100 Best AI & NLP Resources: IoT (Draft)

Internet of Things (Category:Internet of Things | Web of Things)


  • clickscript.ch .. visual programming language and web IDE for the “Web of Things” .. by @lukasnaef
  • cosm.com .. platform that connects devices and products with applications to provide real-time control .. @cosm
  • daisyworks.com .. daisy wi-fi allows you to network myriad sensors and controls .. @daisyworksinc
  • iobridge.com .. makes it easy and cost-effective for everyone to internet-enable almost anything .. @iobridge
  • pushover.net .. makes it easy to send real-time notifications to your android and ios devices .. by @superblock
  • sen.se .. devices, applications and even humans simply post on sen.se what’s happening to them .. @sen_se
  • sparkingtogether.com .. cloud based artificial intelligence integration platform, including cloud robotics .. @sparking2gether
  • theubi.com .. plugs into a wall outlet and accesses the Internet through a wifi connection .. by @abdossa
  • thingspeak.com .. open application platform designed to enable meaningful connections between things and people .. @thingspeak


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