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“linked data” [100x Sep 2014]

  • glue-viz/glue .. Linked Data Visualizations Across Multiple Files
  • Graphity/graphity-browser .. Generic Linked Data browser and platform for building declarative SPARQL triplestore-backed Web applications. GPL license.
  • jermnelson/semantic-server .. The Semantic Server manages Linked Data and a REST api for use in Catalog Pull Platform (http://intro2libsys.info/catalog-pull-platform)
  • staffanm/ferenda .. Transform unstructured document collections to structured Linked Data
  • wikier/djubby .. Linked Data frontend for SPARQL endpoints for Django
  • cygri/pubby .. A Linked Data frontend for SPARQL endpoints
  • cbeer/ldp .. Linked Data Platform.rb client
  • AKSW/OntoWiki .. Semantic data wiki as well as Linked Data publishing engine
  • simonjupp/atlas-rdf .. Code for converting the gene expression atlas to RDF and includes the lodestar linked data and SPARQL web-app
  • srad/GermaniaLinkedData .. This project is part of a practical course at the university to transform an old germanic, unstructured dictionary into the lemon RDF standard to link it with other dictionaries.
  • AKSW/context .. conTEXT – Lightweight Text Analytics using Linked Data
  • mattonfoot/belt .. A linked data layer over PouchDB with built in schema validation
  • crscardellino/sqalda .. Scala library for Question Answering over Linked Data based upon the Quepy library for Python.
  • csarven/linked-data-pages .. A Linked Data publishing framework in PHP. It uses Paget to dispatch URIs and build a local index from the SPARQL query result. See also http://csarven.ca/how-to-create-a-linked-data-site for a walkthrough.
  • oldm/OldMan .. Python OLDM (Object Linked Data Mapper)
  • fgolemo/dsrcMedQA .. This repository collects all scripts and applications created for the DSRC-funded project “Medical Qestion Answering over Linked Data”
  • amrapalijz/R-LOD-SEM .. Using R to extract Linked Data using the RSPARQL package. Then performing Structural Equation Modeling on the datasets to answer various research questions by determining the correlation between the variables involved.
  • AKSW/lod-stack.docker .. Docker project to provide a complete Linked Data stack application (LOD2 / GeoKnow)
  • Data2Semantics/linkitup .. Web-based dashboard for enriching data in a Figshare repository to the Linked Data cloud
  • annajordanous/elda-fedora .. An adaptation of the Epimorphics Linked Data API for Fedora 3 repositories with embedded Mulgara triplestore.
  • lmatteis/ldf-gae .. Basic Linked Data Fragment (Triple Pattern Fragment) server for Google App Engine
  • KMax/cqels .. CQELS (Continuous Query Evaluation over Linked Data)
  • clld/clld .. Cross Linguistic Linked Data python library
  • Adamsimsy/Sitecore.LinkedData .. A repo to build (i hope) something useful for Linked Data in Sitecore and to help me better understand Linked Data and Triple Stores.
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