100 Best AI & NLP Resources: Python (Draft)


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  • pyECTOR is the Python version of the learning chatbot ECTOR code.google.com/p/pyector .. its Concept Network is a mix of neural and semantic
  • ibid.omnia.za.net .. Ibid 0.1.0 “Hazel” .. multi-protocol general purpose chatbot written in Python .. by @vhata
  • Looking at .. Chatter Robot in Python chatterrobot.com .. “Python robot interface for novices” .. by Tom Joyce @8planet .. #PyAIML

Expert Systems

  • pyke.sourceforge.net .. a knowledge-based inference engine (expert system) written in 100% Python


Google App Engine

Google Voice


  • gozerbot.org .. “gozerbot is the Python IRC bot and Jabber bot in one”
  • benzo.sourceforge.net .. pseudo-AI IRC bot written in Python, uses Markov chain to generate chat, also performs basic IRC channel maintenance


Machine Learning

  • Feed-forward neural network for python ffnet.sourceforge.net .. a fast and easy-to-use feed-forward neural network training solution
  • shogun-toolbox.org .. Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox .. focus on Support Vector Machines  .. Open Source .. Python interface
  • Python-Based Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network Library pybrain.org .. machine learning library


  • Natural Language Toolkit www.nltk.org .. “Open source Python modules … supporting dozens of NLP tasks”
  • github.com/pprett/nut .. Python Natural language Understanding Toolkit w/ Cross-Language Structural Correspondence Learning & NER ~ by @pprett


Semantic Web

  • “Sparta is an Python API for RDF that is designed to help easily learn and navigate the Semantic Web” github.com/mnot/sparta


Topic Maps



Web Crawler

  • “HarvestMan is the only open source, multithreaded web-crawler program written in the Python language” => harvestmanontheweb.com
  • scrapy.org .. screen scraping and web crawling framework for Python


  • code.google.com/p/pyspeech .. speech.py is a Python module that provides a clean interface to Windows’s voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities


  • “PyWordNet is a Python interface to the WordNet database of word meanings and lexical relationships” .. pywordnet.sourceforge.net

XMPP (formerly Jabber)

  • code.google.com/p/pyicqt .. ICQ transport for XMPP .. a way for users to be logged into ICQ via their Jabber .. implemented in Python

Yahoo! Pipes

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