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twitter-bot [66x Jul 2014]

  • webfoundations – An Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in C# Updated: Apr 05, 2013 – Stars: 22 A simple, SEO Friendly, C These ‘WebFoundations’ are a great starting block when developing an ASP.NET CMS. Features: A WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor) Content caching (No IO overhead) … asp.net, cms, image-gallery, Content-Management-System, xml-cms, CSharp, gallery, portal, C, templates, .Net2.0, Website, XML-Membership-Provider, multi-language, themes
  • flamingo – A Twitter bot written in ruby Updated: Jan 08, 2013 I love OpenRasta, JQuery and loads of other tech topics and want to here tweets from other twitter users who may give me new insight/ information on these topics. I didn’t want to pay for commerc… Twitter, Ruby
  • sa-jtwitter-bot – Jabber 2 Twitter bot Updated: Oct 18, 2012 – Stars: 1 Jabber bot for read and send messages to Twitter. This bot is written on Python jTwitt depent on: OAuth Python twitter ( Python Twitter ( xmpppy ( Python OAuth Library Python SQLite… Jabber, Twitter, bot
  • kaisystems – Kai Systems Updated: Apr 17, 2013 any kind of useful program this is Android application it shows 2 picture(or just name) and user can select better. then it calculating with “Elo rating system” and commit this is nautilus…
  • pikapika – PikaPika ??????? Updated: Apr 24, 2012 – Stars: 8 ???????????????Python + Django???????????11???????ASP.NET??????????????????????? ???… ???, ??
  • python-twitter-bot – Twitter-IRC bridge written in Python Updated: May 13, 2008 – Stars: 7 Your messenger boy on IRC. Can save lines as favourites for later retrieval, post them to twitter, maintain user modes and access levels and general channel operations. Channel logging Fav… python, twitter, irc, bridge
  • gzork – Zork Engine Updated: May 02, 2011 – Stars: 1 This Zork Engine ist based on zmpp, a java-implementation of the z-machine, running on google app engine. There will be a Web-Client and a Twitter-Bot zork, game, twitter
  • bitlyminous – A twitter bot for link recommendation. Updated: Dec 05, 2010 – Stars: 2 This project won the 3rd prize in bit.ly API Contest. bitlyminous ( is a twitter bot that scans the user tweets for bitly URLs and then sends related URLs and tweets. To begin getting URL and tw… Twitter, Bitly, URL, recommendation
  • retweeter – a twitter bot using tweepy Updated: Sep 03, 2010 – Stars: 1 A bot that automatically retweet tweets by keywords, from a fortune database or from rss links. Twitter, Python, tweepy, bot
  • dominosbot – Bot for dominos-twitter integration Updated: May 13, 2008 This is a Windows Service (C Since this type of activity is explicitly prohibited by Dominos’ Terms and Conditions, I decided to halt development about an hour and a half after it began. 🙂 There … twitter, dominos, pizza, bot, c
  • twipper – A Twitter bot programmed in PHP. Updated: Aug 03, 2009 – Stars: 2 Twipper is a PHP Twitter bot programmed entirely in PHP using Curl functions as well as the Twitter API. php, my, twitter, library, bot, api, curl, local, server
  • irctotwit2 – IRC to Twitter Gateway v2 Updated: Mar 29, 2009 – Stars: 4 This is a small python project which focuses on bringing Twitter into IRC. The main point of recognition is “Why do I need a Twitter client and a IRC client?”. The Twitter IRC bot helps to build a bri… irc, twitter, gateway, bot, ircbot