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collocation [49x Jul 2014]

  • pwl/MOVCOL.jl .. Moving collocation method to solve one dimensional partial differential equations
  • rpcorb/collocations .. An (ongoing) collection of Python tools for finding important words and phrases
  • wgw/hcd2 .. Hansard Collocation Database
  • emarinhoss/PNNL_QA .. Uncertainty Quantification, Multilevel Monte Carlo, Probabilistic Collocation Methods
  • minhlab/s-collocation .. An attempt to use distributional semantics to assist the task of finding collocation
  • hasan89/WEDT_LUCENE .. Using polish collocations/idioms to decrease expandable words with synonyms.
  • jedbrown/spectral-petsc .. Experiments with matrix-free Chebyshev collocation for nonlinear elliptic/Stokes problems with fully iterative solutions.
  • coolfluid/dcm .. coolfluid3 plugins for solving partial differential equations with discontinuous collocation methods
  • Aurite/twitte-ta-colloc .. Test d’un bot twitter qui suit les mentions “collocation” et les postent sur sa timeline.
  • nephilimdie/nasd .. Creating for database listing all the existing orthostats in Neo-Assyrian palaces and their collocations.
  • thomasantony/collocation-matlab .. A MATLAB function which implements the collocation method of solving optimal control problems, using fmincon optimizer
  • mpacula/Collocations-Benchmark .. Counting word colocations in natural language corpora. This project benchmarks naive implementations of a colocation counter in C++ and Haskell, compiled with G++ and GHC. respectively.
  • edemirel/tf_rbfcm .. Solution of Macroscopic Traffic Models with Radial Basis Function Collocation Method
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