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twitter+oauth [100x Apr 2014]

  • CodeSleeve/social A preconfigured setup of oauth plugins that piggybacks off of the very popular lusitanian/phpoauthlib. The project uses a facade for oauth and api’s to the most popular social websites (facebook, twitter, google, etc) and the goal of this project is to have oauth setup within 10 minutes of…
  • horgh/twitter-tcl An eggdrop Tcl script that acts as a Twitter client/bridge. Also includes an OAuth library for authenticating with Twitter
  • makotokw/php-twient php-twient is a php twitter client library. require PHP5.3+, supports OAuth and should work without curl.
  • BenWard/twit.js Twit.js is a handy little JavaScript wrapper around Twitter’s OAuth API.
  • mlavin/django-all-access django-all-access is a reusable application for user registration and authentication from OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 providers such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • aroldan/titanium-oauth-adapater General-purpose OAuth Adapter for Appcelerator Titanium, based on ziodave’s Twitter OAuth Adapater hosted on Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/oauth-adapter/
  • jmathai/foursquare-async A port of Twitter-async for Foursquare. This is a high performance wrapper for Foursquare’s OAuth 2 API which provides parallel/asynchronous calls.
  • nnixaa/sauth A Social authentication library for Zend Framework. Currently supported: facebook oauth 2.0, twitter oauth, foursquare oauth 2.0, vkontakte, mail.ru oauth 2.0, google open id, flickr, gowalla
  • montsamu/go-twitter-oauth Simple Twitter (and supporting OAuth code and minimal file persistence) client for the Go programming language
  • jmathai/twitter-async Twitter-async is a high performance wrapper for Twitter’s OAuth API which provides parallel/asynchronous calls. Follow @apiclient for commit updates.
  • jrallison/authlogic_oauth Authlogic OAuth is an extension of the Authlogic library to add OAuth support. OAuth can be used to allow users to login with their Twitter credentials.
  • andyhutch77/oAuthTwitterWrapper An easy way to display twitter feeds and searches in any .net project, with one nuget command and 3 appsetting changes you have access to raw json or serialized c# objects. No need for 3rd party dlls.
  • bakercp/ofxOAuth An OAuth 1.0 system (via liboauth) with pin-less verification via a mini callback server Examples for Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Fitbit, etc.
  • kalt/twitter-oauth CakePHP 1.3+ plugin to interact with a Twitter account, now with OAuth
  • bryanveloso/hello-social-registration A “pluggable” authentication scheme making use of the new django-registration. Currently “supporting” Twitter and Facebook (OAuth 2.0). Extracted from Hello! Ranking.
  • brione/Brion-Learns-OAuth Example of an Android application that authenticates via Twitter OAUTH and allows updates and displays the last successful update.
  • soffes/ssoauthkit Handy iOS library for connecting to OAuth 1.0 providers and working with Twitter authentication
  • glamorous/kohana-socauth This is a social auth module for Kohana Framework 3.0. You can choose the ORM-library you prefer and the login possibilities for your user: normal authentication with email and password, facebook (oauth), twitter, google, … Some are not yet available for the moment, but you can write them easily…
  • stereoket/oAuthTitaniumTest A simple console/output debugging app for testing my oauth-adapter fork – allows you to get up and running with simple twitter post/get calls
  • jchris/tweasy OAuth-enabled Node.js Twitter Client with streaming and regular API calls
  • padraic/Tweet-Lite A small OAuth enabled Twitter App in PHP written to demonstrate Zend_Oauth_Consumer
  • stevestreza/oauthery Tool for manually logging into Twitter using OAuth, with Cocoa code demonstrating the OAuth login process for Twitter
  • karno/tweak Twitter library for .NET Framework 4 or later application. Supporting OAuth, Search API, Streaming API(contains User Streams).
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