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Lemmatization & Dialog Systems

lemmatization [35x Jul 2014]

  • AlexPoint/LemmaGenerator .. Project retrieved from http://lemmatise.ijs.si/ and added to git in order to be able to fork it. It creates lemmatizers for several European languages.
  • yohasebe/lemmatizer .. Lemmatizer for text in English. Inspired by Python’s nltk.corpus.reader.wordnet.morphy
  • andrely/tag-annotator .. tag annotation/correction tool for part of speech tagged and/or lemmatized text
  • ragerri/stanford-pos-en .. This module provides a ‘ready to use’ KAF wrapper for English POS tagging and lemmatization using Stanford CoreNLP API (http://www-nlp.stanford.edu/software/) All dependencies and classpath configurations are automatically managed by Maven.
  • patthebug/TextMining .. Implementation of stemmers, lemmatizers, vectorizers using sklearn and NLTK. Example of classification using Multinomial Naive Bayes.
  • emilyfeder/Pystructure .. A tiny project to demonstrate one way of structuring a Python project. The project itself is a web interface to a tool that lemmatizes all the words in a phrase.
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