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Machine Translation & Dialog Systems 2011RBMT (Rule-Based Machine Translation) & Dialog Systems | SMT (Statistical Machine Translation) & Dialog Systems 2011

machine-translation [100x Jul 2014]

  • proycon/ucto .. Unicode tokeniser. Ucto tokenizes text files: it separates words from punctuation, and splits sentences. It offers several other basic preprocessing steps such as changing case that you can all use to make your text suited for further processing such as indexing, part-of-speech tagging, or machine…
  • proycon/colibri-mt .. A Machine Translation framework that wraps around the Moses Decoder and enables k-NN classifier techniques to be used for modelling source-side-context
  • ufal/mtmonkey .. Distributed infrastructure for Machine Translation web services (using Moses, Python, JSON-RPC/web interface)
  • tarowatanabe/cicada .. cicada: a hypergraph-based toolkit for statistical machine translation based on {tree, string}-to-{tree, string} models
  • sjeblee/egymt .. Natural Language Processing Tools for Egyptian Arabic Machine Translation
  • query/mtbrew .. Homebrew formulae for machine translation software.
  • redpony/cdec .. Decoder, aligner, and model optimizer for statistical machine translation and other structured prediction models based on (mostly) context-free formalisms
  • query/pymeant .. A proof-of-concept Python implementation of a simplified version of the MEANT machine translation evaluation metric.
  • daormar/thot .. Thot toolkit for statistical machine translation
  • proycon/colibrita .. Colibrita is a proof-of-concept translation assistance system, translating L1 fragments in an L2 context, using machine learning and statistical machine translation techniques
  • hltfbk/MT-EQuAl .. a Toolkit for Manual Assessment of Machine Translation Output
  • antot/DELiC4MT .. Diagnostic Evaluation using Linguistic Checkpoints For Machine Translation
  • wfeely/install_mt_tools .. Bash script that installs boost libraries, moses decoder, and cdec decoder to set up a working machine translation environment
  • edasubert/tct .. Twitter Crowd Translation – infrastructure for human and machine tweet translation
  • cfedermann/Appraise .. Appraise evaluation system for manual evaluation of machine translation output
  • XapaJIaMnu/ProbingPT .. ProbingPT, a phrase table for Moses the statistical machine translation decoder.
  • zaycev/nnsmt .. Statistical machine translation system based on pure neural joint probability model.
  • kenkov/smt .. Statistical Machine Translation implementation with Python: especially IBM Model1, 2, and phrase-based machine translation.
  • neubig/lader .. A reordering tool for machine translation.
  • shixing/pyPBMT .. an python implementation of Phrase-Based Machine Translation package
  • lrank/Sentence-Classifier .. This work is aim to distinguish human translations from machine translations on a sentence level.
  • MadelynDRC/Moogle .. Patch of Moodle (LMS), efficient online moderation of forum discussions, with machine translation stored with databases. Patch de Moodle (LMS), eficiente moderación de foros de discusión con traducción automática, guardada en base de datos.
  • evancchow/jazzml .. Final project for COS 401: Introduction to Machine Translation.
  • JoeWoo/numtranser .. identification and translation of numerals in Chinese-English Machine Translation
  • anjishnu/NLP-MT .. Python Implementation of the IBM Model-1 and Model-2: Two seminal Machine Translation Systems.
  • veer66/thaidix .. Free English-Thai dictionary for machine translation
  • chbrian/TranFan .. This is a machine translation project, translating American TV shows from English to Chinese . If you like American TV show or translation, pls join me.
  • chrender/libcellif .. libcellif translates Z-Machine output into terminal-like display for monospace fonts.
  • pkarmstr/MT2014 .. Projects for the Machine Translation class at Brandeis, Spring 2014
  • akshayminocha5/apertium-non-standard-input-task .. Futher improvement on this version can be seen at -> https://github.com/akshayminocha5/apertium-standardise … The goal of building this module is to convert non-standard data to standard form, so that it can be used, in our case by Apertium for Machine Translation services.
  • jweese/thrax .. Offline extractor of synchronous context-free grammars for machine translation.
  • chardmeier/docent .. Document-Level Local Search Decoder for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
  • arazect/TranslateDistortion .. Bing translation client that driving russian text with different languages to get strange and funny machine translation result
  • afgiel/mt .. CS124 Machine Translation Assignment
  • hans/mt-project .. Machine translation project for Stanford CS 124 (winter 2014)
  • ankitks/ltweb-smt .. Statistical Machine Translation plug-in scripts for processing ITS 2.0 (Internationalization Tag Set) Metadata
  • beburr/project6 .. CS 124, Winter Quarter 2013-2014, Project 6: Machine Translation
  • Nexx0f/SMT .. SMT – State Machine Translator. Translates desription of state machine to verilog code.
  • gunesmes/subtitle_translator .. Translate a subtitle file from original language to desired language. This gives you a machine translated subtitle.
  • nithin-kumar/SMT .. Phrase based Statistical Machine Translation System for English to Malayalam and Malayalam to English
  • ajabri/anglot .. Machine Translation Project (Argot – English)
  • davkh/Dand .. Dand. New programming language Dand. Compiler, which translates the code on Dand to abstract stack machine.
  • neubig/util-scripts .. Various utility scripts useful for natural language processing, machine translation, etc.
  • liaimi/NLP .. machine translation, parsing algorithm, coreference resolution system, neural network for named entity recognition
  • jokester/SMThelper .. Helper program to automate experiments of statistical machine translation
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