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stemming [100x Jul 2014]

  • QSTEM/QSTEM .. STEM/TEM/Coherent CBED image simulations
  • wooorm/stemmer .. A pretty fast implementation of the Porter Stemmer algorithm
  • iLanguage/iLanguage .. A semi-unsupervised language independent morphological analyzer useful for stemming unknown language text, or getting a rough estimate of possible parses for morphemes in a word. Input: a corpus. Uses compression, maximum entropy and fieldlinguistics.
  • dudo/find .. Text Search gem, utilizing metaphone and porter stemmer algorithms
  • tairo/STEMDu .. STEM Du – Arduino compatible educational controller
  • finn-no/cassandra-hadoop .. Provides Hadoop-0.21+ integration into Cassandra. Stems from Dave Brosius work in CASSANDRA-5201
  • llaki/Georgian-Stemmer .. Given a list of Georgian words, groups them according to their stems (the words that have same base are supposed to get to the same group)
  • quantizationbit/StEM .. Test scripts to develop HDR workflow from StEM content and cross check against SDR 709 workflow. Some 10 bit, 12bit, 1k or 10k range and 2020.
  • davetang/ccl2 .. CCL2 enhances pluripotency of human induced pluripotent stem cells by activating hypoxia related genes
  • JulienLajugie/GenPlay .. GenPlay is an analyzer and browser for high-throughput data that is being developed by the Stem Cell Genomic Unit at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York City.
  • IMOD-ASU/imod .. a semantic web-based tool that guides STEM educators through the complex task of outcomes-based course design.
  • khundman/Pig_SpellingCorrection .. (Apache Pig, MapReduce Java, Java UDFs) Code for correcting misspelled words by stemming words and calculating Levenshtein distance for a dictionary of words.
  • sastrawi/sastrawi .. High quality PHP library for stemming Indonesian Language (Bahasa)
  • KWARC/KAT .. KAT: An Annotation Tool for STEM Documents
  • zjelveh/txt_preprocess .. Tools for creating ngrams from text files with option to stem words and remove punctuation and stop words.
  • Ambuj-UF/ConCat .. ConCat is an alignment concatenation program. Unique thing about this program is its ability to handle and create rich annotations from the input alignment files. It can generate CHARSETS with RNA Loop and Stem positions and calculates RCV values from the gene alignment files. Moreover, It can…
  • waltervascarvalho/stm .. Takes in a document, spits out a tokenised and stemmed array of terms. Using Porter’s Algorithm.
  • theherobrinehunter/Mod .. //Mod made by DAW330073 //http://www.minecraftforum.net/index.php?showtopic=2624956 //Update 1.3 //Added Drill var ex=[]; var wrenchEx=[]; var wrenchIm=[]; var wrenchFrqs=[]; var lastItem; var lastChestPart; var actualHealth; var lastY; var velY; var linking=false; var ButtonDown=false; var…
  • AlexAub/STEM2 .. Repository and website for STEM 2 project. Matt Leblanc, Damini Chelladurai, Natasha Honcharik, Alex Aubuchon
  • acharyaparag/Documents-Search-Engine .. Created a Search Engine for the documents in a TREC-9 data file using PHP. TREC-9 data file was preprocessed by performing stemming on the documents in the TREC-9 data file using Porter’s Algorithm. Inverted Index for this sample collection was created and written to an sql file. Front end to…
  • hthetiot/php-stemmer .. This stem extension for PHP provides stemming capability for a variety of languages.
  • arendu/Inflect .. Predicts inflection given stems and pos tags using a trigram hmm
  • Jaemu/iwhap .. App encouraging women to pursue STEM fields for Microsoft’s International Women’s Hackathon
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