, ningaglio, chatbot, chatbot, meisno, citron, gamers, gamer, citrongamer, citrongamers, CG
  • plurk-robodog – Chatterbot toolkit for plurk message handling Updated: Sep 09, 2010 – Stars: 2 A chatbot (or chatterbot, or chat bot) is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods. (refer Wikipedia Chatterbot… bot, toolkit, groovy, java, robot, script, plugin
  • gbai – GBAI – Graphs based Artificial Intelligence In this project we are trying to create verbal AI. This project is in early phase and it’s written in C++. We want to create AI based on graphs algorithm that represents Bot’s knowledge. The firs… artificialintelligence, c, graphs, algorithm, AI