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This 100 item list represents a search of github for “twitterbot”, Apr 2015.

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twitterbot [100x Apr 2015]

  • prasannasp/twitterbot .. A twitter retweet bot script written in PHP. Searches twitter for hash tagged words, and retweets them.
  • hughsk/TwitterBot .. A quick and easy module to post automatic tweets on your profile using NodeJS
  • nhuber/TwitterBot .. A simple Twitter bot that searches for tweets related to “Christmas gift ideas,” favorites them, follows the user who tweeted it, and sends them a friendly tweet with Amazon links of popular gift ideas
  • TotalFreedom/TwitterBot .. TwitterBot for TotalFreedom; handles twitter superadmin verification and notifies the owner when the server is offline.
  • natzar/TwitterBot .. Just a Twitter Bot. You will need a cron job to run it periodically. Don’t abuse Twitter servers.
  • rtyler/twitterbot .. A C#-based Twitterbot for auto-posting RSS items to a twitter account
  • KalenWessel/TwitterBot .. A python application which searches for user specified hashtags. When a match is found, the application will try to follow the user of the tweet.
  • Multiball/TwitterBot .. This repository hold code for an automating a twitter account using python, and some auxilliary files.
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