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cleverbot [63x Apr 2014]

  • Ajnin123/Cleverbot-Redditbot Suggested Via: http://www.reddit.com/r/CrazyIdeas/comments/1zw8s7/make_a_reddit_bot_that_behaves_like_cleverbot/
  • Schumix/ChatterBotApi A Mono/.NET, JAVA, Python and PHP chatter bot API that supports Cleverbot, JabberWacky and Pandorabots.
  • mouuff/NotClever Troll your facebook friends using Cleverbot and other bots that will answer to your friends
  • Jire/chatterbot Use Cleverbot, Jabberwacky, and PandoraBots in your Java applications
  • ThangCZ/TBot Twitch.TV IRC bot influenced by muriloadriano/cleverbot
  • chriskiehl/Clever-Skype Turing test (or troll) your friends! CleverSkype connects the output of Skype’s chat to cleverbot.com
  • steamdnt/Gluebot Gluebot is a copy-paste robot written in python. Make random Omegle users talk to cleverbot
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