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Anaphora & Dialog Systems 2011

anaphora [12x Jul 2014]

  • Hexstream/anaphoric-variants .. Gives access to anaphoric variants of operators through one macro: ANAPHORIC. The user explicitly provides a variable name, preserving sanity, in contrast to the traditional use of an evil implicit variable (“IT”). Some operators can bind additional handy variables when explicitly…
  • WING-NUS/JavaRAP .. JavaRAP is an implementation of the classic Resolution of Anaphora Procedure (RAP) given by Lappin and Leass (1994) . It resolves third person pronouns, lexical anaphors, and identifies pleonastic pronouns. The original purpose of the implementation is to provide anaphora resolution result to our…
  • akullpp/ELAC .. Ensemble Learning for Anaphora- and Coreference-Resolution-Systems
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